Francesco Paparella, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Science, NYUAD

Francesco Paparella

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Science

Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi


Laurea in Fisica - Università di Torino; Ph.D. Geophysics - Università di Genova

Francesco Paparella is interested in developing and studying mathematical models for geophysical fluids and Earth-systems processes. His main focus has been on convection in fluids with one or two buoyancy-changing scalars. But he also works on vortex dynamics, time series analysis, granular flows and ecological and population dynamics modeling.

For more detailed information, please see Francesco Paparella's personal website.


Research Interest

  • Geophysical fluid mechanics and Earth-system processes

Current Course

  • MATH-AD 112 SE1 - Multivariable Calculus