The disciplines offer a basis for rigorous study, but significant knowledge is also gained from the intersections of disciplines, and problem solving requires students to harness a wide range of methods and bodies of knowledge. NYU Abu Dhabi’s multidisciplinary programs are one of the ways the curriculum supports work across disciplines and engages students to think about complex subjects from multiple perspectives. These programs include a major in Arab Crossroads Studies and concentrations in all five areas:

The multidisciplinary programs have both global dimensions and special relevance in Abu Dhabi. The Emirate’s location and major initiatives in the realm of the environment, technology, and urbanization afford students unusual opportunities for research, field work, and first-hand experiences.

Exceptional Faculty

NYUAD photo by Philip Cheung

With a low student-to-faculty ratio, NYUAD students work side by side with prominent cancer researchers and molecular biologists; influential authors, mathematicians, business leaders, educators, and legal scholars; and renowned animators, filmmakers, and musicians.

An Iconic Campus

NYUAD photo by Philip Cheung

The NYUAD campus on Saadiyat Island includes state-of-the-art classrooms, library, and information technology facilities; laboratories; academic buildings; faculty housing; outstanding student residences; athletic facilities; and performance centers.

NYU Abu Dhabi Bulletin

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