Students entering NYU Abu Dhabi may choose from 22 majors as well as courses in the core curriculum, multidisciplinary minors, electives in other fields, and pre-professional courses. Over the course of four years of undergraduate study, students will have an extensive choice of courses in all disciplines and be able to fulfill all requirements.

English is the language of instruction. Mastery of English is expected for admission, but non-credit classes for advanced training in spoken and written English are offered.

Courseload & GPA

Courseload and GPA for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees ask students to complete courses in their major, the core curriculum, and in a variety of electives.


Students in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences declare their majors no later than the fourth semester. Science and Engineering students normally begin the foundational course in their majors during the first year.

Students enjoying Marhaba Week at NYUAD.


Minors allow students to study subjects of interest that complement their major area of study, or pursue subjects that are of personal interest. Minors  are not required for the completion of the degree.

January Term

Students take one full-time course for three weeks in January. The courses are designed as immersive experiences: they intensify the student's focus, reach beyond the classroom, and facilitate study at NYU's global sites.


Language is the principal means through which humans communicate and a major vehicle in the development of thought, culture, and aesthetic expressions.

Capstone Project

The Capstone project is a demanding, year-long endeavor aiming at a significant piece of research or creative work — a historical narrative, musical composition, performance, invention, documented experiment, scholarly thesis, or other form appropriate to the student's goals. Each major and multidisciplinary concentration describes its own Capstone project; requirements vary by program.

Pre-Professional Courses

Pre-professional courses electives provide academically rigorous introductions to various careers. Students may take up to three such courses for academic credit. The pre-professional courses will primarily be offered during January Term.


From 19th- and 20th-century European Philosophy and Foundations of Science to Making Theater and Political Psychology, NYUAD offers a vast array of undergraduate courses.

Favorite Classes


The professor poses thought-provoking questions that require us to adopt the position of power. It's safe to say I cannot wait to serve my country by pursuing my passion in public health.

Khairunnisa Semesta, Class of 2018, on Disease and Society