Sohail Karmani, Senior Lecturer, Arts and Humanities, NYUAD

Sohail Karmani

Senior Lecturer, Arts and Humanities

Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi


Ed.D University of Exeter; M.A. University of West London

Sohail Karmani is an educator, applied linguist and photographer. He has extensive experience in the field of second language education and applied linguistics. His academic publications have appeared in TESOL Quarterly, Applied Linguistics, ELT Journal and the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. He has written and researched in the areas of language policy, the cultural politics of English as an "international" language, and critical applied linguistics. He currently teaches a writing seminar on "Contemporary Debates about Islam”.  As a photographer, he has a keen interest in portraiture, travel and documentary photography. His photographic work can be viewed on his website (see also gallery below for a selection of images). ​Relatedly, he will also be offering a writing seminar on “Power and Ethics in Photography”.

Photo Gallery of Selected Images

Master of Photography

Sohail Karmani on Master of Photography, episode one.

Sohail consults with renowned photographer, David Alan Harvey, during the show.

Sohail Karmani was recently selected — among thousands of photographers across Europe — to participate as a contestant with eleven other photographers in the second series of "Master of Photography," a TV talent show that is currently airing on Sky Arts in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Austria.