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  1. Internship Mixes Computer Science and Economics to Help Boost Development in Ghana

    Students from around the NYU global network get a unique opportunity each year to participate in an internship in Kumawu, a small town in Ghana, where they work with the local population on technology to help improve their lives and livelihoods. The internship is organized by the Center for Technology and Economic Development (CTED) at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  2. 20170924-coral-reef-04

    Fish Food

    Climate change is altering the ecology of the world's coral reefs and, in turn, affecting fish feeding behaviors and food availability for millions of fish that rely on reefs for their main meals.

  3. Chip Can't Be Hacked

    Landmark achievements in IT security are happening at NYU Abu Dhabi. For the first time, researchers developed a computer chip with security implemented at the lowest possible level, the hardware level. "Logic-locked" chips can't be hacked or copied, providing future users with new guarantees of security for their devices.

  4. Coral reef off Abu Dhabi

    How Do Coral Reefs Survive in the Hottest Sea on Earth?

    The Arabian region contains some of the most unique but understudied coral reef ecosystems on Earth. Corals in the Arabian Gulf survive extreme sea temperatures — 36 degrees Celsius or higher in the summer — and are more heat tolerant than any other corals on the planet.

  5. NYU Abu Dhabi is a Hub for Social Science Fieldwork

    NYU Abu Dhabi's unique location in the Middle East makes it an ideal headquarters for social scientists conducting field research in dozens of countries to better understand complex global societies, past and present.

  6. 20170622_NYUAD_Driving_Genius_Course_1

    NYUAD's First Airline Cargo Logistics Course Really Takes Off

    There’s a flurry of activity behind the large glass doors of the Madrid meeting room in Etihad Cargo’s head office in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City. The bright afternoon light streams in through large picture windows as students from New York University’s degree-granting campuses — eight from NYU Abu Dhabi, three from NYU Shanghai, and one from NYU New York— prepare to present interactive applications and product prototypes to senior Etihad Cargo officials.

  7. NYU Abu Dhabi Research Responds to Vital Local and Global Challenges

    NYU Abu Dhabi is pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge for the Middle East region. NYUAD, together with Abu Dhabi, is leading and growing as a global center of groundbreaking intellectual and artistic scholarship for the 21st century.

  8. Bedouin Nabati Poetry in the Arabian Peninsula

    For centuries, Nabati poetry has been a touchstone of identity and tribal values in the Arabian Peninsula.

  9. iStock-108348869

    Experts Test Game Theory On World's Top Tennis Players

    John Wooders, professor of economics at NYU Abu Dhabi, doesn’t play tennis, and as a fan he most enjoys watching his son on the court. But he does have a professional interest in the sport: Wooders has found a way to use the performance of the world’s top tennis players to test game theory.

  10. Scientists Examine Coral Reef Health in the Arabian Gulf

    NYU Abu Dhabi, on Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island, sits only about a kilometer away from a massive coral reef that's trying to survive some of the most extreme environmental conditions in the world.

  11. 20170525-iStock-653900372

    How Smart Cities Can Beat Their Traffic Troubles

    Everybody talks about traffic congestion, and yet it just seems to keep getting worse. But now three NYU Abu Dhabi engineers are laying the groundwork for a new form of data-driven cooperation with police and municipal authorities, designed to move vehicles around the city more efficiently.

  12. 20170525-national-archive-stock-02

    Voices of a Generation

    Two years ago when Ayisha Khansaheb, research assistant at NYU Abu Dhabi, started work on a historic study about the personal histories of elderly women in the UAE she wasn’t quite sure how she would get in touch with her research subjects.

  13. iStock-520222886

    Space Science With Earthly Ties

    Scientists at the Center for Space Science at NYU Abu Dhabi are onto something that seems out of this world: the idea that modern techniques used by astrophysicists to study the inside of the Sun can improve the way geophysicists on Earth image oil and gas reservoirs.

  14. 20170525-iStock-640095788

    Engineering to Protect Coastal Cities

    As climate change raises sea levels, feeding storm surges, coastal cities are increasingly at risk. How can vital transportation networks be protected in such scenarios? NYU Abu Dhabi's Samer Madanat, dean of engineering, is working with researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB), where he once taught, to help answer that question.

  15. 20151108-Classrooms-Music-028

    Rhyme or Reason

    Scholars already know that societies present and past, everywhere in the world, make music and move to music because rhythm is largely biological, it’s simple human nature. But the role of culture in this seemingly universal experience is not yet fine tuned.

