Archaeology Internship in Central Asia
Bukhara Oasis in Uzbekistan

The Ancient World multidisciplinary minor focuses on the shared and overlapping periods in the development of cultures and civilizations around the Mediterranean basin, in the Near East, and across central Asia to the Pacific Ocean.

Abu Dhabi’s location at the center of this geographical expanse makes it an ideal site for exploring the intellectual and material riches of the ancient world. This minor encompasses a number of disciplines, including archaeology, art history, history, literature, and philosophy.


The minor in the Ancient World requires that students complete four approved courses. These courses must be distributed across as least two disciplines and/or civilizations. Students are also encouraged to take a course in archaeology or material culture from within the NYU global network.

4 courses, distributed as follows:

  • 4 Ancient World or crosslisted courses covering at least
    two disciplines or civilizations



Fiona Kidd

Assistant Professor of History and Art and Art History

Fiona Kidd is an archaeologist with 13 years of excavation experience in the Near East and Central Asia, predominantly Uzbekistan.


Phillip Mitsis

Alexander S. Onassis Professor of Hellenic Culture and Civilization

Phillip Mitsis works on Greek epic and tragedy as well as in ancient philosophy and its reception in Byzantium and the early modern period.

Visiting Faculty



  • Andrew Monson (NYU, fall 2014)
  • Pietro Pucci (Cornell, fall 2014)
  • Alain Gigandet (University of Paris 12, fall 2012)