Economics Development

The Office of Executive Education worked with the Department of Finance to develop a rigorous 11 course, 18-month program to provide an in-depth look at various economic topics with the support of the Executive Council and Centre of Excellence.

20 Emirati Nationals were selected to participate in the program from 42 applications across the Abu Dhabi government.

Leadership Development

Tanfeeth LLC requested an aspirational and practical leadership development program. The Office of Executive Education provided a program framework including intensive courses, skills assessments, and a coaching component to ensure transfer of skills to workplace behaviors and a transformational development experience.

The initial cohort of 15 participants was selected from 26 applicants. A second cohort of 18 people were selected from 30 applicants.

Team Development

A local foundation desired to create positive and collaborative working relationships as part of an off-site event. The Office of Executive Education developed and delivered a Transformational Team Development program that supported improved working relationships among participants.