Occasional Papers

Please find below a list of occasional papers that emerged as part of the history program's research seminar and lecture series.

  1. Cemil Aydin, "The Muslim World or Ummah? Historicizing Modern Muslim Connectivity and Pan-Islamic Imagination” (February 2014)

  2. Sebastian Conrad, "Can We Write a Global History of the Enlightenment?” (April 2014)

  3. Patrick Manning, “City-States: A Continuing Global Phenomenon” (June 2014)


Historian is the undergraduate research journal of NYU's Department of History, and one of the longest-running undergraduate journals in the United States. Run entirely by dedicated undergraduate editors, it is dedicated to publishing high-quality primary source research by NYU students.

Submissions will be solicited in the late fall and early winter each year. The journal is published yearly in April.

If you would like a copy of the Historian, please email historian.nyu@gmail.com or visit the History Department main office: KJCC 53 Washington Square South, 4E.

For news, submission guidelines, links to our sponsors, and archived previous editions of the journal visit our website at: www.historian-nyu.com

Current Edition (2013)

Alexia Cooley (Class of 2013) and Clark Noone (Class of 2013) served as the co-editors-in-chief of the Historian during the academic year 2012/13.

Contributors and essay titles from the 2013 Historian are as follows:

  • Connor Almquist, "Reconsidering Domitian”
  • Aaron Feinblatt, "Failure in the Far East" (an analysis of the failure of Birobidzhan, the Jewish Autonomous Region in eastern Russia)
  • Alex Kamath, "The Potential for Water War: The Water Conflict Between India and Pakistan”
  • Debbie Dreyfuss, "Rouge White and Blue: The Reaction to Rouge in Eighteenth Century Britain and the National Response it Elicited”
  • Emad Rajeh, "Righteous Gentiles: The Druze in Israe”
  • Michael Ewing, "The Discovery and Development of Oil in Persia: Economic and Political Effects on State Formation”
  • Amelia Brackett, "Reconfiguring of Bison" (an examination of how the rise of bison conservation at the turn of the century was connected with the closure of the frontier and the subsequent shifting of American imagination)
  • Jacob Fox Watkins, "Prostitution and Vagrancy Laws in Antebellum New York City.”
  • Kim VanderVoort, "Conditional Compassion: The Attempted Murder of Anna Maria Brodeau Thornton, 1835”
  • Ben Miller, "'I Am Not a Banner Waver:' Queer Men's Experience of the Law in East and West Germany, 1960-1969"

You may download a copy of the 2013 Historian here.