  16. zeynep-ozgen-N4A3029

    Research That Starts By Building Trust

    Every kind of scholarly research can be intensely demanding at times, but few disciplines are as immersive as ethnography. Just ask Zeynep Ozgen, assistant professor of social research and public policy at NYU Abu Dhabi. As a political sociologist, Ozgen studies “religious social movements, and the relationship between culture and politics more broadly.”

  17. Daniel-Karell-110

    Research Subjects “more willing to work with me” Because of NYU Abu Dhabi

    Daniel Karell, associate professor of sociology, travels a few times a year to places like Afghanistan and Pakistan to visit historical archives and interview local people about their life experiences.

  18. melina-platas-FG0I8495

    "Fieldwork is essential"

    Melina Platas, assistant professor of political science, spends several months per year conducting research throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Fieldwork, she said, is essential in her line of work to gain first-hand insights about unique social and political processes.

  19. 20170207-morgan-hardy-02

    “Abu Dhabi is an exciting place to be a social scientist"

    Morgan Hardy, assistant professor of economics, spends about one quarter of each year conducting fieldwork in various regions of Ghana. Her primary interest is in development economics, with a topical focus on firms, labor markets, and social networks.

  20. jonathan-andrew-harris-491

    NYUAD an “ideal place for a scholar working in Africa”

    Jonathan Andrew Harris, NYU Abu Dhabi assistant professor of political science, says “being in the field and understanding the day-to-day of my informants helps me build a more complete theoretical picture of governance problems in Kenya.”

  21. 10 Capstone Projects That Prove NYUAD Students Are Global Thinkers

    10 Capstone Projects That Prove NYUAD Students Are Global Thinkers

    NYU Abu Dhabi students come to the UAE from all over the globe with unique perspectives, educational goals, and career aspirations. Capstone projects by the graduating class often reveal how personal experiences can be combined with four years of education in Abu Dhabi to address vital challenges in our increasingly globalized society.

  22. 20170306-NYUAD-Hoarding-20

    NYUAD Student Research Tackles Issues of Real Importance for the UAE

    Over four years of study, many NYU Abu Dhabi students from all over the world become champions of innovation and progress for the UAE, choosing Capstone research that can make a real difference, in the real world around them.

  23. 20141017-graduate-school-weekend-fair-43

    What Kind of Boss is the Best Motivator?

    In many workplaces today, diversity is ubiquitous. NYU Abu Dhabi psychology major Dinara Mukhayarova, Class of 2017, grew up in the UAE has worked in many diverse employee pools as an intern. These workplace experiences, she said, inspired her to pursue Capstone research that explores the relationship between team diversity and employees' willingness to comply with demands from a supervisor.

  24. iStock-666743610

    Student Research Explores Emirati Men's Gendered Experiences of State-Promoted Women's Work in the UAE

    Lauren Clingan, social science major, spent four months tracking down two dozen Emirati men to ask about their gendered experiences of state-promoted women's employment in the UAE.

  25. 20170510-GHANA-FIELDWORK-IMG_0429

    NYU Abu Dhabi is Research “Headquarters” For Improving Life in African Communities

    Yaw Nyarko, professor of economics and native of Ghana, is the director of NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Technology and Economic Development (CTED), a comprehensive research center devoted to the study and application of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that can significantly improve economic growth in developing countries around the world.

  26. Nanoparticle Development Set to Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

    A new nanoparticle developed by scientists of the Trabolsi Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi could change the future of how drug delivery systems are used in the treatment of cancer.

  27. 20170405-iStock-153168975

    How Research in Political Science is Rapidly Evolving

    Experimental research has expanded markedly in political science over the past 30 years.

  28. Startup Central

    Got a great business idea, or some extra cash to support one? Get started on your startup adventure with startAD at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  29. NYUAD Chemist Brings Digital Courseware to Schools in Kenya

    NYUAD Chemist Helps Bring Digital Courseware to Schools in Kenya

    Learning science is about to get a whole lot cooler for hundreds of high school students in Kenya. An international project co-led by an NYU Abu Dhabi chemist will deliver digital education materials such as interactive modules, online simulations, and even virtual chemistry experiments to many classrooms.

  30. Resident Expert Curating Art in the Digital Age

    Resident Expert: Curating Art in the Digital Age

    “Screen media — whether films, television or web series, video games, augmented-reality (AR) apps, and so forth — have important insights to contribute to ongoing discussions in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.”

  31. Massive Study Aims to Understand Rising Rates of Disease Among UAE Nationals

    The UAE has one of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in the world but the reasons for this are unclear. Until now, there have been no studies done in the UAE that can provide reliable answers as to why these diseases are so common in UAE Nationals.

