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  1. 10 Capstone Projects That Prove NYUAD Students Are Global Thinkers

    10 Capstone Projects That Prove NYUAD Students Are Global Thinkers

    NYU Abu Dhabi students come to the UAE from all over the globe with unique perspectives, educational goals, and career aspirations. Capstone projects by the graduating class often reveal how personal experiences can be combined with four years of education in Abu Dhabi to address vital challenges in our increasingly globalized society.

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    Student Research Explores Emirati Men's Gendered Experiences of State-Promoted Women's Work in the UAE

    Lauren Clingan, social science major, spent four months tracking down two dozen Emirati men to ask about their gendered experiences of state-promoted women's employment in the UAE.

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    NYUAD Student Research Tackles Issues of Real Importance for the UAE

    Over four years of study, many NYU Abu Dhabi students from all over the world become champions of innovation and progress for the UAE, choosing Capstone research that can make a real difference, in the real world around them.

  4. Who Am I? The Fascinating Science of Self-Identity

    Who Am I? The Fascinating Science of Self-Identity

    One of the main ways individuals come to understand their lives — and their identity — is through the creation of personal narratives.

  5. Abu Dhabi Students Launch Math Education Program in Uganda

    Abu Dhabi Students Launch Math Education Program in Uganda

    Three students from NYU Abu Dhabi — one senior and two alumnae — have launched an education program in Africa designed to get resource-strapped teachers and students excited about mathematics.

  6. NYUAD Students to Build Eco-Home Ideal for Rural UAE Living

    NYUAD Students to Build Eco-Home Ideal for Rural UAE Living

    NYU Abu Dhabi students will design and construct a solar-powered, high-efficiency home on campus as part of a regional competition to create sustainable homes for people who live in the UAE's non-urban areas.

  7. Students Pursue Research That Could Help Save Lives

    Students Pursue Research That Could Help Save Lives

    Giving back to local and international communities runs deep in the hearts of students at NYU Abu Dhabi — from every day volunteer work in the UAE to building houses for families in Thailand.

  8. Ramadan Recipes

    Ramadan Recipes

    The Holy Month of Ramadan is an occasion of fasting but also a special time for loved ones to share Iftar meals each day. NYU Abu Dhabi graduate Mariko Kuroda brings to life some of the special culinary moments of Ramadan — from dinnertime menus to after-dinner memories — for her final Capstone research project called Ramadan Recipes.

  9. Student Research Provokes Thought, Growth for UAE

    Student Research Provokes Thought, Growth for UAE

    NYU Abu Dhabi students come to the UAE from all over the world with different perspectives, experiences and interests. But after living in Abu Dhabi for four years, many students across disciplines become invested in the region and choose to focus their final project — the Capstone — on an issue particularly relevant to the UAE.

  10. Powerful Art Project Challenges UAE Stereotypes

    Powerful Art Project Challenges UAE Stereotypes

    I've always been interested in exploring what it means to be an Emirati contemporary artist who can push boundaries and stimulate constructive, healthy and thought-provoking discussions. What better way to do so than to think of clever ways to break stereotypes?

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    Student Research Links Political Scandal and Celebrity News

    Scandals are costly to the social and professional lives of politicians. It seems like whenever there's news about celebrity relationships in South Korea, the comment section of the news is flooded with public conspiracy theories about major political events, such as government corruption.

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    Students Build LED Touch Art to Vitalize Abu Dhabi Walkways

    The future of pedestrian life in Abu Dhabi seems far from pedestrian.

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    Student-built App Tracks Road Conditions, Bad Driving

    Driving can be dangerous and frustrating no matter where you live in the world. In fact, according to a recent report by the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million people die in road crashes every year—a disturbing statistic.

  14. reefRover---Drones for Good 2016---Above Water - Copy

    Diving Drone to Transform Exploration of Coral Reefs

    With nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface covered by water, the need to understand the oceans and seas is vital. Many underwater organisms and ecosystems have yet to be fully understood or explored, and chief among them are coastal reef systems.

  15. Surgery Without the Incision

    Cell Surgery Without the Incision

    It's been quite a year for NYU Abu Dhabi senior Farah Shamout. She was on the winning team at the International Hackathon for Social Good, received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship from the University of Oxford, and now, as an undergrad, she's a published researcher in the field of biomedical engineering.

  16. Six Signs You Were Born to be a Scientist

    Six Signs You Were Born to be a Scientist

    For some of us, it takes several years (sometimes decades) to figure out what we love to do and build a career around it. Majors change, jobs are won and lost, and career paths often go sideways. But for others, like NYU Abu Dhabi science majors Priyanka Lakhiani and Alvaro Yanez, passions bubble to the surface a lot sooner.

  17. Students Learn About Global Food Security at Expo Milano

    Students Learn About Global Food Security at Expo Milano

    A handful of NYU Abu Dhabi sophomores are among some 20 million people who have visited this year's Expo Milano 2015. The students traveled to central Italy as part of a collaborative partnership between the Career Development Center and two organizations in Milan: Microsoft and FUTURA Consulting.

  18. From Abu Dhabi to Gran Sasso

    NYUAD undergraduates have the opportunity to engage in fantastic summer research projects that take them around the world. Several students traveled to Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy to participate in the effort to understand dark matter, that mysterious substance that theoretically accounts for more than 80 percent of the total mass of the universe.

  19. NYUAD Shines at UAE Undergraduate Research Awards

    Math Students Square Off at International Competition

    By Osama Mahmood, Class of 2018

    The annual International Mathematics Competition (IMC) is the world’s largest and most challenging college-level mathematics competition. 326 undergraduates from 74 universities took part in the 2015 competition held at American University in Bulgaria. This is the first year NYU Abu Dhabi students have attended.

  20. Archaeology Internship in Central Asia

    My Archaeology Internship in Uzbekistan: Journals From The Field

    NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Chaeri Lee, Class of 2017, had been digging around the internet for an internship idea when she happened upon a ground breaking opportunity: an international archaeological research collaboration in Central Asia, in an area known as one of the main crossroads of the ancient world.

