Gwyneth Bravo, Assistant Professor of Music

Gwyneth Bravo

Research and Teaching Interests: Music and Politics, Music and War, Music and Protests Movements, Opera History, Music and Media Studies

Warren Churchill, Lecturer of Music

Warren Churchill

Research and Teaching Interests: Music Education; Music Philosophy; Vocal and Instrumental Pedagogies; Disability Studies; Deaf Culture and American Sign Language (ASL); Social Justice; Narrative Inquiry; Poststructuralist Theorizing; Foucault

Andrew J. Eisenberg, Assistant Professor of Music

Andrew J. Eisenberg

Research and Teaching Interests: Anthropology of Sound and Music; East Africa; Kenya; Swahili Coast; African and African-Diasporic Popular Musics; Arab Music; Islamic Sound and Music; African Music Economies; Music and Intellectual Property Rights; Ethnicity in Africa; Cultural Citizenship; Space and Place

Carlos Guedes, Associate Arts Professor of Music

Carlos Guedes

Research and Teaching Interests: Interactive Generative Music Systems, Musical Style Computational Modeling, Rhythm, Musical Synthesis of Dance Movement, Composition, Early 20th Century Western Music, Spectral Music, Arab Music, Carnatic Music, Set Theory

Clare Lesser, Instructor of Music

Research Interests: Semiotics and Aesthetics of the Graphic Score; Extended Vocal Technique; Post-WWII Opera; Sound Art; Early 19th-Century Performance Practice
Teaching Interests: Lieder; Chanson; Late 19th-Century, 20th-Century, and Contemporary Music

Matteo Marciano, Assistant Professor of Practice of Music Technology

 Matteo Marciano, Assistant Professor of Practice of Music Technology

Research and Teaching Interests: Evaluation of Music Mixing, Music Technology, Recording & Production Techniques, Musical Acoustic, Mixing & Mastering Techniques.

Joao Menezes, Technical Specialist of Music

Joao Menezes, Technical Specialist of Music, NYUAD

Research and Teaching Interests: Sound; Music; Sound Design; Sound Synthesis; Sound Art; Algorithmic Composition; Sonification; with a special interest on Generative Music Systems, Music Software & Hardware Development

Samuel Nacach, Technical Instructor of Music, Recording Studio Supervisor

Samuel Nacach

Research and Teaching Interests: Music Technology, Music Production, Music Recording and Music Mixing with an emphasis on 3D Audio and Spatial Audio techniques including binaural, surround, multichannel, wavefield synthesis, and ambisonics

Matthew Quayle, Assistant Arts Professor of Music

Mathhew Quayle

Research and Teaching Interests: Composition (Acoustic Concert Music, Musical Theater); Piano Performance; Chamber Music; Music Theory (Instrumentation/ Orchestration, Musical Narrative and Hermeneutics, Russian/Soviet Composition, Pedagogy of Tonal Harmony and Counterpoint)

Omar Shoukri, Technical Instructor and Advisor of the Arts and New Media

Omar Shoukri, Technical Instructor of the Arts and Media

Research and Teaching Interests: Electronic Music Production; Analog and digital DJ-ing; Music Performance; Cross-genre Remixing; Film Production and Editing; Identity and Sound Design; Photography; Direction and Design for Multimedia and TV; Classical Music Composition