  32. Who Am I? The Fascinating Science of Self-Identity

    Who Am I? The Fascinating Science of Self-Identity

    One of the main ways individuals come to understand their lives — and their identity — is through the creation of personal narratives.

  33. iStock-624020598

    Chemists Use Superabsorbent, Reusable Powder to Remove Oil From Water

    Efficient removal of contaminants like oil and toxic dyes from water sources is an issue of global importance. Oil spills can be devastating to both the environment and the economy because cleanup is costly and damage to the ecosystem is sometimes irreparable.

  34. Statue of Socrates, Athens, Greece

    Resident Expert on Philosophy: Like Math, But With Words

    Gabriel Oak Rabin, assistant professor of philosophy, is interested in the relationship between the mind and the body, and their relations to consciousness. In this Q&A, he talks about the discipline of philosophy, some of the questions philosophers address, and ways that consciousness can (or can’t) be explained.

  35. NYU Abu Dhabi's Universe of Virtual Galaxies

    At first glance, it’s almost like staring at a desktop screensaver: seemingly random bursts of color pulsate and sway on screen, as points of light spin, collide, and explode. But this is no screensaver. It's the simulated birth and evolution of a virtual galaxy — billions of years of space activity condensed into 120 seconds — created on a supercomputer by scientists at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  36. New Climate Model Captures Key Features of Central Pacific El Nino

    New Climate Model Captures Key Features of Central Pacific El Niño

    Scientists working at NYU Abu Dhabi have developed a sophisticated new theoretical model that may lead to more timely, accurate forecasts of the central Pacific El Niño (CP El Niño), an important global weather-maker.

  37. 20161117-star-shapes-900x600

    Sizing up a Distant Star With Astonishing Precision

    The science of figuring out what stars are actually shaped like has taken a giant leap forward.

  38. Littering Experiment Challenges Popular Theory on Bystander Intervention

    Littering Experiment Challenges Popular Theory on Bystander Intervention

    What would you do if you saw a stranger disregarding common rules of conduct in society like talking on a mobile phone during a movie or littering in public? Would you confront them? Call them out to deter them from doing it again? Or just let it slide?

  39. Abu Dhabi Students Launch Math Education Program in Uganda

    Abu Dhabi Students Launch Math Education Program in Uganda

    Three students from NYU Abu Dhabi — one senior and two alumnae — have launched an education program in Africa designed to get resource-strapped teachers and students excited about mathematics.

  40. Smoking shisha at home puts non-smokers at risk, researchers warn

    Smoking Shisha at Home Puts Non-Smokers at Risk, Researchers Warn

    Shisha smokers have another reason to huff and puff. A new study by the NYU Abu Dhabi Public Health Research Center has revealed that secondhand smoke from shisha is more harmful than secondhand smoke from cigarettes. Their findings are based on data collected from smokers’ homes in the UAE.

  41. 20161020-tanzania-istock

    Resident Expert: Unexpected Causes of Slow Economic Development

    NYU Abu Dhabi Global Professor of Economics François Bourguignon, who was the chief economist of the World Bank from 2003-07, has spent decades studying the benefits and sources of equality of incomes – and the roadblocks to it. Bourguignon, one of the planet's leading experts on the subject, has launched a huge study of how institutions – political, social, and otherwise – can alter a country's income equality level and slow down development.

  42. The Conversation: The Unpredictability of the US Election 2016

    Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, professor of political science at UAE University and the chairman of the Arab Council for Social Sciences, chats with Adam Ramey, professor of political science at NYU Abu Dhabi, about the upcoming US presidential elections, and compares how Donald Trump or Senator Hillary Clinton would be received by Middle Eastern leaders if elected to become president of the United States in November.

  43. NYUAD Students to Build Eco-Home Ideal for Rural UAE Living

    NYUAD Students to Build Eco-Home Ideal for Rural UAE Living

    NYU Abu Dhabi students will design and construct a solar-powered, high-efficiency home on campus as part of a regional competition to create sustainable homes for people who live in the UAE's non-urban areas.

  44. 20160926-self-healing-crystal-putty

    Chemists Develop “Breakthrough” Crystal That Can Self-Repair Overnight

    Imagine a future where buildings and roads can self-repair cracks; cogs installed deep inside complex machines can independently heal structural wear and tear; smartphones can automatically mend their broken screens; all without human intervention.

  45. 20140415-Abu-Dhabi-Life-004

    Finding Culturally Sensitive Ways to Study Social Behavior in the Middle East

    Designing meaningful experiments is a familiar challenge for scientists. In the fast-growing field of experimental social science, however, researchers may encounter difficulties quite different from those facing white-coated laboratory investigators.

  46. 2016-Research-iStock-503248386

    Resident Expert: How Oceans Are Helping Us Predict Future Weather

    Shafer Smith and other scientists at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Prototype Climate Modeling are developing sophisticated computer models to help improve climate prediction and bring more certainty to what the Earth's weather will look like in the future. Smith, associate professor of mathematics, focuses on variables in our oceans and the significant role that oceans play in global climate change.

  47. Specialized Lab Aims to Advance Liver Disease Research

    Specialized Lab Aims to Advance Liver Disease Research

    Kirsten Sadler Edepli, associate professor of biology, says NYU Abu Dhabi's "beautiful genomics center" is vital to the promising liver research projects she will be pursuing on campus.

  48. US Election 2016

    Voter Anger May Cloud Judgment on Key Election Issues, Study Finds

    Common sense says the most important issue in American elections is the state of the economy. If the economy is good, voters stick with the incumbent party or politician; if it is bad, they vote for change. Or so the thinking goes.

  49. The Conversation: Melting Glaciers and Rising Seas

    David Holland and his team of researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Global Sea Level Change are trying to figure out how melting ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland will influence global sea level. Since many of the world’s cities are built at sea level or slightly above it, rising seas will reshape the coastlines as we know them today.

  50. Understanding the complex science of how we're made

    Understanding the Complex Science of Human Development

    One of the great mysteries of life is the process by which organisms begin as one cell and develop into creatures composed of many. Think about it — a human, who started as a single cell, is made up of trillions in adulthood.

  51. Resident Expert: Michael Harsh on UN-NATO Cooperation in Afghanistan

    Resident Expert: Afghanistan at a Crossroads

    Peace and redevelopment efforts in Afghanistan were dealt a major blow on July 22 when a suicide attack in Kabul killed 80 peaceful demonstrators and injured another 231, the city's deadliest attack in more than 15 years.

  52. Low Income Earners Less Trusting, Study Finds

    Low Income Earners Less Trusting, Study Finds

    Trust is an important element of every society. From business, to politics, to personal relationships, trust plays a critical role in allowing these institutions to function smoothly.

  53. Students Pursue Research That Could Help Save Lives

    Students Pursue Research That Could Help Save Lives

    Giving back to local and international communities runs deep in the hearts of students at NYU Abu Dhabi — from every day volunteer work in the UAE to building houses for families in Thailand.

  54. Surviving the Heat

    Surviving the Heat

    Ocean temperatures are rising and this change will have huge consequences — not only for life in the ocean, but for humans as well.

  55. 09-0879-Abu-Dhabi-196

    Historic UAE Research: Rare Interviews, Untold Stories

    NYU Abu Dhabi is working across borders and disciplines to tell the story of the UAE and Middle East region as it has never been told before and also developing important programs that will contribute to the country’s next chapter, particularly for young Emirati scholars.

  56. The Conversation: Fighting Malaria

    NYUAD scientists are looking for new insights into the study of malaria, a complex disease that killed 438,000 people in 2015, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. Researchers traveled to Burkina Faso to figure out how genetics might be responsible for the wide variation in the severity of the disease.

  57. Ramadan Recipes

    Ramadan Recipes

    The Holy Month of Ramadan is an occasion of fasting but also a special time for loved ones to share Iftar meals each day. NYU Abu Dhabi graduate Mariko Kuroda brings to life some of the special culinary moments of Ramadan — from dinnertime menus to after-dinner memories — for her final Capstone research project called Ramadan Recipes.

  58. Student Research Provokes Thought, Growth for UAE

    Student Research Provokes Thought, Growth for UAE

    NYU Abu Dhabi students come to the UAE from all over the world with different perspectives, experiences and interests. But after living in Abu Dhabi for four years, many students across disciplines become invested in the region and choose to focus their final project — the Capstone — on an issue particularly relevant to the UAE.

  59. Powerful Art Project Challenges UAE Stereotypes

    Powerful Art Project Challenges UAE Stereotypes

    I've always been interested in exploring what it means to be an Emirati contemporary artist who can push boundaries and stimulate constructive, healthy and thought-provoking discussions. What better way to do so than to think of clever ways to break stereotypes?

  60. iStock_000062357342_Full

    Student Research Links Political Scandal and Celebrity News

    Scandals are costly to the social and professional lives of politicians. It seems like whenever there's news about celebrity relationships in South Korea, the comment section of the news is flooded with public conspiracy theories about major political events, such as government corruption.

  61. 20160509-cloud-computing-stock-salaam

    Researchers Build Secure System for Encrypted Cloud Computing

    The "cloud computing" we hear so much about is cheap and efficient, but it's not completely secure. Encrypted data — payroll information, for example, or hospital records — can easily be stored on servers run by Google, Amazon, Oracle, or another company. But only non-encrypted data can be processed "in the cloud" and that creates an obvious security risk in our era of hacks, exploits, and cybercrime.

  62. 20151111-Classrooms-Chemistry-600x900

    Historical Move For Sciences in the UAE

    In 1876, the American Chemical Society (ACS) was established at NYU in Manhattan. One hundred forty years later, an ACS chapter was founded at another NYU campus — this time in Abu Dhabi.

  63. Resident Expert: Getting to the root of China's forest policy

    Resident Expert: Getting to the Roots of Chinese Forest Policy

    Competition for raw materials is nothing new, as historian Mark Swislocki knows. He's studying conflicts over forest resources in China's Yunnan province, as far back as the 18th century.

  64. Experimenting With Life in the Lab

    Breaking New Ground

    We may not have flying cars today — even if we do have hoverboards — but some of the work currently being done in the life sciences at NYU Abu Dhabi sounds like it’s straight out of the future, such as insects that can tell time.

  65. What Makes Us Human?

    Gabriel Rabin, a philosopher, makes a seemingly paradoxical statement. He says that the mind — something familiar, part of us — may be one of the last great frontiers of humanity's quest for knowledge. “Like deep space, or the bottom of the ocean, we know surprisingly little about what’s going on up there,” Rabin said.

  66. Engineering With Human Impact

    NYU Abu Dhabi is a liberal arts college nested within a research university. At the same time it is a hub of innovation and technology that has produced developments ranging from drones to potential cancer treatments.

  67. 201604-healthy-future-research-report-salaam

    Research for a Healthy Future

    NYU Abu Dhabi is leading a collaborative initiative to study long-term health trends in the UAE. Called the UAE Healthy Future Study, the project will track the health and lifestyle of Emiratis over the course of their lifetime, and it may offer insights into why the Emirati population has such a high rate of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The project is one of the first of its kind in the Arab world.

  68. Responding Locally to Global Problems

    An increase of even a few degrees in the Earth’s climate will have tremendous consequences for billions of people. Researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi are trying to determine how climate change will affect humanity's collective future and how to better understand changes that are taking place.

  69. artsculture-illustration-cropped-3x2

    A Region With a Story to Tell

    In the 175 years or so since photography's inception, a rich history has been accumulating in the Arab World that has yet to be written.

  70. CyberSecurity-cropped-3x2

    Not Just a Technology Problem

    From your Facebook page to global financial markets to nuclear power plants, modern life demands robust security for electronic information systems. Yet threats are everywhere, and never stop mutating.

  71. Globalization-cropped-3x2

    Strategic Research for Global Challenges

    The breadth of research in the social sciences at NYU Abu Dhabi uses data to help historians, economists, NGOs, and governments better understand human behavior — and improve people’s lives.

  72. Resident Expert: Social Activism in Mauritania

    Resident Expert: Social Activism in Mauritania

    When she visited Mauritania in January, Erin Pettigrew was surprised to note a revival of interest in the history of the Kadehiin, an underground leftist movement active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Surprised and pleased, since the movement is the subject of her current research.

  73. Engineering Corn of the Future

    There's more corn grown in the world than any other crop. Douglas Cook, assistant professor of Engineering, runs a lab that is working to improve the strength of corn stalks by understanding why they break or fall over during heavy storms. The project has great potential to increase the yield of this important crop that feeds billions of people around the world.

  74. Oil pumpjack against a sunset sky

    Resident Expert: The Untold Story of OPEC

    The UAE is one of 13 member nations of the only major global organization developed specifically to advance the economic interests of countries whose primary export is oil — the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

  75. 20151111-Corniche-Students-038

    Students Build LED Touch Art to Vitalize Abu Dhabi Walkways

    The future of pedestrian life in Abu Dhabi seems far from pedestrian.

  76. The Conversation: Gravitational Waves

    For the first time, scientists have observed the warping of space-time generated by two black holes a billion light years from Earth. The detection of gravitational waves has forever changed the study of physics and astronomy.

  77. Philosophy Professor Receives Prestigious Award in India

    NYU Abu Dhabi Professor Jonardon Ganeri has received the Infosys Prize in India for his contributions to the cross-cultural study of philosophy.

  78. 20160214-bilingual-brain-salaam-01

    How Bilingual Brains Juggle Language

    For bilinguals, it's a common Abu Dhabi experience: you're speaking with a friend in English, and where appropriate, the friend switches into Arabic, peppering the conversation with Arabic phrases. It seems unremarkable enough, but there are some fantastic mental gymnastics that must happen to comprehend these leaps from one language to another.

  79. 2009-11-15_CO2-Rising

    Student-built App Tracks Road Conditions, Bad Driving

    Driving can be dangerous and frustrating no matter where you live in the world. In fact, according to a recent report by the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million people die in road crashes every year—a disturbing statistic.

  80. reefRover---Drones for Good 2016---Above Water - Copy

    Diving Drone to Transform Exploration of Coral Reefs

    With nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface covered by water, the need to understand the oceans and seas is vital. Many underwater organisms and ecosystems have yet to be fully understood or explored, and chief among them are coastal reef systems.

  81. Surgery Without the Incision

    Cell Surgery Without the Incision

    It's been quite a year for NYU Abu Dhabi senior Farah Shamout. She was on the winning team at the International Hackathon for Social Good, received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship from the University of Oxford, and now, as an undergrad, she's a published researcher in the field of biomedical engineering.

  82. The Conversation: Syria, Children of War & Digital Diplomacy

    Marcel Kurpershoek, senior humanities research fellow at NYU Abu Dhabi, was a Dutch diplomat for over 40 years. Thomas Fletcher, NYUAD visiting professor, served as British ambassador to Lebanon.

  83. Six Signs You Were Born to be a Scientist

    Six Signs You Were Born to be a Scientist

    For some of us, it takes several years (sometimes decades) to figure out what we love to do and build a career around it. Majors change, jobs are won and lost, and career paths often go sideways. But for others, like NYU Abu Dhabi science majors Priyanka Lakhiani and Alvaro Yanez, passions bubble to the surface a lot sooner.

  84. 20151129-istock-protest-technology

    Before Phones & Facebook: How Did Grassroots Political Causes Go Global?

    A hundred and fifty years ago there was no Internet, cell phones or 24-hour global news networks. But there were grassroots political movements that spread from country to country in a way that's not so different in today's age of instant information. It's hard to imagine how this was possible.

  85. The Conversation: Home Sick

    What is home? Is it a place? A feeling? Joanne and Jim Savio discuss a film they made about Joanne's upbringing in a suburb outside of New York and her attempt to connect with her roots in Lebanon.

  86. Yoda, R2D2 and Hollywood's Cinematic "Others"

    Yoda, R2D2, and the "Others" of Hollywood Movies

    In the movies, anything can happen when worlds collide. In films like Star Wars, The Gremlins, and Jaws, the line that separates what's possible from impossible is becomes blurred when humans meet non-humans, whether an alien in space or a creature in the ocean.

  87. 20151216-growing-up-muslim-in-america-01

    Resident Expert: Growing Up Muslim in America

    NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy John O'Brien spent three and a half years conducting ethnographic fieldwork with a group of young Muslim friends who grew up together in post-9/11 America. In his upcoming book, Growing Up Muslim in America he explores questions of cultural difference and discrimination faced by young American Muslims.

  88. NYUAD Team Wins Drones for Good Competition

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Top Ten Innovations of 2015

    2015 is the Year of Innovation not only in the United Arab Emirates but also here at NYU Abu Dhabi. This year, many students and researchers alike have earned international attention for a range of groundbreaking and even life-protecting inventions.

  89. Scientists Launch World's Most Sensitive Tool to Find Dark Matter

    Scientists Launch World's Most Sensitive Tool to Find Dark Matter

    Dark matter is one of the basic ingredients of the universe. There is five times more dark matter in the universe than normal matter, the atoms and molecules that make up everything we know, yet it is still unknown what this dominant dark component actually is. Searches to detect it in laboratory-based experiments have been conducted for decades. However, dark matter has been observed only indirectly via its gravitational interactions that govern the dynamics of the cosmos. Scientists believe that dark matter is made of a new, stable elementary particle, which has escaped detection. So far.

  90. The Conversation: Sculpture & Architecture

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Assistant Professor of Arts Practice Sandra Peters creates sculptures influenced by architecture. In this video, Peters explains how a house in Los Angeles, designed by architect Rudolph Schindler, inspired her recent work in Abu Dhabi.