  21. NYUAD Professors Publish First Emirati Arabic Textbook

    NYUAD Professors Publish First Emirati Arabic Textbook

    NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi professors have published the first-ever modern standard Arabic language textbook for the Emirati dialect. Titled Ramsah, which means "talk" in Emirati Arabic, the 352-page workbook and audio guide will serve as a resource for educators and students in the UAE and beyond.

  22. Out of This World Internship for UAE Students

    Out of This World Internship for UAE Students

    It marks a new frontier of collaboration between NYU Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the Italian Space Agency.

  23. Emirati Diabetics Share Stories for Student Film Project

    Emirati Diabetics Share Stories for Student Film Project

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    Sugar is a short documentary film by Hasan Nabulsi (Class of 2015) that sheds light on the growing diabetes epidemic in the UAE. Focusing on two real life characters, a young woman and older man both from the UAE, the project aims to highlight themes related to health and modernity, nostalgia, fatalism, shame and globalization. The documentary tackles the day-to-day challenges of people with diabetes and their means of coping with the illness.

  24. The Ingredient Tree

    Student Researcher Asks, "Why Can't Robots Cook Like Grandma?"

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    Computers can do a lot of remarkable things these days. Understanding a recipe, however, isn't among them. Recipes, as they're commonly known, are simply lists of measurable ingredients followed by step-by-step cooking instructions. They are relatively easy for humans to follow and, under normal circumstances, we are able to predict the outcome of combining specific ingredients and exposing them to heat or cold. So why can't computers?

  25. Laboratory apparatus

    UAE Innovation Week Coming This Fall

    This week, the UAE government announced a new nationwide initiative called Innovation Week, to be held in November. In recognition of this important educational and entrepreneurial event, Salaam: NYUAD News revisits a few of NYUAD's most significant Research & Innovation headlines from the past year.

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    The Fascinating Link Between Art Heritage and Nuclear Physics

    By Brian Kappler

    Allen Magnusson's summer in Florence has been more than the usual mixture of museums, antiquities, and la dolce vita. The NYU Abu Dhabi Physics major is spending two months in the Tuscan capital as an intern at the renowned Laboratorio di Tecniche Nucleari per i Beni Culturali, or Laboratory of Nuclear Techniques for Cultural Heritage.

  27. Students Participate in UN Framework Convention in Germany

    Students Participate in UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Germany

    By Norbert Monti (Class of 2018), Louis Plottel (Class of 2016), and Julia Saubier (Class of 2016)

    Three NYU Abu Dhabi students who are passionate about the environment have returned from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Bonn, Germany with a renewed commitment to sustainability education among their peers at NYUAD.

  28. Watching Ice Melt: Sea Level Change

    Watching Ice Melt: Sea Level Rise Through Iceberg Calving

    By Kate Chandler, Associate Director of Public Affairs

    Researchers David and Denise Holland from New York University (NYU) and the Center for Sea Level Change at NYU Abu Dhabi, have filmed an enormous slab of ice breaking off the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland and floating into the ocean.

  29. Art Project Captures Ongoing History of Abu Dhabi

    Art Exhibition Preserves the Ongoing History of Abu Dhabi

    By Janice Liu, NYUAD Public Affairs

    When looking at the skyline of Abu Dhabi along the Corniche, it is easy to spot the rows of new, well-kept buildings. Like many modern cities, buildings in Abu Dhabi are often demolished or given a facelift to maintain their pristine look instead of allowing them to naturally age and show signs of wear and tear.

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    Graduate Wins Fulbright Scholarship to Research Farming in Brazil

    By Sue-Ann Lau, NYUAD Class of 2018

    At the age of 22, Matthew French (NYUAD '15) is already developing a seriously impressive CV: NYU Abu Dhabi graduate, future law school student at a US university, and now the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship that will take him to another part of the world to research drought conditions in rural Brazil.

  31. Capstone Projects Embody Hard Work and Idealism

    Capstone Projects Embody Hard Work and Idealism

    By Janice Liu, NYUAD Public Affairs

    May is one of the busiest times of year at NYU Abu Dhabi. There's pre-graduation hustle and bustle and seniors are kept busy finalizing and presenting their Capstone projects.

  32. NYUAD Student Films to be Featured at Cannes Film Festival

    NYUAD Student Films Featured at Cannes

    From Abu Dhabi to the red carpet, a pair of NYU Abu Dhabi graduates are going to Cannes International Film Festival this month to show their capstone film projects. Adam, directed by Amani Alsaied, and Lost in Escapade, directed by Beso Turazashvili, were both accepted into Short Film Corner at Cannes, a networking and development initiative for aspiring filmmakers.

  33. 2015 International Hackathon

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Hosted by the NYUAD Institute, the annual International Hackathon brought together students and professional mentors from over a dozen countries to develop mobile and web applications for social good in the Arab world.

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    An Idea for the Future of Science

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    If you could invent something to make life easier, what might it be? NYU Abu Dhabi postdoctoral associate in Chemistry Idrees Mohammed has a bold idea in his field of science that has been selected as a standout entry for a thought-provoking and humorous special feature in Science Magazine.

  35. NSF Supports NYU Abu Dhabi Alumna Research on Violence and Recovery

    NSF Supports NYU Abu Dhabi Alumna Research on Violence and Recovery

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    Volunteering to support abused women while she was an undergraduate has helped propel Jade Borgeson (NYU Abu Dhabi '14) into a sophisticated project aimed at lowering the toll that domestic violence imposes on American society.

  36. YSEALI

    Project to Help Southeast Asian Women Wins $10,000 Grant

    By Dhia Fani, NYUAD Class of 2017

    NYU Abu Dhabi student Dhia Fani and a team of university-student colleagues from Indonesia and Thailand, recently won the $10,000 Seeds for the Future Grant from the Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI), a program started by U.S. President Barack Obama to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia.

