Study Abroad Opportunities and Arabic Study outside of NYUAD

While NYUAD students are offered four years of Arabic in Abu Dhabi, they may wish to take additional classes over the summer, possibly in order to make up for time spent in the GNU where no Arabic is offered. At the moment, NYUAD does not offer funding for summer language study, but there are a number of grants that students can apply for and an array of institutions that offer summer programs. Students who are interested in summer Arabic study should discuss this possbility with a member of the Arabic faculty, and if they are ACS majors, with their ACS faculty mentor as well. Here are some programs that students can consider if contemplating summer Arabic study, but we strongly recommend that students talk with both their academic mentor and, if possible, with other students who have studied at the program they are interested in, before choosing a specific program.

Summer Arabic Programs for NYUAD Students:


Center for International Learning

SALAM (Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center)

The Rihla Program (in Oman and Morocco)

Sultan Qaboos College Arabic Program

University of Nizwa Dhad Institute


Al-Akhawayn University Arabic and North African Studies Program

Arabic Language Institute in Fez

Arab American Language Institute in Morocco (AALIM)

CIEE Summer Moroccan Studies

The Rihla Program (in Oman and Morocco)

IES Morocco

Qalam wa Lawh Center

AAIN Arabic Institute

Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute

Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies


Qasid Arabic Institute


CIEE Summer Arabic Language

Jordan Language Academy

Modern Language Center





Summer Arabic at NYUAD

In addition to studying outside of NYUAD, a student interested in catching up or accelerating their Arabic Study should also consider taking summer Arabic at NYUAD. While there is no standard summer offering, when ca. 4 or more students come together to petition for a specific Arabic class to be held over the summer, the Arabic faculty may be able to offer it. Please contact for specifics.



An overview of summer Arabic programs in the Middle East, the United States, and Europe can be found on the website of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic. Students should speak with Arabic professors and their academic advisors before choosing a program, as well as with their fellow students in order to learn about their experiences in specific programs.  This is especially important since students have had different experiences in the same program and a great deal depends on what a specific student is looking for out of a summer program.