Abu Dhabi Environmental Health and Safety Management System Committee

The AD EHSMS Committee, a standing Committee at New York University-Abu Dhabi, is the governing body for all aspects of the development and implementation of the university’s environmental health and safety management system. The committee’s scope extends to all NYUAD facilities, programs, and operations conducted on campus or under the control of the university.

The committee is responsible for the oversight of University activities and setting policy and guidance to comply with the AD EHSMS. The committee has the authority to deny, require changes, or withdraw permission for the conduct of activities within the university, to assure regulatory compliance and reasonable standards for health and safety across campus. The committee reports to the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor.

For more information, get in touch with Naeema Al Nofeli at naeema.alnofeli@nyu.edu.

Academic Affairs Advisory Committee

The Academic Affairs Advisory Committee (AAAC) serves as a conduit for student and faculty input into the academic policies and procedures of NYU Abu Dhabi. The AAAC is strictly an advisory body making recommendations to the Vice Provost for Academic Administration, the Provost, and/or the Faculty as may be appropriate.

For more information, get in touch with Charles Grim at charles.grim@nyu.edu.

Bookstore Committee

The Bookstore Committee is a standing advisory committee which liaises between NYUAD and Magrudy's Bookstore to emphasize the importance of creating a unique identity and welcoming environment for the Saadiyat Campus Bookstore. The purpose of the committee is to facilitate the creation of a bookstore reflecting the academic community of NYUAD inclusive of students, faculty, staff, campus community and the greater Abu Dhabi community. The committee will review matters of interior design and graphics, book ranges and community engagement.

For more information, get in touch with us at nyuad-bookstore-committee-group@nyu.edu.

Core Curriculum Committee

The committee is in charge of monitoring, assessing and periodically reviewing the Core curriculum, its objectives and implementation, making sure that it meets NYUAD's educational goals and considering improvements when necessary.

The committee consists of faculty members teaching in the four areas of the core curriculum Pathways of World Literature (Pathways), Structures of Thought and Society (STS), Art, Technology and Invention (ATI), and Ideas and Methods of Science (IMS), which includes two tracks (Experimental Discovery in the Natural World (EDNW) and Science, Society and History (SSH). The committee also includes representatives from the Writing Program, UCC, and FCSC.

For more information, get in touch with Bryan Waterman at bryan.waterman@nyu.edu.

Global Education and Community-Based Learning Committee

The Global Education and Community-Based Learning Committee is an advisory committee that provides a bridge between the faculty and NYUAD’s programs of study away and community engagement for undergraduates.

The committee’s primary role is to consider and make recommendations to the academic leadership on issues that affect undergraduate programs of global education and community-based learning. This may include reviewing and making recommendations on such areas as:

  • Student applications and petitions for study away
  • Applications for regional course-related seminars
  • NYUAD major pathways for study away in the GNU
  • Curricular initiatives with the NYU Global Programs
  • Integration of visiting students from NYUNY and NYUSH into NYUAD academic programs
  • Strategic planning for academic community engagement
  • Student travel policy

For more information, get in touch with Carol Brandt at carol.brandt@nyu.edu.

NYUAD Campus Advisory Committee

The NYUAD Campus Advisory Committee contributes towards helping NYUAD create a comfortable and inviting campus living and working environment that reflects the needs of its faculty, staff, researchers and families. The committee will review matters referred by various constituents, surface relevant and timely issues, and make recommendations for consideration by the university.

For more information, get in touch with Julia Hart at julia.hart@nyu.edu.

Student Life/Faculty Liaison Committee

The Student Life/Faculty Liaison Committee is a forum for faculty and members of Campus Life to share issues, concerns, plans, and opportunities. Its primary goal is to work cooperatively to enhance the living and learning environment that defines the NYUAD experience. The committee endeavors to maintain open lines of communication, to propose ideas intended to resolve issues of common concern, to create avenues for the sharing of educational and professional resources, and to build a culture of collaboration centered on student success and institutional enhancement.

For more information, get in touch with Wolfgang Neuber at wolfgang.neuber@nyu.edu or Donna Eddleman at donna.eddleman@nyu.edu.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The UCC is the central mechanism through which NYUAD shall assess undergraduate curricula across the academic divisions, multi-disciplinary programs and the core; additionally, the UCC will oversee the integration of Global Network University courses into NYUAD programs. The UCC aims to enrich and support the development of the programs that will distinguish NYUAD as "the world’s honors college." The composition and remit of the Committee may change as the structures of governance evolve at NYUAD.

It is expected that the UCC will consult with the Deans and with members of faculty as and when necessary.

The UCC is charged with reviewing proposed changes to the undergraduate curriculum, including but not limited to:

  • New course submission
  • Graduation requirements
  • Changes to undergraduate curricula
  • Cross registration — study away, J-term, summer school, and other

In addition to vetting the proposal of all new courses, the UCC will consider general education and graduation requirements — including, for the time being, the core program — as well as the logistics related to cross-listing courses with the Global Network University (GNU), in order to ensure that courses conducted outside of Abu Dhabi comply with NYUAD program requirements and standards.
UCC may also forward its own proposals relating to the curriculum to FCSC and the Council.

For more information, get in touch with us at nyuad.ucc@nyu.edu.