  37. A Study of Emirati Arabic in Al Ain

    A Study of Emirati Arabic in Al Ain

    During the 2015 January Term, a group of five NYU Abu Dhabi students set out to immerse themselves in the Emirati culture in Al Ain. For three weeks the students fully engaged in the culture, living in the homes of local Emirati families and exploring the diversity of the Arabic culture through activities, field trips, and discussions, all while speaking and writing only Emirati Arabic.

  38. Kashtah: Exploring Old and New Dubai

    Kashtah: Exploring Old and New Dubai

    On a warm Friday during January Term, the Offices of Student Activities and Intercultural Education cosponsored a Kashtah trip to Dubai. Over the course of the day, 24 students and 3 staff chaperones enjoyed coffee and sunshine at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, explored the markets and souks of Bur Dubai, rode an abra across Dubai Creek, feasted on a cultural lunch at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, and toured the traditional neighborhood of Bastakiya. Photos by Mark Surnin, Class of 2018.

  39. Food in the Global Kitchen

    Food in the Global Kitchen

    By Maya Adams, NYUAD Class of 2018

    I had heard that January Term would be a break from the regular semesters, so I was looking forward to a chance to relax and enjoy some free time. But in reality, my J-Term 2015 course Food in the Global Kitchen, was the most intense three weeks of my university career to date.  

  40. NYUAD Team Wins Drones for Good Competition

    NYUAD Team Wins Drones for Good Competition

    Congratulations to the NYU Abu Dhabi Wadi Drone team, which won first prize for the national portion of the Drones for Good competition, held last weekend in Dubai. Sophomores Martin Slosarik, Ting-Che Lin, Vasily Rudchenko, and Kai-erik Jensen, advised by Visiting Instructor and Research Associate Matthew Karau, topped hundreds of other submissions from over 50 countries. And they took home a prize of AED 1 million for their efforts.

  41. Arabic Collections Online: A Digital Archive

    Arabic Collections Online: A Digital Archive

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    A digital archive sponsored by NYU Abu Dhabi is repatriating some of the Arab world's written heritage, one book at a time. Some 200 scholarly works are already online, with many more to come.

    Arabic Collections Online (ACO), a digital library of public domain Arabic-language content, was the brainchild of NYU's Dean of Libraries Carol Mandel, who conceived the idea during the planning of NYU Abu Dhabi's library facilities. Today the project sponsor is Ginny Danielson, director of libraries at NYUAD.

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    Finding Green Solutions: Sila Connection Abu Dhabi 2014

    With an expert panel of advisers, judges, and professionals, the winning team of this year’s Sila Connection Abu Dhabi was able to create a project for the American Community School that would positively impact the learning environment as well as the students overall wellbeing.

  43. Antibiotics and Obesity

    Antibiotics and Obesity

    Intestinal bacteria are essential to human health. These little gut bugs help digest food, regulate the absorption of nutrients, and fight off infections. But this complex set of microbes — or microbiome — is also vulnerable: antibiotics and stomach illnesses can wipe out colonies of beneficial bacteria that live inside us.

  44. Studying Sea-level Change in Greenland

    Studying Sea-level Change in Greenland

    When days lengthen and ice begins to melt, Professor David Holland and his team of researchers head for an unlikely summer destination — Greenland. Holland, principal investigator of NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Sea-level Change, works to understand how marine-based ice sheets will contribute to rising sea levels in an age of global climate change. Greenland, which is home to a massive glacier, is a critical site for the Center's work. Check out the photos below from a recent trip to this giant island of the north.

  45. A Summer of Code

    By Dirichi Ike-Njoku, NYUAD Class of 2016

    I didn't quite indulge myself the opportunity to explore Abu Dhabi over the summer, relieved of the weight of courses, exams, and assignments, so much as I immersed myself in the blue-hued development environment that is the trademark of the Arduino software.

  46. Introducing NOMADD, a Solution for Solar Energy

    Introducing NOMADD, a Solution for Solar Energy

    By Abdullah Mahomed, NYUAD Class of 2016

    Saudi Arabia may not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks about the world of scholarship and academia. However, this past summer I was amazed to find a fully fledged research institution that existed so close to my home in Jeddah. Allegedly with the largest endowment fund in the world after Harvard and Yale, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) boasts some of the most sophisticated research facilities in the world, renowned faculty, and students from around the globe.

  47. On Assignment in Detroit

    On Assignment in Detroit

    By Zoe Hu, NYUAD Class of 2016

    Before this summer, my perception of a journalism internship involved visions of frenzied fact checking, fielding grunt work, and abusing the office coffee machine. While my time in Michigan as an intern at HOUR Detroit magazine certainly did demand the occasional bout of caffeine-addled editing, I also had the fortunate opportunity to venture out of the office and explore Detroit on the publication's behalf.

  48. An Artist's Life in Hungary

    An Artist's Life in Hungary

    NYU Abu Dhabi alumnus Máté Bede-Fazekas (Class of 2014) is making a feature-length documentary that explores the life and career of his father, a famous Hungarian opera singer. The film is concerned with the way political shifts in a country can affect the personal lives and careers of its citizens.

  49. Cosmic Relations and Dark Matter

    Cosmic Relations and Dark Matter

    Through their observations of the sky, astrophysicists try to determine the distance of cosmic objects like stars and galaxies from Earth and the relationship of these objects to one another. But the task is not always easy. Viewed in a 2D image created by a telescope, stars may look close together because they overlap in the image, when in fact they exist at great distances from each other in space.

  50. Observations of Ramadan from Ethiopia, Part One

    Observations of Ramadan from Ethiopia, Part One

    At the close of the academic year, many NYU Abu Dhabi students return to their home countries to spend time with their families and friends. For this two-part summer series, Salaam asked two students to share their Ramadan experiences from Ethiopia. First up, Hidaya Ibrahim...

  51. Using Chemistry to Create Smart Materials

    Using Chemistry to Create Smart Materials

    NYU Abu Dhabi rising senior Selbi Nuryyeva (Class of 2015), from Turkmenistan, is a busy undergraduate with a packed schedule. For two years, she has spent summers and semesters as a research assistant intern in both Abu Dhabi and New York, and has published two papers and presented her work at international conferences. "Research is important because no matter how thick the textbooks are, there is still a huge chunk of science that remains unknown and undiscovered," Nuryyeva said.

  52. Remembering Chile's Past

    Although NYU Abu Dhabi rising senior Nikolai Kozak (NYUAD '15) did not live through the dictatorship of Chile's Augusto Pinochet, the topic is not foreign to him — he grew up watching his father spend a big part of his life helping to free political prisoners in Chile.

  53. Go Netherlands Go!

    By Roberto Lescrauwaet, NYUAD Class of 2017

    My home is Ecuador. There is no doubt about that. I was brought up in an Ecuadorian home, went to an Ecuadorian school, and I love Ecuadorian food. To a great extent, my character is defined by Latino values. Yet, I do display certain cultural traits passed on subconsciously by my father — a very pragmatic and chill Dutchman.

  54. Using Economic Games to Improve Instruction

    Can a teacher's performance on an economic game help researchers to understand how she will perform in the classroom? Petrus Bosa Layarda (NYUAD '15), who is majoring in economics, spent last summer working on a project that aims to answer this question. The project is sponsored by Ras Al Khaimah's Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research, and is led by NYUAD Assistant Professor of Economics Chetan Dave.

  55. A Varied Landscape of Humanities Research

    A Varied Landscape of Humanities Research

    A detailed history of OPEC, the complexities of land ownership in Kenya, and ethical positions of sonic practices and performance in Morocco — three areas of study being investigated by the first recipients of the NYU Abu Dhabi Humanities Research Fellowship Program — appear to be as far ranging as it gets. In a way, this is precisely the point. The program was established with the aim to create a rich and varied research landscape for the humanities at NYUAD, and to help establish a vibrant intellectual community, fed by and invigorated by research.

  56. Lightweight Cement Syntactic Forms

    The summer following Joseph Juma's (NYUAD '14) junior year was a busy one. During his semester abroad at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering in New York, he was engrossed in a project on lightweight cement that contains styrofoam balls and worked under the tutelage of Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Nikhil Gupta.

  57. First Prize for NYUAD Senior in UAE Undergraduate Student Research Competition

    At the end of NYU Abu Dhabi's spring semester, senior Haoran Liang had a packed schedule. In addition to sitting exams, preparing for graduation, and packing his bags for summer, he also competed in the Second United Arab Emirates Undergraduate Student Research Competition, held on May 22 at Abu Dhabi University under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the UAE's Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. More than 530 students from 21 universities in the UAE participated, presenting research projects in six categories: Arts and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Information Technology, and Natural and Health Sciences. It was in this latter category that Liang took first place.

  58. interpreter2

    Engineering Capstone Project Aims to Assist the Hearing Impaired

    For coverage of NYU Abu Dhabi's Engineering Capstone Festival, we focus on senior Tamas Aujeszky's Arabic sign language interpreter. With more than 120 million hearing-impaired people worldwide, the idea was born when Aujeszky realized that many of these individuals are hindered in their ability to communicate with hearing people. Salaam spoke with Aujeszky about the project earlier this month.

  59. NYUAD Kicks Off Inaugural Capstone Festivals

    NYUAD Kicks Off Inaugural Capstone Festivals

    In order to graduate, each NYU Abu Dhabi senior must complete a Capstone project in their major field or multidisciplinary concentration. In addition to combining talents developed during their four years at the University, the Capstone experience allows students to demonstrate their breadth of knowledge — which was showcased in early May at NYUAD's series of inaugural Capstone Festivals.

    In the coming weeks, Salaam will publish a series of posts covering many of the Capstone Festival activities.

  60. A Weekend with the Green Sheikh of Ajman

    A Weekend with the Green Sheikh of Ajman

    When NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Hee Eun Kwon signed up for the Breakthrough with the Green Sheikh program earlier this semester, she didn’t know what to expect. "I applied because although I had lived in Dubai for the past 12 years, I went to a school with a very international population," Kwon said. "I was excited for the opportunity to bond with the people who live here, see their lifestyles and their homes, and form a relationship with a sheikh, which is not that common!"

  61. Spring Semester Success for Model UN

    Spring Semester Success for Model UN

    Spring 2014 has been a successful semester for the NYU Abu Dhabi students taking part in the University's Model UN. A student-run initiative, Model UN allows students to research current events, propose legislation, and debate policy with their peers in a style similar to that of the United Nations. So far this term, the NYUAD team has attended two conferences and accumulated a number of impressive achievements.

  62. CEO Challenge Win for NYUAD Students

    CEO Challenge Win for NYUAD Students

    In late March, four NYU Abu Dhabi seniors — Muhammad Awais Islam, Haoran Liang, Vivek Mukherjee, and Hyun Kyung Park — were announced as the winners of the P&G CEO Challenge. The team competed in four elimination rounds of exciting case study challenges against university students across the region, from the UAE, Bahrain, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

  63. Innovative Solution for Communicating Emotions Wins Top Prize

    Innovative Solution for Communicating Emotions Wins Top Prize

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) patients often have difficulty communicating emotions to their caregivers, and these bottled up feelings can lead to exploding tantrums, especially in children. Researchers have for years sought ways to help ASD sufferers connect with the world. Last week, a team of NYUAD students contributed to these efforts with a novel, high-tech solution.

  64.  Thinking Arabic at NYU Abu Dhabi's Neuroscience of Language Lab

    Thinking Arabic at NYU Abu Dhabi's Neuroscience of Language Lab

    Meera Al Kaabi is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in linguistics at NYU New York, but her path to a doctoral degree started right here in the UAE. This spring, she is back in Abu Dhabi to conduct research on Emirati Arabic speakers at NYU Abu Dhabi's Neuroscience of Language Lab.

