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    How Research in Political Science is Rapidly Evolving

    Experimental research has expanded markedly in political science over the past 30 years.

  2. Resident Expert Curating Art in the Digital Age

    Resident Expert: Curating Art in the Digital Age

    “Screen media — whether films, television or web series, video games, augmented-reality (AR) apps, and so forth — have important insights to contribute to ongoing discussions in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.”

  3. Statue of Socrates, Athens, Greece

    Resident Expert on Philosophy: Like Math, But With Words

    Gabriel Oak Rabin, assistant professor of philosophy, is interested in the relationship between the mind and the body, and their relations to consciousness. In this Q&A, he talks about the discipline of philosophy, some of the questions philosophers address, and ways that consciousness can (or can’t) be explained.

  4. 20161020-tanzania-istock

    Resident Expert: Unexpected Causes of Slow Economic Development

    NYU Abu Dhabi Global Professor of Economics François Bourguignon, who was the chief economist of the World Bank from 2003-07, has spent decades studying the benefits and sources of equality of incomes – and the roadblocks to it. Bourguignon, one of the planet's leading experts on the subject, has launched a huge study of how institutions – political, social, and otherwise – can alter a country's income equality level and slow down development.

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    Resident Expert: How Oceans Are Helping Us Predict Future Weather

    Shafer Smith and other scientists at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Prototype Climate Modeling are developing sophisticated computer models to help improve climate prediction and bring more certainty to what the Earth's weather will look like in the future. Smith, associate professor of mathematics, focuses on variables in our oceans and the significant role that oceans play in global climate change.

  6. Resident Expert: Michael Harsh on UN-NATO Cooperation in Afghanistan

    Resident Expert: Afghanistan at a Crossroads

    Peace and redevelopment efforts in Afghanistan were dealt a major blow on July 22 when a suicide attack in Kabul killed 80 peaceful demonstrators and injured another 231, the city's deadliest attack in more than 15 years.

  7. Resident Expert: Getting to the root of China's forest policy

    Resident Expert: Getting to the Roots of Chinese Forest Policy

    Competition for raw materials is nothing new, as historian Mark Swislocki knows. He's studying conflicts over forest resources in China's Yunnan province, as far back as the 18th century.

  8. Resident Expert: Social Activism in Mauritania

    Resident Expert: Social Activism in Mauritania

    When she visited Mauritania in January, Erin Pettigrew was surprised to note a revival of interest in the history of the Kadehiin, an underground leftist movement active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Surprised and pleased, since the movement is the subject of her current research.

  9. Oil pumpjack against a sunset sky

    Resident Expert: The Untold Story of OPEC

    The UAE is one of 13 member nations of the only major global organization developed specifically to advance the economic interests of countries whose primary export is oil — the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

  10. Yoda, R2D2 and Hollywood's Cinematic "Others"

    Yoda, R2D2, and the "Others" of Hollywood Movies

    In the movies, anything can happen when worlds collide. In films like Star Wars, The Gremlins, and Jaws, the line that separates what's possible from impossible is becomes blurred when humans meet non-humans, whether an alien in space or a creature in the ocean.

  11. 20151216-growing-up-muslim-in-america-01

    Resident Expert: Growing Up Muslim in America

    NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy John O'Brien spent three and a half years conducting ethnographic fieldwork with a group of young Muslim friends who grew up together in post-9/11 America. In his upcoming book, Growing Up Muslim in America he explores questions of cultural difference and discrimination faced by young American Muslims.

  12. US Election 2016

    Resident Expert: US Politics & the Personality Factor

    NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Political Science Adam Ramey is writing a book on the role personality traits play in American politics. In his research he looks at how personality influences the way voters choose candidates, and how legislators' personalities influence they way they behave in Congress. We caught up with Professor Ramey to ask him about the upcoming US presidential election on November 8, 2016.

  13. Quotes from the keynote: Islam in Global Perspective

    Guest Expert: Islam in Global Perspective

    "I'm trying to disrupt the conventional narrative that Muslims are a new, post-colonial occurrence in Europe. It's historical amnesia to say that Europe has never dealt with this before. That's fiction."

  14. Samer Madanat, Dean of Engineering Division, NYUAD

    Resident Expert: Transportation and Environmental Sustainability

    NYU Abu Dhabi Dean of Engineering Samer Madanat specializes in transportation infrastructure management. He's an expert in developing optimal transportation policies and solutions to improve the sustainability of transportation systems in cities, including highway and public transit networks. In other words, he develops efficient ways for people to get around with an eye on protecting the environment.

