Experience January Term

Student on January Term in Shanghai

January Term offers a distinctive learning experience. Students take one full-time course for approximately three weeks.

J-Term courses are designed as immersive experiences: they intensify the student's focus, reach beyond the classroom to incorporate experiential learning, and are often site-specific, connecting students to the place where they study.

Study Around the World

J-Term 2012 in London

A truly global education is achieved through a careful sequence of interrelated academic and intercultural experiences. Students are provided with intellectually rigorous, research-focused learning environments that complement and extend their coursework.

Students participate in semester-long study-abroad programs, January Term programs, and course-related study trips in the region.

Travel Through the Region

Students Volunteer with Orphans in Kenya

An important part of NYU Abu Dhabi is discovery of the historic, culturally varied region where it is located. Study trips enable students to connect their academic studies with on-the-ground exploration of the region.

NYUAD's global crossroads location connects Africa, the Mediterranean, the Arab world, Central Asia, and the Indian Ocean, creating exceptional opportunities for students to combine experiential study, research, and intercultural exploration.



I took class trips to Mumbai with my music class, to Uganda with my theater class, and I’m going to Istanbul with another theater class. I was in Shanghai during J-Term for three weeks. It was an amazing experience.

Sebastian Grube, Class of 2018
How January Term is Redefining Education

How January Term is Redefining Education

Education at NYU Abu Dhabi is not just about learning facts from textbooks and passing multiple choice exams. It's an immersive experience for NYUAD students, who, each January Term choose hands-on classes in cities from Al Ain to Buenos Aires that challenge their perceptions of the past and enrich their visions of the future.