David Chekroun, Visiting Professor of Law, NYUAD


Research Interests: International business law, law & business, judicial studies, and controversial legal issues in Europe

John J. Coughlin, Global Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies and Law; Head of Legal Studies Program, NYUAD


Research Interests: Comparative religion, theology, canon law, sharia law, Talmudic law, Hindu law, comparative law, jurisprudence, legal philosophy, professional responsibility, legal ethics, fundamental human rights, religious freedom, comparative constitutional law, criminal law, international law, administrative law, family law, law and religion, ecumenism, and peace studies

Peter Goodrich, Visiting Professor of Law, NYUAD


Research Interests: Legal history, legal theory, law and literature, and semiotics

Stephen Holmes, Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law, NYU Law School


Research Interests: The history and recent evolution of liberalism and antiliberalism in Europe, the 1787 Constitution as a blueprint for continental expansion, the near-impossibility of imposing rules of democratic accountability on the deep state, the traumatic legacy of 1989, and the difficulty of combating jihadist terrorism within the bounds of the Constitution and the international laws of war.

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Sophia Kalantzakos, Global Distinguished Professor in Environmental Studies and Public Policy, NYUAD


Research Interests: Public policy, international affairs, and resource competition and climate change as threats reshaping power politics

Shakeel Kazmi, Adjunct Professor of Legal Studies, NYUAD


Research Interests: Climate change displacement and renewable energy in developing countries

Phillip Mitsis, Senior Affiliated Professor in the Humanities, NYUAD


Research Interests: Ancient law and political thought, legal ethics and professional responsibility, contemporary political philosophy

John Sexton, President Emeritus, New York University; Dean Emeritus of the NYU Law School and Benjamin Butler Professor of Law


President Emeritus John Sexton served as fifteenth President of New York University from 2002 through 2015. Currently, he is serving a six-month appointment as the Kluge Chair in American Law and Governance at the Library of Congress. He teaches The Relationship of Government and Religion at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Catharine R. Stimpson, University Professor; Dean Emerita, Graduate School of Arts and Science, NYU


Research Interests: Women and gender, feminist criticism, the humanities, liberal arts, and the university