  65. Building a Brand for an Abu Dhabi Institution

    Building a Brand for an Abu Dhabi Institution

    When NYU Abu Dhabi visual arts professor Goffredo Puccetti, and colleague Jim Savio, a University writing professor, first volunteered at an Abu Dhabi day school for students with special needs three years ago, the visual arts professor saw an opportunity. The Ability Center was doing amazing work and gaining respect in the community for its efforts. But a lack of visual identity had limited the center's ability to share its story and engage with supporters.  

  66. Three-Day Display of Cutting-Edge Research at NYUAD

    Three-Day Display of Cutting-Edge Research at NYUAD

    Gamma ray spiders from outer space. Android apps that survey farms. Collaborations between human and non-human animals. The first annual NYU Abu Dhabi Research Conference showcased the diversity of academic work that is happening at the University by bringing together over 110 students and faculty from the Abu Dhabi and New York campuses. The three-day event featured talks, musical performances, and poster presentations.

  67. Creative Solution Inspired by the Namib Desert Beetle

    Creative Solution Inspired by the Namib Desert Beetle

    What can an industrious beetle that is found in some of most arid parts of Africa teach the Middle East about solar power? According to a trio of NYU Abu Dhabi students who have taken second place in the Siemens Student Award Competition, plenty.

  68. J-Term Students Share Lessons from Nepal, Florence, to Zanzibar

    With the spring 2014 semester in full swing, memories of studies just completed are fading fast. But before we close the book on J-Term 2014, three more NYU Abu Dhabi students share their experiences from this immersive educational month. From studying insurgencies in Nepal, exploring the rich history of Florence, to understanding heritage in Zanzibar, we take one more journey back to January with the students who were there.

  69. NYUAD Students and Staff Race through Canyon at 22nd Wadi Bih Run

    More than 50 NYU Abu Dhabi students participated in a team relay race in the scenic Hajar mountains in Oman on February 7. The 22nd annual Salomon Wadi Bih Run kicked off from a beach just over the border of Oman's Musandam exclave. The out-and-back route followed asphalt and packed gravel roads through a rocky canyon, ascending a total of 1,000 meters over 36 kilometers before returning. Teams of five completed the 72-kilometer distance by alternating runners at checkpoints located every few kilometers: as one runner started a leg, a support vehicle drove the rest of the team ahead to the next checkpoint.

  70. History, Energy, Politics, and Partnership in Historic Visit to Saudi Arabia

    History, Energy, Politics, and Partnership in Historic Visit to Saudi Arabia

    By Toma Pavlov, NYUAD Class of 2017

    Last month, NYU Abu Dhabi saw its first batch of January Term students travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and I was one of the lucky participants. This chance to visit Saudi Arabia was made possible thanks to the collaboration between NYUAD and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, in Dhahran. And although we had only two brief days there, our group gained first hand experience into how the global oil and gas industry functions, and what the future of development in this industry may be.

  71. Senior Wins Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award for Installation Art Project

    When tasked with creating an alphabet for a design class, senior Erin Meekhof began by researching the origins of alphabets that already exist. She was surprised to find that two superficially dissimilar ones, Latin and Arabic, share a common root, and decided to explore the connection through art.

  72. Old Buildings of Abu Dhabi Offer Students a Window to the Past

    Old Buildings of Abu Dhabi Offer Students a Window to the Past

    By Sherina Al Sowaidi, NYUAD Class of 2017

    When first-time visitors cast an eye over the modern skyline of Abu Dhabi today, few will know the history that brought this capital to where it is. The stories that the city's oldest buildings hold are often an afterthought, and the history and identity of old structures that stood before the discovery of oil are overshadowed by the gleaming glass and marble of modern skyscrapers.

  73. NYU Abu Dhabi Students One Step Closer to Hult's Top Prize

    NYU Abu Dhabi Students One Step Closer to Hult's Top Prize

    Three student teams from NYU Abu Dhabi have successfully moved on to the regional finals of the Hult Prize: two teams will be competing in Dubai, and the other in London

  74. Immersing In Local Culture for J-Term

    By Maverick Alzate, NYUAD Class of 2016

    This January, NYU Abu Dhabi students took courses in Abu Dhabi but also hit the road. Enrolled in just one course for three weeks, they immersed themselves in the subjects at hand, gaining real-world perspective in what they’d studied in the classroom.

  75. UAE Energy Minister Discusses Sustainability at NYU Abu Dhabi

    UAE Energy Minister Discusses Sustainability at NYU Abu Dhabi

    Roughly 50 NYU Abu Dhabi students started the first week of their J-Term semester with a conversation with the UAE Minister of Energy H.E. Eng. Suhail M. Al Mazrouei. A first for the University, His Excellency addressed students at the NYUAD Downtown Campus and spoke at length about the UAE’s commitment to investing in nuclear, natural gas, and renewable energy in order to develop sustainable energy sources and to minimize the country’s carbon footprint.

  76. Arabian Nights are Full of Stories for Group of NYUAD Students

    Arabian Nights are Full of Stories for Group of NYUAD Students

    In the Arabic folkloric epic 1001 Nights, heroine Shahrzad is condemned to death by the mad king Shahryar. Shahrzad’s skillful storytelling saves her life. Every night, she entertains Shahryar with part of a tale. In his eagerness to hear the rest, he delays her execution nightly and eventually spares her altogether.

  77. Top Honors for NYU School of Engineering and NYUAD Researchers at Computer Security Conference

    Top Honors for NYU School of Engineering and NYUAD Researchers at Computer Security Conference

    Researchers from NYU School of Engineering and NYU Abu Dhabi won the award for the Best Student Paper at last month’s Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Computer and Communications Security, one of the world's top computer security conferences.

  78. NYUAD Students Teach Local Kids about Science at Abu Dhabi Science Festival

    NYUAD Students Teach Local Kids about Science at Abu Dhabi Science Festival

    Students from NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and other local universities recently brought a little bit of winter spirit to sunny Abu Dhabi.

