Literature has been central to the formation of collective identities across cultures, nations, and historical epochs. Though literary works are anchored in a particular time and place, many of them are read widely in other times and other places and by cultures to which they would seem not to belong. The Literature and Creative Writing major at NYUAD is uniquely organized around problems presented by translation, adaption, and circulation. Unlike many college literary curricula that restrict majors to the study of works in a single language or from a specific national tradition, this major aims to engage students in critical conversations that cut across fields and in doing so help to rethink the very foundations of literary studies.

Major in Literature and Creative Writing

The Literature and Creative Writing major fosters students’ skills as interpreters of literature and as analysts of culture, history, and politics. Creative writing seminars — open to the entire NYUAD student body — include instruction in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, literary journalism, and writing for stage and screen.

All majors take at least one course in creative writing; In advanced coursework, students may pursue a specialization in either literary studies or creative writing, culminating in a Capstone thesis or creative project.

Minor in Literature

The minor in Literature is open to all NYUAD students and enables students to develop expertise in literary scholarship and critical thinking by building on the foundations laid by the two Pathways of World Literature courses required of all undergraduates. By learning to read critically and write with analytical precision, students in this minor prepare themselves to participate intelligently in world culture while forging a lifelong, enriching relationship with literature.

Students who elect to pursue the minor in Literature are required to take three courses: Literary Interpretation or Critical Theories and Methods of Literary Studies, and a minimum of two electives chosen from among the courses designated as electives and topics seminars. Students may count one course in Creative Writing towards their elective requirement.

Minor in Creative Writing

The minor in Creative Writing is open to all NYUAD students and offers students an opportunity to hone their skills in self-expression while exploring a full range of literary genres, including poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, dramatic writing, and screenwriting.

All courses that a student wishes to count towards the minor in Creative Writing, including those taken at another NYU global site, must be approved in advance by the student's mentor.