Current Faculty

Catherine Coray, Theater Program Head; Associate Arts Professor

Aysan Celik, Assistant Arts Professor of Theater


Research Fields: Interview-based performance, Devised work, Autonomous Installation within a Collaborative Context, Comedy, Satire, Feminism, Gender, Social Justice

Debra Levine, Faculty Fellow of Theater

Research Fields: Intersection between performance, politics, and new media/digital humanities through the lens of feminist and queer theory, disability studies, and visual studies.

Tomi Tsunoda, Assistant Professor of Practice of Theater

Research Fields: Devised Theater; Appropriation and Assemblage; Absurdist Theater; Structured Improvisation; Installation and Concert Performance; New Works Development and Administration

Gaar Adams, Technical Specialist of Theater

Research Fields: Yemen; Music, Storytelling, and Performance Traditions in the Arabian Peninsula; Sport and Athletic Ritual in the Middle East and South Asia; Conservation and Animal Mythology in the Middle East