  79. NYUAD Students Participate in Global Internships, Part One

    NYUAD Students Participate in Global Internships, Part One

    Over the past few weeks, Salaam has shared the summer experiences of a few NYU Abu Dhabi students who submitted posts on their internships, research projects, and artistic endeavors. We caught up with a few others to find out where on the globe their summer opportunities took them and what they entailed. From Addis Ababa to Santiago, NYUAD students dabbled in professions such as programming and international law, and learned a few things along the way.

  80. NYUAD Junior Explores Future of Surveillance During CSE Internship

    NYUAD Junior Explores Future of Surveillance During CSE Internship

    By Umair Saad, NYUAD Class of 2015

    At the end of NYU Abu Dhabi's spring 2013 semester, after the most academically and personally demanding term of my undergraduate career came to a close, I had but two days to relax before my summer engineering classes began. The courses — Computer Systems Programming and Advanced Digital Logic — engaged me like no others. I was interested in the things I was being taught and enjoyed exploring the topics. I wanted to know the boundaries of the concepts.

  81. SAP-Pakistan

    NYUAD Senior Experiences Working in the Development Field During SAP-Pakistan Internship

    By Neelgoon Safdar, NYUAD Class of 2014

    Summer was approaching and, like my fellow NYU Abu Dhabi juniors, I was eager to secure an internship. Just weeks later I found myself in Lahore, Pakistan, standing in front of the national office of South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-Pakistan), a civil society organization focused on human rights and committed to solving development issues through village-level empowerment and mobilization. Working in the development field is exactly what I want to do after graduating from NYUAD, so I was excited for the opportunity of a test run!

  82. NYUAD Senior Learns Ins and Outs of Aerospace Industry During Internship at Boeing

    NYUAD Senior Learns Ins and Outs of Aerospace Industry During Internship at Boeing

    By Rafael Scharan, NYUAD Class of 2014

    Despite reservations about the desert heat, I remained at NYU Abu Dhabi for June of this past summer to take Polarization, a course that explored the phenomenon and social and economic consequences of polarization among people in the world along ethnic, linguistic, religious, political, and geographic lines.

  83. NYUAD Sophomore's NYC Internships Deliver Summer of Art and Inspiration

    NYUAD Sophomore's NYC Internships Deliver Summer of Art and Inspiration

    By Megan Vincent, NYUAD Class of 2016

    I'm continuously surprised by how drastically my life has changed since my admission to NYU Abu Dhabi. If you had asked me last year what my university summers would consist of, I'd never have guessed they'd include interning in New York for several arts institutions. I'm perpetually inspired by the way life curves.

  84. NYUAD Junior Continues Chemistry Research During CSE Internship

    NYUAD Junior Continues Chemistry Research During CSE Internship

    By Selbi Nuryyeva, NYUAD Class of 2015

    When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a "mad scientist" like the ones in the cartoons, making loud and colorful experiments, inventing machines, or finding a cure to a disease that would be of benefit to the entire world.

  85. NYUAD Senior Addresses Energy Solutions During Dubai Carbon Internship

    By Dmitriy Tretyakov, NYUAD Class of 2014

    In January 2012 the UAE officially adopted a sustainability vision and "Reduce your Carbon Footprint" became a corporate motto. Today, both public and private sectors are collaboratively fighting against the old-fashioned habits of energy consumerism in their goal to decrease the UAE's carbon emission per capita, which is among the highest in the world.

  86. NYUAD Senior Gains Strategic Insight During Wolff Olins Internship

    NYUAD Senior Gains Strategic Insight During Wolff Olins Internship

    By Besiki Turazashvili, NYUAD Class of 2014

    I started looking for summer internship opportunities in February when I was studying abroad in New York. At that point I was interning at the British fashion house Stella McCartney as a marketing associate and thinking about continuing there during the summer. I was also offered a position at Gucci in New York, which was very attractive to me. But after contemplating my options, I realized that I wanted something new, fresh, and more suitable for my skills and interests.

  87. US Department of Defense Internship Allows NYUAD Junior to Turn the Tides

    US Department of Defense Internship Allows NYUAD Junior to Turn the Tides

    By Lan Duong, NYUAD Class of 2015

    A research internship at the US Department of Defense provides the opportunity to work at the intersection of worlds — non-profit and for-profit, civilian and military, informal and formal — where the subject matter does not always fall into clear subject categories in the way that university curricula does. Yet sometimes, it is precisely these types of experiences that help us learn in ways classrooms never do.

  88. 2013-06-17 14.34.18

    Understanding Oceanography on a Research Expedition to Greenland

    By Tina Skorjanc, NYUAD Class of 2015

    As I made my way to the Abu Dhabi airport, I could not believe it had been more than four months since my interview with New York University Abu Dhabi Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics Carl Gladish.

  89. ABC's of Accounting Learned on a Stage in Dubai

    By Dirichi Ike-Njoku, Class of 2016

    A late afternoon session at the Radisson Royal Hotel, sufficiently sheltered from the UAE's summer heat, witnessed one of my first encounters with management accounting of the theoretic sort. I had no idea that complex accounting principles, when mixed with a healthy dose of competitive spirit, could be so rewarding.

  90. NYUAD Sophomore Wins 2013 Student Design Challenge Visual Communication Contest

    NYUAD Sophomore Wins 2013 Student Design Challenge Visual Communication Contest

    Street vending is not something you see much of in Abu Dhabi, but it was nevertheless the theme of the 2013 Student Design Challenge, whose visual communication contest was recently won by NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Arfa Rehman. Responding to the topic with an informative motion graphic, she explored street vending by conducting fieldwork in the capital, engaging with vendors to learn first-hand the ins and outs of their industry.

  91. NYUAD Freshman Wins Abu Dhabi Festival Visual Arts Award 2013

    NYUAD Freshman Wins Abu Dhabi Festival Visual Arts Award 2013

    For NYU Abu Dhabi freshman Shakhbout Al Kaabi, an unexpected call during finals week delivered some very good news. He had won the Abu Dhabi Festival Visual Arts Award 2013. Launched this year as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival — a four-week-long celebration of music and visual and performing arts — the award recognizes an Emirati undergraduate student or emerging artist who demonstrates outstanding creativity in an original piece of work. Al Kaabi was one of more than 160 students to enter the competition.

