During the fourth year, every NYUAD student will produce a Capstone Project, which may be either an individual or team project. Students do a Capstone Project in their major field. The Capstone Project is a demanding, year-long endeavor aiming at a significant piece of research or creative work — an historical narrative, musical composition, performance, invention, documented experiment, scholarly thesis, or other form appropriate to the student’s goals. Unlike other courses in which faculty establish the structure and set assignments, the Capstone Project puts the student in charge. The fundamental challenge is to enter unmapped terrain and to extend oneself in making knowledge, reframing conventional approaches to an issue or creating something new.

Capstone Videos

Members of the Class of 2016 share their Capstone Projects.

Art Installation

Watch the creation of a 2015 Capstone Art project.

The Capstone Project

Each year NYUAD seniors sum up their Capstone Projects and share them with the university community.

No matter what form the Capstone takes, each student will have a faculty mentor and participate in a Capstone seminar that serves as a forum to discuss the research process and present work in progress. These seminars offer a model of intellectual community and collaborative learning in which participants offer their thoughts across fields of study and engage in active critique and revision. At the end of the school year, the students will present their Capstone work at a university-wide celebration of their creative achievements.

Capstone Galleries