We rely on school counselors and community leaders to help us ensure that students understand the admission process at NYU. Below are links that you can use to quickly access the information most helpful to you. Also, you should feel free to contact your regional representative with any questions you may have.

Submitting Documents and Forms as Part of Your Student's Application

If possible, counselors and teachers should submit school documents and forms such as school reports, counselor evaluations, teacher evaluations, transcripts, and school profiles online via the Common Application.  

For assistance with using the Common Application system, visit the Recommender Solutions Center.

If you cannot access the Common Application system, you may submit documents in hard copy to:

NYU Abu Dhabi Admissions
19 Washington Square North
New York, NY 10011

Please be aware that our mail is scanned upon arrival and electronic images are created for all application documents, as our admission counselors review all applications online. Therefore, it is critical that any hard-copy materials be both easily scannable and legible after scanning.

To better understand the student perspective on preparing for and applying to NYU Abu Dhabi, please visit the links below: