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  1. 20161020-tanzania-istock

    Resident Expert: Unexpected Causes of Slow Economic Development

    NYU Abu Dhabi Global Professor of Economics François Bourguignon, who was the chief economist of the World Bank from 2003-07, has spent decades studying the benefits and sources of equality of incomes – and the roadblocks to it. Bourguignon, one of the planet's leading experts on the subject, has launched a huge study of how institutions – political, social, and otherwise – can alter a country's income equality level and slow down development.

  2.  From New York to Abu Dhabi: A Program by NYU Filmmakers

    From New York to Abu Dhabi: A Program by NYU Filmmakers

    The annual Abu Dhabi Film Festival is right around the corner. Starting on October 23, participants will attend film screenings and take part in a wide range of special events, including workshops and talks with directors. This year, a special program titled From New York to Abu Dhabi: a program by NYU Filmmakers will feature the films of three NYU community members: Of Many, a documentary short by Linda Mills; Watermark, a narrative short by Gail Segal; and Return to the Sea, a narrative short by Alexis Gambis. Salaam caught up with the three directors to learn more about their films.

  3. Building a Brand for an Abu Dhabi Institution

    Building a Brand for an Abu Dhabi Institution

    When NYU Abu Dhabi visual arts professor Goffredo Puccetti, and colleague Jim Savio, a University writing professor, first volunteered at an Abu Dhabi day school for students with special needs three years ago, the visual arts professor saw an opportunity. The Ability Center was doing amazing work and gaining respect in the community for its efforts. But a lack of visual identity had limited the center's ability to share its story and engage with supporters.