  15. Bullet Cluster Merger

    Resident Expert: The Dark Matter Mystery

    Dark Matter is one of the biggest scientific mysteries of our time. Most of the universe is made up of it, but we still don't know its nature. What is the strange, unknown, invisible matter that holds the universe together? Why is it so hard to detect?

  16. Resident Expert: What Drives National Identity?

    Resident Expert: What Drives National Identity?

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Humanities Research Assistant Matthew MacLean studies the spatial transformation of the UAE and Trucial States in the second half of the 20th century, in particular how the development of the UAE's infrastructure — housing, roads, and ports — made possible the emergence of Emirati national identity.

  17. istock-ramadan-2015

    Resident Expert: On Ramadan

    As a long-time instructor of the Arabic language, NYUAD Senior Arabic Language Instructor Nasser Isleem applies studies to his teaching that examine the impact of incorporating Arabic culture integration into a student's course work. Who better then to share what Ramadan is all about?

  18. Resident Expert: Marilyn Booth on Early Arab Feminist Writing

    Resident Expert: Early Writings in Arab Feminism

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    Marilyn Booth is a Senior Research Fellow at NYU Abu Dhabi and the author of Classes of Ladies of Cloistered Spaces: Writing Feminist History through Biography in fin-de-siècle Egypt, published in early 2015. The book brings focus to Zaynab Fawwaz, a journalist, novelist and playwright, who immigrated from Ottoman Lebanon to Egypt and established herself as distinct from most Arab women writers of her time.

  19. michael-harsch-518

    Resident Expert: UN-NATO Cooperation in Afghanistan

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    In his new book, Faculty Fellow of Social Science Michael Harsch examines the fraught relationship between two of the most important international organizations: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations (UN). The book, The Power of Dependence: NATO-UN Cooperation in Crisis Management, was recently published by Oxford University Press.

  20. The Resident Expert: Insurgency in Nepal

    Resident Expert: Insurgency in Nepal

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Professor of Politics at NYU New York Michael Gilligan taught a class at NYU Abu Dhabi in January on the topic of insurgency. The course mixed reading and classroom learning with a trip to Nepal to interview people who fought on both sides of that country's Maoist insurgency, which ended in 2006.

  21. appiah-2-1

    Resident Expert: What is Religion?

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Kwame Anthony Appiah is Professor of Philosophy and Law at NYU New York. This January, he is teaching a J-Term class at NYU Abu Dhabi called What is Religion? We checked in with him to ask about his course and how it addresses the topic.

  22. Oman_amo_2014166_lrg__1__Sandstorm

    Resident Expert: The Science of Sandstorms

    The sandstorms that can complicate life in Abu Dhabi are part of a complex weather pattern that also provides India with the monsoon rain essential to the crops that sustain one billion people, NYU Abu Dhabi researchers are learning. Olivier Pauluis, professor of mathematics and co-principal investigator at NYUAD's Center for Prototype Climate Modeling, explains how that works.

  23. georgi-derluguian02-oct

    Resident Expert: Crisis in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Reports of revolution and civil war in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine have dominated the media this year. Salaam checked in with NYU Abu Dhabi Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Georgi Derluguian to ask how a social scientist might think about these geopolitical events and what might motivate young people to take part in these conflicts.

  24. The Resident Expert: Fall of the Berlin Wall

    The Resident Expert: Fall of the Berlin Wall

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Professor of History Martin Klimke studies the intersection of political, cultural, and diplomatic history, with a focus on the exchange of ideas between the United States in Europe in the 20th century.

  25. sheesha-petr-novak

    Resident Expert: Smoking and Tobacco Use in the UAE

    Q&A with Dr. Raghib Ali, director of the Public Health Research Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  26. The Resident Expert: On Dates

    Resident Expert: On Dates

    All about dates, the iconic fruit of the Middle East, with Michael Purugganan, principal investigator of the 100 Dates! project at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology (CGSB).

  27. Psychology of Fandom

    Resident Expert: Psychology and Fandom

    Ever wonder why some people are such hardcore sports fans? NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Professor of Psychology PJ Henry says one important psychological factor is that all human beings are driven by the need to belong.