The goal of the Computer Science major is to train students both in the fundamental principles of computer science and in related aspects of technology to broaden the knowledge base of computer science majors and demonstrate the relevance of computer technology to other disciplines.

Computer Science majors must complete a minor or a major in one of the following areas:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Natural Science

The Program in Computer Science embraces a rich variety of subjects and provides great flexibility, allowing students to tailor courses of study to their particular interests. Advanced undergraduate students can work on research projects with faculty members engaged in projects of mutual interest.

Requirements for the Major

17.5 courses, distributed as follows:

  • 9 Required Courses:
    • Introduction to Computer Science;
    • Discrete Mathematics;
    • Data Structures;
    • Computer Systems Organization;
    • Algorithms;
    • Operating Systems;
    • Computer Networks;
    • Software Engineering;
    • Calculus with Applications: Science and Engineering
  • 2 Computer Science Electives
  • .5 Research Seminar in Computer Science (half course)
  • 2 Capstone Project in Computer Science
  • 4 Students majoring in computer science must complete one of the following: minor in Applied Mathematics, Natural Science, Economics, or Sound and Music Computing. Note that completing a major in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Economics precludes the need to complete one of the four listed minors.

Global Studies Track: Computer Science

The Global Studies Track in Computer Science is designed to combine the study away opportunities for NYUAD students at the NYU campuses in the United States in New York or Washington, DC and at the NYU campus in Abu Dhabi with the experiential educational and pre-professional opportunity for a paid internship in the United States over the summer.

Students apply and are admitted to this track through a competitive process, which requires:

  1. GPA of no less than 3.5 in required major courses
  2. Cumulative unofficial GPA of no less than 3.5
  3. Completion of the following prerequisites before starting the US component of the program:
    1. Introduction to Computer Science
    2. Calculus with Applications
    3. Discrete Mathematics
    4. Data Structures
    5. Algorithms
  4. Official declaration of the major at the time of the application
  5. Presentation of a four-year academic plan for the timely completion of the major and all other degree requirements
  6. Statement of purpose, including an academic rationale for participating in the program, a plan for developing a capstone research proposal, and a plan for career development and securing a summer internship
  7. Approval of the Program Head for Computer Science, the Dean of Sciences, and the Office of Global Education

The program requires the following academic sequence:

  • Fall semester junior year at NYU New York or NYU Washington, DC
  • Spring semester junior year at NYU Abu Dhabi
  • Summer internship in a field related to Computer Science and/or similar aspects of technology in the United States.
    Note: Students must secure their own summer internships. The typical duration of the internship is 8 to 10 weeks. If needed, students can apply for funding through the existing summer funding process.
  • Students must apply in December of their sophomore year for the full program and commit to it if approved.

For additional information contact the Office of Global Education.

Study Abroad Options

Study abroad for students majoring in Computer Science occurs in the fall semester of the third year, during which students majoring in Computer Science spend the semester at NYU New York, Shanghai, or London.

The option for students majoring in Computer Science to enroll in a second semester abroad is competitive, granted by permission of the Program in Computer Science and the Dean of Science, and requires registration in the course Capstone Project in Computer Science 1 at the student’s chosen site within NYU’s global network.