  92. NYUAD Junior Receives Award for Creativity in Computer Science

    NYU Abu Dhabi junior Juan Felipe Beltrán has received the Max Goldstein Prize for Creativity in Computer Science, an award given each year to a New York University undergraduate who has used computing to creatively enhance the academic, cultural, or social life of the NYU community. "I am very humbled by being recognized," Beltrán said. "It pushes me to work much harder in the future."

  93. penspire-graphic-big

    Communicating Emotion in an Unconventional Way

    "It started with a pen," said NYU Abu Dhabi student Abdelrazak Al-Sharif (Class of 2014), who, along with classmate Mohammed Omar, has filed for a patent for a product they created in Design and Innovation, an engineering foundations course taught by NYUAD Associate Dean of Engineering Ramesh Jagannathan.

  94. NYUAD and NYUNY Students Awarded US State Department Critical Language Scholarships

    Congratulations to NYU Abu Dhabi junior Caroline Manela and NYU New York senior Chris Fanikos (currently an NYUAD Resident Advisor) who have each been awarded a US State Department Critical Language Scholarship (CLS). They will spend their coming summers in the Moroccan cities of Meknes and Rabat, respectively, for intensive Arabic language study.

  95. NYUAD Sophomore Hosted In Germany By Renowned Artist Christo

    NYUAD Sophomore Hosted in Germany by Renowned Artist Christo

    Late last month, after the Christo Award finalists were announced and the winning artwork had made its way from NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus to the Maraya Art Park in Sharjah, NYUAD sophomore Nikolai Kozak — the recipient of an Honorable Award — travelled to Oberhausen, Germany, at the request of Christo himself. There, he spent a weekend with the renowned artist, attending events and activities centered around Christo's latest installation, the Big Air Package. Salaam recently caught up with Kozak to discuss the Christo Award and his art-filled weekend in Germany.

  96. NYUAD Public Health Program Hosts Trip to Ethiopia

    NYUAD Public Health Program Hosts Trip to Ethiopia

    For five itinerary-packed days during spring break, 11 NYU Abu Dhabi students explored the topic of public health on location in Ethiopia. The third installment of the University's Public Health Program, the trip included hospital visits, workshops, volunteer work, and the exploration of Ethiopian culture.

  97. NYUAD Students Discuss Public Economics on Spring Break in Sri Lanka

    NYUAD Students Discuss Public Economics on Spring Break in Sri Lanka

    As the country's burgeoning tourism industry would suggest, Sri Lanka is renowned for its rich natural beauty, spiritual life, and tropical beaches. But when NYU New York senior Nina Bayatti visited the country during a four-day spring break trip for her NYU Abu Dhabi Public Economics class with NYUNY Professor of Politics Rebecca Morton — one of two University trips to Sri Lanka during spring break — she found that meeting locals, national leaders, and workers in the national education sector proved to be the true academic highlight of her trip.

  98. NYUAD Students Experience Political Science Firsthand in Nepal

    NYUAD Students Experience Political Science Firsthand in Nepal

    Late last month, during NYU Abu Dhabi's spring break, the University's Introduction to Political Science students travelled with Jeff Jensen, NYUAD visiting assistant professor of Political Science, to Kathmandu, Nepal, a country with currently no functioning government. During their two-day study trip, students had the special opportunity to listen to presentations given by experts in the field of politics, including Nepali Times editor Kunda Dixit and professors Anil Chitrakar, Krishna Bhattachan, C.K. Lal, and Makunda Aryal. Chitrakar and Aryal led the members of the class on a tour of Kathmandu, during which they visited Buddhist and Hindu temples, small neighborhoods, and rural villages.

  99. NYUAD Team Wins Resolution Fellowship During Clinton Global Initiative University

    NYUAD Team Wins Resolution Fellowship During Clinton Global Initiative University

    Addressing an issue near and very dear to their hearts, NYU Abu Dhabi junior Clive Miranda and freshman Mohamed Amine Belarbi recently participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) 2013, held earlier this month at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Their proposal was not only keenly heard by a distinguished audience of leading professionals, renowned global figures, and future leaders, but also awarded a Resolution Fellowship in The Resolution Project's Social Venture Challenge — run in conjunction with CGIU — which was designed to support student-launched social ventures that are sustainable and have measurable impact.

  100. DSC00877

    Illuminating Rural Africa

    For the NYU Abu Dhabi team competing in the 2012 Hult Global Case Challenge, the proverb "two heads are better than one" could only have rung more truly if "two" was replaced by "five." Indeed, bringing together five individuals, with five very different perspectives, to come up with actionable solutions to the global poverty crisis led to the team's eventual success. The world's largest crowd-sourcing platform for social good, the Challenge was created to foster innovative ideas and solutions to global social issues. This year, thousands of students from 130 countries formed four- or five-person teams, each posed with tackling problems in one of three tracks: Energy, Education, or Housing.

  101. Work of NYUAD Student Recognized by Visual Arabia

    Work of NYUAD Sophomore Recognized by Visual Arabia

    Before coming to NYU Abu Dhabi, sophomore Arfa Rehman had no plans whatsoever to study visual arts. Now, she's a designer with burgeoning talent whose work is featured in Visual Arabia's First Design Yearbook among selections from artists, designers, and media professionals worldwide. Hers is the only undergraduate student work presented in the book.

  102. NYUAD Juniors Present Musical Rhythm Analysis at ICPRAM

    NYUAD Juniors Present Musical Rhythm Analysis at ICPRAM

    For NYU Abu Dhabi junior Juan Felipe Beltran, presenting at the 2013 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM) in Barcelona last month provided a glimpse into a possible post-NYUAD academic path. As the Computer Science major said, "While still determining my future career, doing research in different fields is definitely giving me the information I need to slowly narrow it down. At the moment, machine learning and pattern recognition does seem like a fantastic and rich field to work in."