  91. Unravelling the Mysterious Genetic History of the Date Palm

    Scientists Unravel Evolutionary History of Date Palm

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    The origin of the date palm has long been a matter of debate by farmers, historians, and scientists. Like one’s affinity for a football team, allegiances can be determined by geographic proximity. Those with ties to North Africa claim the shores of the Mediterranean as the origin, while others argue that the advent of the sweet fruit occurred in the soil between the Tigris and Euphrates.

  92. US Election 2016

    Resident Expert: US Politics & the Personality Factor

    NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Political Science Adam Ramey is writing a book on the role personality traits play in American politics. In his research he looks at how personality influences the way voters choose candidates, and how legislators' personalities influence they way they behave in Congress. We caught up with Professor Ramey to ask him about the upcoming US presidential election on November 8, 2016.

  93. Quotes from the keynote: Islam in Global Perspective

    Guest Expert: Islam in Global Perspective

    "I'm trying to disrupt the conventional narrative that Muslims are a new, post-colonial occurrence in Europe. It's historical amnesia to say that Europe has never dealt with this before. That's fiction."

  94. Samer Madanat, Dean of Engineering Division, NYUAD

    Resident Expert: Transportation and Environmental Sustainability

    NYU Abu Dhabi Dean of Engineering Samer Madanat specializes in transportation infrastructure management. He's an expert in developing optimal transportation policies and solutions to improve the sustainability of transportation systems in cities, including highway and public transit networks. In other words, he develops efficient ways for people to get around with an eye on protecting the environment.

  95. Students Learn About Global Food Security at Expo Milano

    Students Learn About Global Food Security at Expo Milano

    A handful of NYU Abu Dhabi sophomores are among some 20 million people who have visited this year's Expo Milano 2015. The students traveled to central Italy as part of a collaborative partnership between the Career Development Center and two organizations in Milan: Microsoft and FUTURA Consulting.

  96. NYUAD, University of Baghdad Sign Research Agreement

    NYUAD, University of Baghdad Sign Research Agreement

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    The 100 Dates! research group at NYU Abu Dhabi has signed an agreement with the University of Baghdad that will advance collaboration between the two universities on an initiative to sequence the genome of hundreds of date palm varieties.

  97. From Abu Dhabi to Gran Sasso

    NYUAD undergraduates have the opportunity to engage in fantastic summer research projects that take them around the world. Several students traveled to Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy to participate in the effort to understand dark matter, that mysterious substance that theoretically accounts for more than 80 percent of the total mass of the universe.

  98. 2015-10-01_Digital-Humanitarians

    Drones For Good or Bad?

    In 2015, a group of NYU Abu Dhabi engineering students won the UAE Drones for Good competition with a desert-flying apparatus designed to protect the lives of UAE rangers. Wadi Drone made it possible for the rangers to conduct conservation work without having to navigate the unforgiving desert terrain.

  99. NYUAD Shines at UAE Undergraduate Research Awards

    Math Students Square Off at International Competition

    By Osama Mahmood, Class of 2018

    The annual International Mathematics Competition (IMC) is the world’s largest and most challenging college-level mathematics competition. 326 undergraduates from 74 universities took part in the 2015 competition held at American University in Bulgaria. This is the first year NYU Abu Dhabi students have attended.

  100. Bullet Cluster Merger

    Resident Expert: The Dark Matter Mystery

    Dark Matter is one of the biggest scientific mysteries of our time. Most of the universe is made up of it, but we still don't know its nature. What is the strange, unknown, invisible matter that holds the universe together? Why is it so hard to detect?

  101. Archaeology Internship in Central Asia

    My Archaeology Internship in Uzbekistan: Journals From The Field

    NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Chaeri Lee, Class of 2017, had been digging around the internet for an internship idea when she happened upon a ground breaking opportunity: an international archaeological research collaboration in Central Asia, in an area known as one of the main crossroads of the ancient world.

  102. NYUAD Center Wins Grant from Indian Government to Study Monsoon

    NYUAD Center Wins Grant From India to Study Monsoon

    Weather prediction, even over a short period of time, is extremely difficult. There are so many variables in the atmosphere that it's impossible to say for sure what the weather will be like next year, next month, or even tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean that forecasters can’t try, and advancements in both data collection and computer modeling have dramatically improved prediction.

  103. The Conversation: Mohamad Eid on Haptics

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Haptics is the study of human-computer interaction through touch. Mohamad Eid, assistant professor of practice of Electrical Engineering, has developed an interactive tool to help teach the writing of Arabic script. Devices like these may help improve instruction in the future.

