Regional Academic Travel

Global education programs provide students with intellectually rigorous, research-focused learning experiences that complement and extend their coursework. Regional academic travel with the theater program has included investigations into Keralan martial arts Kalaripayattu in South India, Nepalese Buddist dance Charya Nritya in the Kathmandu Valley, and Thai dance-drama Khon in Bangkok.

Many of these courses also provide an opportunity for experiential learning in the form of regional trips that are conducted during a special study abroad weekend, spring break, or J-Term.

Course Research Trips

Course research trips enable students to connect their academic studies with on-the-ground exploration of the United Arab Emirates. Led by faculty members, these direct encounters intensify learning by adding an experiential dimension to courses that may not be possible through classroom activities alone. Course-research trips with the theater program have included investigations into the Pehlwani/Kushti wrestlings matches of the South Asian diaspora in Dubai, variations of the ayyalah battles dance in the northern Emirates, and various storytelling and oral history traditions of the Western Region of the UAE.