The aim of the Philosophy program at NYU Abu Dhabi is to introduce students to a broad range of philosophical problems, to acquaint students with influential philosophical responses to these problems, and above all to train students to grapple with these problems themselves in a way that meets the highest intellectual standards.

Many philosophical problems have been studied, in different places, for thousands of years; others have arisen only with more recent developments in science or culture. Today philosophy has become a fully global discipline. The Philosophy program at NYU Abu Dhabi strives to integrate the study of contemporary international philosophy with an understanding of philosophy's rich multicultural history.

The Philosophy major prepares students for advanced study in philosophy or related fields, as well as for any profession that requires rigorous and cogent thinking, reasoned argumentation, and clear and persuasive writing. Most importantly, the study of philosophy prepares students for a more reflective and examined life — one of deepened awareness and understanding.


Ten courses, which must include the following:

  • 1 Introductory Elective
  • 1 Introduction to Logic
  • 1 History of Philosophy Elective
  • 1 Theoretical Philosophy Elective
  • 1 Practical Philosophy Elective
  • 1 Advanced Seminar
  • 2 Capstone Project

Only one Introductory Elective may count toward the major in Philosophy.

All students should begin with an Introductory Elective. Satisfactory completion of an Introductory Elective is a prerequisite for all of the other courses required for the major, except Logic courses. Students who are considering a Philosophy major should also take Introduction to Logic as soon as possible — preferably before the end of their second year.

No credit toward the major is awarded for courses with a grade lower than C.

Students who choose to double major in Philosophy and another discipline and who choose to complete their Capstone project in that other discipline must still complete ten Philosophy courses. Instead of the two-semester Capstone Research Project in Philosophy, these students may elect any two additional Philosophy courses (other than Introductory Electives).