The Summer Academy's comprehensive curriculum includes instruction in:

  • Critical Thinking and Writing
  • Mathematical Reasoning for the Sciences
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Leadership Development and Public Speaking.

Faculty appointed by New York University teach the courses and all instruction takes place in English.

Program Locations

Program Locations

Summer Study in Abu Dhabi

The intensive summer portion of the program begins with three weeks in Abu Dhabi and provides an opportunity for in-depth exploration of academic topics both in and out of the classroom. Faculty and staff accompany students on the many co-curricular activities in the evening, providing the occasion for ongoing discussions on topics raised in class and to promote group dynamics and cohesion prior to traveling. The rigorous academic program challenges students to hone their analytical thinking skills and encourages them to question their assumptions. During the program, faculty, staff, and chaperones provide the academic and social support necessary for all students to succeed in this new and demanding mixed gender experience. In Abu Dhabi, students live at home and commute to NYUAD's Saadiyat Island campus for daytime instruction. Housing and transportation are provided for those students who request such accommodations.


Travel to NYU’s Global Locations in Florence, Italy and New York City

During the first summer, following the three weeks in Abu Dhabi, students travel to Florence, Italy. Florence, as the birthplace of modern Western culture, is the ideal location for students to build the foundational background for the study of the humanities, arts, and science. The NYU Florence campus, wholly owned and operated by NYU, provides outstanding student residence halls, classrooms, and dining facilities.

On the nine-day trip to Florence, students continue a full load of academic courses and are exposed to a number of important cultural and historic sites and attractions. The Summer Academy also plans structured and chaperoned activities, which include visits to the city of Florence, as well as other surrounding cities and areas. During the trip, students visit major institutions that acquaint them first-hand with the rich intellectual, historical, and cultural vitality of Tuscany, a region that has had a powerful influence on the direction of higher education in the West.

For many of the Summer Academy students, this trip is their first time away from home without family members. Parents should rest assured that the NYU campus is self-contained and provides a very safe environment for classes, activities, and prayer. Students live in supervised dormitory housing, where NYU staff and chaperones are available to provide assistance whenever needed.

During the second summer, following their three weeks of study in Abu Dhabi, students travel to New York City for nine days. In New York City, students continue their academic instruction and maintain a full schedule of co-curricular programming. In New York, students are exposed to the varied cultural events, sights, and institutions that have made New York the most dynamic and culturally rich city in the United States; the destination capital of the world for business, finance, art, and culture; and a magnet for learning and entrepreneurialism. Activities include visits to city highlights such as Broadway shows, museums, cultural and architectural attractions, and monuments. During the trip, students interact with members of the NYU community and reside in supervised housing, accompanied by trained chaperones and program staff.


Academic Year Activities

Students participate in follow-up activities during their 11th year to sustain and build on what they learned during the summer. They continue their reading and engagement in the Critical Thinking and Writing course online with their instructors. In addition, they participate, during the first academic year, in two refresher weekends, one in the fall and one in the spring. They take practice university entrance exams approximately once a month and review results during virtual classes with their instructors.

During the fall semester of their senior year, students focus on finalizing their college applications, which includes perfecting their personal essay, completing the common application, and researching and selecting appropriate institutions to apply to. They take a final entrance examination practice test and two official ACT and TOEFL examinations. In November, students and their families participate in a graduation and farewell ceremony, at which they receive an official certificate of completion.