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About the Position

Position Summary

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint a General Services Laboratory Technician reporting to the Director of Laboratories.  The technician will assist the Laboratory Director and Manager in maintaining proper function of the laboratory's facilities.  Moreover, the technician will help researchers and lab instructors ensure appropriate operation of the facilities where they conduct their work. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee and maintain proper stocks of consumables and laboratory supplies such as gases, liquefied gases, etc.
  • Shift equipment and supplies within the labs on an as-needed basis
  • Maintain small lab appliances e.g. vacuum pumps, water purification machines, etc., by performing appropriate service technician level repairs and maintenance as needed and by arranging manufacturer or vendor supplied maintenance when required
  • Provide assistance with the shifting of equipment from the Center for Science and Engineering (CSE) to the Experimental Research Building (ERB) on Saadiyat Island
  • Work with logistics company to ensure equipment at CSE is properly packed, tagged, and shifted to the appropriate labs in the ERB on Saadiyat
  • Oversee contractors to unpack and place bench equipment in the labs of the ERB
  • Work with service technicians on site in the new labs to perform and/or supervise the performance of remediation works in response to gaps in services and infrastructure that are identified during the gap-assessment conducted by laboratory staff
  • Inspect the new facilities and ensure that after the gap assessment work has been completed that all systems perform to NYUAD laboratory standards
  • Report deficiencies to Laboratory engineer(s) and director as appropriate

Education Requirements


  • High school diploma

Experience Requirements


  • Must demonstrate a proficiency in English, speaking Hindi or Urdu is an advantage
  • Must have similar experience within an internationally recognized research university
  • Experience with receiving deliveries and working with vendors in the UAE
  • Experience handling laboratory equipment and supplies in research labs
  • Experience working in a maintenance or general technician role in teaching and research labs
  • Ability to learn to use or have experience with basic office software such as email, word, and excel


  • Experience with operations in teaching labs with training on safety procedures in research labs
  • Experience with coordinating equipment moves with logistics companies
  • Experience shifting and moving delicate laboratory equipment in hard to access spaces within a laboratory facility
  • Experience supervising work crews that are handling delicate laboratory equipment
  • Experience with the care and operation of research labs and can oversee the maintenance and cleaning crews to ensure the labs are properly cleaned
  • Experience unpacking and stowing delicate lab supplies including equipment, glassware and chemicals



NYU Abu Dhabi is a degree-granting research university with a fully integrated liberal arts and science undergraduate program in the Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering. NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU New York, and NYU Shanghai, form the backbone of NYU’s global network university, an interconnected network of portal campuses and academic centers across six continents that enable seamless international mobility of students and faculty in their pursuit of academic and scholarly activity. This global university represents a transformative shift in higher education, one in which the intellectual and creative endeavors of academia are shaped and examined through an international and multicultural perspective. As a major intellectual hub at the crossroads of the Arab world, NYUAD serves as a center for scholarly thought, advanced research, knowledge creation, and sharing, through its academic, research, and creative activities.

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