Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy/Pee Wee Ellis & Fred Wesley) in a recording studio class.
Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy/Pee Wee Ellis & Fred Wesley) talking in a recording studio class.

The Music Program at NYUAD is committed to educating a new generation of musicians capable of making and thinking about music from transnational and interdisciplinary perspectives, while also enriching the education and experience of all NYUAD students and fostering a vibrant and diverse musical community within the campus.

Major in Music

The music major requires a minimum of 12 courses, and has two tracks: Artistic Practice and Music Studies.

Courses are grouped into four disciplinary areas:

  • Music Practice
  • Ethnomusicology/Musicology
  • Music Theory
  • Music Technology

Different combinations of courses in the four disciplinary areas define the track for the major.

Sebastian Grube
Sebastian Grube singing Schubert's "Winterreise" song cycle. Piano: David Lesser


The minor in Music is designed for students who want to explore music in combination with other fields taught at NYUAD, or who wish to sustain their involvement with music based on their music practice before coming to NYUAD.


Music Capstone projects are customized per student. Each student will work with his or her Capstone adviser(s) to arrive at a project that is substantial, ambitious, and creative, but also disciplined, finite, and likely to succeed within the constraints of student ability, time, budget, and resources.