  103. NYUAD Team Wins Hult Global Case Challenge

    Last night, at the New York Public Library in New York City, an international team of NYU Abu Dhabi sophomores — Madhav Vaidyanathan (India), Songyishu Yang (China), Muhammad Awais Islam (Pakistan), and Gary Chien (Taiwan) — along with NYU alumnus Neil Parmar (Canada), took home first place in the energy track at the Hult Global Case Challenge for their plan to provide solar lighting to one million homes in Africa by 2013.

  104. NYUAD Short Film Selected for Zayed University Middle East Student Film Festival

    For NYUAD's Weichen Zhu, a freshman film and economics major, and his roommate, freshman Umair Saad, the decision to submit their short film The Blessing for consideration in the Zayed University Middle East Student Film Festival (ZUMEFF) happened "purely by chance" after Zhu walked into the University's technology room and heard from some friends about the opportunity. The submission deadline was only three days away, but Zhu, who happened to be carrying with him the unfinished cut of a project from his Sound, Image, and Story class, took on the challenge. He spent one night completing his film shooting, and then holed himself up in the technology room for two days to edit the footage, even having friends bring him food to avoid interruption. They mailed in the finished version of the short film just three hours before the submission deadline.

  105. NYUAD Professor Establishes Regional Collaborative Workshop on Women in Computing in the Arab World

    Guest Post: Esther Olayiwola, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    The first conference in the region to focus on the unique needs and issues of women in computing, Women in Computing in the Arab World, a regional collaborative workshop, was recently held at NYUAD. Founded by Sana Odeh, NYUAD's clinical associate professor of computer science, the two-day conference aimed to "provide an opportunity for prominent regional and international women in computer science to come together to exchange ideas for research and innovation in computing, to discuss opportunities for collaboration throughout the region (and world), to figure out strategies to increase female enrollment in computer science, to explore the role of women in tech start-ups, and to talk about positive trends as well as difficulties in the field," Odeh said.

  106. hult-team-advance

    NYUAD Team Advances to Finals in Hult Global Case Challenge

    Hundreds of students recently converged in five cities around the world to tackle this year's Hult Global Case Challenge. Arriving in Boston, Dubai, London, San Francisco, and Shanghai, they presented their solutions to global poverty through education, energy, and housing. The NYUAD team, which was up against 15 other institutions participating in the Dubai energy track, came out on top and will now advance to the finals in New York City in April. There, the team will compete against the other regional finalists (the winning teams from each track per location), presenting their proposals to a panel of international business leaders, after which one team from each track will be chosen as the Global Winner.

  107. NYUAD Team Wins Third Place at International Hackathon

    Congratulations to NYUAD sophomores Katy Blumer, Alice Tessen, and Nishant Mohanchandra, who, along with Ali Taqi and Halim Lagrid from the American University of Kuwait, won third place in the NYUAD International Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World.

  108. Take a Ride Down "Electra Street"

    NYUAD recently unveiled its newest publication, Electra Street, an arts and humanities journal coordinated by Cyrus Patell, associate dean of Humanities for NYUAD and associate professor of English at NYU. According to the website, the mission of the journal is to provide "a forum for journeys undertaken by today's academics and artists as they navigate the region and the globe, including the cities that host NYU's global network such as Accra, Paris, London, New York, and Shanghai."

  109. Fifth Place for the Purple Flash

    It wasn't quite a photo finish, but it was really close. Crossing the finish line with a time of 31.12 seconds, NYUAD's pedal car team (AKA the Purple Flash) came in fifth out of 17 teams at Corniche Beach Customs, a competition to create the best F1 pedal car in both speed and design.

  110. F1 Workshops Fuel Career Aspirations of Local Students

    F1 Workshops Fuel Career Aspirations of Local Students

    There's nothing like a series of Formula One workshops to get students rethinking their majors. Of the more than 600 UAE university students who recently attended the Mastering Motorsport workshops at the Yas Marina Circuit — nine of whom were from NYUAD — there are more than likely a few now re-evaluating their career paths.
  111. Students Collaborate on ADFF 2010 Videos

    The students from the two universities partnered in small teams to create a series of short videos on the festival from a student's perspective. The students participated in production workshops with the two professors and Dan Carbone, NYUAD instructor of the Arts, and even had the opportunity to solicit feedback from NYUAD Associate Dean of the Arts Mo Ogrodnik, who conceived the initiative with the ADFF.

  112. Pedal to the Metal

    If you think the droves of people heading to Abu Dhabi in November want nothing more than the thrill of high-performance machines jockeying for first on hairpin curves, think again. On November 7, university teams from around the UAE will take to the track to pedal their way to victory. Yes, you read correctly. This year, Formula One madness will be kicked off by other rather unconventional feats of engineering in the form of twenty fully customized precision pedal cars.

  113. A Class Apart

    "The experiment has begun," wrote Ed Lake, deputy editor of The National's Review section, in his September 24 cover story, "NYU Abu Dhabi — A Class Apart." Having spent time on the NYUAD campus — speaking with faculty, catching up with the students, enjoying a Marhaba Week iftar, and experiencing the air of excitement during the first week of classes — Lake got a feel for what the University aims to accomplish.
  114. 2010-2011 Sheikh Mohamed Scholars Announced

    Just 10 days after unveiling NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014, NYUAD has announced the selection of the 2010-11 class of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars. Diane Yu, executive director of the Scholars Program, explains: The Sheikh Mohamed Scholars represent the best and the brightest of the UAE's students; they are intelligent, driven, and passionate individuals who are eager to develop into the future leaders of their country. NYU Abu Dhabi is looking forward to taking these outstanding students on a journey of intellectual challenge, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

  115. Top UAE Students Experience Life and Learning in NYC, DC

    Though NYU Abu Dhabi is positioned at the hemispheric crossroads of the globe, the University's Washington Square campus became the intersection of two worlds in January, hosting a group of the most accomplished university students at the three national universities in the UAE who are in the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program.