NYUAD Affiliated Faculty are full-time faculty of NYU New York who participate in NYU Abu Dhabi in a variety of ways.

Teaching and Research

Affiliated Faculty may be invited to teach and conduct research at NYUAD for periods ranging from three weeks (January Term) to a semester or longer. Teaching assignments are generally planned at least one academic year in advance and are based on the curricular needs of NYUAD. Release for teaching at NYUAD requires the approval of the faculty member's department chair and dean. If interested in teaching, please contact the deputy vice chancellor of NYUAD, or email nyuad.affiliatedfaculty@nyu.edu.

While most teaching assignments are in Abu Dhabi, some options enable Affiliated Faculty to teach elsewhere across NYU's global network in order to expand the educational resources available to our students and advance NYUAD's commitment to global education and intercultural understanding. The NYUAD January Term provides opportunities to teach in New York and at NYU's other global sites, including Abu Dhabi. Directed Study Courses allow NYUAD students to work with NYUNY professors whose expertise enriches the curriculum of NYUAD. Affiliated Faculty may also partner with NYUAD faculty to co-teach global seminars connecting students at two campuses in interactive conversations and learning experiences supported by videoconferencing technology.

Programs and Events

Affiliated Faculty also organize and participate in academic programs, conferences, and special events at the NYUAD Institute in Abu Dhabi and at 19 Washington Square North in New York. Affiliated Faculty are associated with research projects supported by the NYUAD Institute, and they play an essential role in NYUAD Faculty Search Committees.

To become involved with NYUAD or for further information, please contact your department chair, the deputy vice chancellor of NYUAD, or email nyuad.affiliatedfaculty@nyu.edu.

If you are not an NYU faculty member and want to apply for a position at NYUAD, please visit Faculty Positions page.

Resources Available to Teaching Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty with teaching appointments at NYUAD are eligible to apply for research funds during their residency and for funding to host visiting scholars in Abu Dhabi for joint research, curricular enhancement, and enrichment of the NYUAD community. For further information and applications, please follow the links below: