NYU Abu Dhabi awards the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees.

The NYUAD curriculum offers 22 majors, 27 disciplinary or multidisciplinary concentrations, seven pre-professional courses, and capstone projects. Additionally students may pursue minors housed in NYU New York's many programs and schools.

Students must complete a minimum of 140 credit hours to graduate and have a minimum, cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.


The academic year is divided into a fall semester (14 weeks plus exam period), January Term (three weeks), and a spring semester (14 weeks plus exam period). Students typically take four courses each semester and one course in the January Term, or nine courses per year. The degree requirements fall into the following areas: Core Curriculum; Major; Writing; Islamic Studies; and Capstone Project.

Beyond these requirements, students are free to choose general electives across the curriculum, including courses in NYUAD's seven pre-professional courses, disciplinary concentrations, and elective courses outside the NYUAD majors. Electives bring the full scope of NYU to the Abu Dhabi campus. These courses provide students significant opportunities to take courses outside their majors and are often taught by scholars from NYU New York who specialize in areas not offered as majors at NYUAD, such as anthropology, linguistics, and religion.

Credit System

NYU Abu Dhabi has three types of courses: 14-week courses; 7-week courses; and 3-week courses in January. Fourteen-week courses meet at least three hours per week, and courses with experimental or arts labs may meet up to six hours per week. Seven-week courses meet six hours per week. In January, students take one 3-week course, which is a full-time, immersive experience, and students focus solely on that one course. Although the length of course, the number of class hours, the assignments, and other requirements will vary depending on the discipline and the level of the course, nearly all courses are four credits. A minimum of 140 credits — roughly 36 courses — is required for graduation.