The Arts and Humanities at NYUAD encompass fields of central importance to human culture and creativity. Students explore fundamental questions of human thought, cultural values, and modes of expression, and they develop their own creative capacities as scholars, writers, and artists in a variety of media. In each area of inquiry, courses respond to the location of Abu Dhabi and enable students to deepen their understanding of Middle Eastern history and culture. The courses also reinforce an awareness of the global interconnectedness of human values and the need for intercultural communication and respect.

Film and New Media, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts

Students majoring in Film and New Media, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts undertake both artistic practice and academic study, and establish a balance between practice and reflection, craft and critical study, that suits them best. They have the opportunity to create original works in a variety of media, while those with a primary interest in academic study may focus on the history, theory, and criticism of art, architecture, film and new media, music, and theater.


The Philosophy program encompasses three main areas of philosophical inquiry: practical philosophy, focusing on fundamental issues in morality, politics, and value; theoretical philosophy, focusing on fundamental questions in epistemology, metaphysics, mind, language, and science; and the global history of philosophy from ancient to modern times.


The Literature program focuses on world literature, written in English or in English translation. The study of literary texts as they migrate from one culture to another, the theory and practice of translation, and creative writing in its various artistic and scholarly forms are basic constituents of the program.


The History program adopts a global perspective, concentrating on four broad regions, each with its own unique geographical, cultural, and historical identity: the Indian Ocean, Asia-Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean worlds.