Research & Innovation articles filed under 'Class of 2016'

  1. Students Pursue Research That Could Help Save Lives

    Students Pursue Research That Could Help Save Lives

    Giving back to local and international communities runs deep in the hearts of students at NYU Abu Dhabi — from every day volunteer work in the UAE to building houses for families in Thailand.

  2. Ramadan Recipes

    Ramadan Recipes

    The Holy Month of Ramadan is an occasion of fasting but also a special time for loved ones to share Iftar meals each day. NYU Abu Dhabi graduate Mariko Kuroda brings to life some of the special culinary moments of Ramadan — from dinnertime menus to after-dinner memories — for her final Capstone research project called Ramadan Recipes.

  3. Student Research Provokes Thought, Growth for UAE

    Student Research Provokes Thought, Growth for UAE

    NYU Abu Dhabi students come to the UAE from all over the world with different perspectives, experiences and interests. But after living in Abu Dhabi for four years, many students across disciplines become invested in the region and choose to focus their final project — the Capstone — on an issue particularly relevant to the UAE.

  4. Powerful Art Project Challenges UAE Stereotypes

    Powerful Art Project Challenges UAE Stereotypes

    I've always been interested in exploring what it means to be an Emirati contemporary artist who can push boundaries and stimulate constructive, healthy and thought-provoking discussions. What better way to do so than to think of clever ways to break stereotypes?

  5. iStock_000062357342_Full

    Student Research Links Political Scandal and Celebrity News

    Scandals are costly to the social and professional lives of politicians. It seems like whenever there's news about celebrity relationships in South Korea, the comment section of the news is flooded with public conspiracy theories about major political events, such as government corruption.

  6. Surgery Without the Incision

    Cell Surgery Without the Incision

    It's been quite a year for NYU Abu Dhabi senior Farah Shamout. She was on the winning team at the International Hackathon for Social Good, received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship from the University of Oxford, and now, as an undergrad, she's a published researcher in the field of biomedical engineering.

  7. A Summer of Code

    By Dirichi Ike-Njoku, NYUAD Class of 2016

    I didn't quite indulge myself the opportunity to explore Abu Dhabi over the summer, relieved of the weight of courses, exams, and assignments, so much as I immersed myself in the blue-hued development environment that is the trademark of the Arduino software.

  8. Introducing NOMADD, a Solution for Solar Energy

    Introducing NOMADD, a Solution for Solar Energy

    By Abdullah Mahomed, NYUAD Class of 2016

    Saudi Arabia may not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks about the world of scholarship and academia. However, this past summer I was amazed to find a fully fledged research institution that existed so close to my home in Jeddah. Allegedly with the largest endowment fund in the world after Harvard and Yale, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) boasts some of the most sophisticated research facilities in the world, renowned faculty, and students from around the globe.

  9. On Assignment in Detroit

    On Assignment in Detroit

    By Zoe Hu, NYUAD Class of 2016

    Before this summer, my perception of a journalism internship involved visions of frenzied fact checking, fielding grunt work, and abusing the office coffee machine. While my time in Michigan as an intern at HOUR Detroit magazine certainly did demand the occasional bout of caffeine-addled editing, I also had the fortunate opportunity to venture out of the office and explore Detroit on the publication's behalf.

  10. An Artist's Life in Hungary

    An Artist's Life in Hungary

    NYU Abu Dhabi alumnus Máté Bede-Fazekas (Class of 2014) is making a feature-length documentary that explores the life and career of his father, a famous Hungarian opera singer. The film is concerned with the way political shifts in a country can affect the personal lives and careers of its citizens.

  11. NYUAD Sophomore's NYC Internships Deliver Summer of Art and Inspiration

    NYUAD Sophomore's NYC Internships Deliver Summer of Art and Inspiration

    By Megan Vincent, NYUAD Class of 2016

    I'm continuously surprised by how drastically my life has changed since my admission to NYU Abu Dhabi. If you had asked me last year what my university summers would consist of, I'd never have guessed they'd include interning in New York for several arts institutions. I'm perpetually inspired by the way life curves.