  104. NYUAD Professors Publish First Emirati Arabic Textbook

    NYUAD Professors Publish First Emirati Arabic Textbook

    NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi professors have published the first-ever modern standard Arabic language textbook for the Emirati dialect. Titled Ramsah, which means "talk" in Emirati Arabic, the 352-page workbook and audio guide will serve as a resource for educators and students in the UAE and beyond.

  105. 20150907-angel-hack-main-image

    AngelHack Unites Young Innovators

    By Marie Shabaya, NYUAD IDEA Lab

    An app to maximize fitness was the grand prize winner at Abu Dhabi's first-ever AngelHack coding competition held at the NYUAD campus September 4-6.

  106. UAE Innovators

    UAE Innovators

    By NYUAD Public Affairs

    They're not just NYU Abu Dhabi professors and researchers. They're UAE innovators.

  107. iStock_000039739242_Large

    A Detector Shines in the Search For Dark Matter

    By NYUAD Public Affairs

    A team of international scientists is making progress in the long-elusive search for dark matter, and NYU Abu Dhabi is playing a critical role.

  108. Scientists Find Hidden Interactions Among Tiny Ocean Organisms

    Scientists Find Hidden Interactions Among Tiny Ocean Organisms

    By Matthew Corcoran

    A teaspoon of seawater is home to a thousand algae cells and a million bacteria. These tiny critters are fundamental to life on Earth. Ocean algae produce much of the oxygen in the atmosphere and form the base of the marine food chain, while bacteria release carbon dioxide that is converted into organic molecules by algae — and plants — during the process of photosynthesis.

  109. Out of This World Internship for UAE Students

    Out of This World Internship for UAE Students

    It marks a new frontier of collaboration between NYU Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and the Italian Space Agency.

  110. Emirati Diabetics Share Stories for Student Film Project

    Emirati Diabetics Share Stories for Student Film Project

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    Sugar is a short documentary film by Hasan Nabulsi (Class of 2015) that sheds light on the growing diabetes epidemic in the UAE. Focusing on two real life characters, a young woman and older man both from the UAE, the project aims to highlight themes related to health and modernity, nostalgia, fatalism, shame and globalization. The documentary tackles the day-to-day challenges of people with diabetes and their means of coping with the illness.

  111. The Ingredient Tree

    Student Researcher Asks, "Why Can't Robots Cook Like Grandma?"

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    Computers can do a lot of remarkable things these days. Understanding a recipe, however, isn't among them. Recipes, as they're commonly known, are simply lists of measurable ingredients followed by step-by-step cooking instructions. They are relatively easy for humans to follow and, under normal circumstances, we are able to predict the outcome of combining specific ingredients and exposing them to heat or cold. So why can't computers?

  112. Laboratory apparatus

    UAE Innovation Week Coming This Fall

    This week, the UAE government announced a new nationwide initiative called Innovation Week, to be held in November. In recognition of this important educational and entrepreneurial event, Salaam: NYUAD News revisits a few of NYUAD's most significant Research & Innovation headlines from the past year.

  113. Resident Expert: What Drives National Identity?

    Resident Expert: What Drives National Identity?

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Humanities Research Assistant Matthew MacLean studies the spatial transformation of the UAE and Trucial States in the second half of the 20th century, in particular how the development of the UAE's infrastructure — housing, roads, and ports — made possible the emergence of Emirati national identity.

  114. Historic Turkish Photos Show Rapid Societal Transformation

    Historic Turkish Photos Capture Societal Transformation

    By Özge Calafato, Akkasah: Center for Photography

    The Akkasah: Center for Photography collection from Turkey offers a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of a rapidly Westernizing society, and provides a fresh perspective on the nation-building process seen through the lens of daily and private life.

  115. iStock_Srebrenica_July12

    Professor Michael Harsch: Srebrenica Massacre 20 Years Later

    NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty Fellow of Social Science Michael Harsch appeared on HuffPost Live's World Brief program to discuss the state of modern day Bosnia, 20 years after the Srebrenica massacre of more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys by Bosnian Serb troops.

  116. iStock_000023224359_Medium

    The Fascinating Link Between Art Heritage and Nuclear Physics

    By Brian Kappler

    Allen Magnusson's summer in Florence has been more than the usual mixture of museums, antiquities, and la dolce vita. The NYU Abu Dhabi Physics major is spending two months in the Tuscan capital as an intern at the renowned Laboratorio di Tecniche Nucleari per i Beni Culturali, or Laboratory of Nuclear Techniques for Cultural Heritage.

  117. Students Participate in UN Framework Convention in Germany

    Students Participate in UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Germany

    By Norbert Monti (Class of 2018), Louis Plottel (Class of 2016), and Julia Saubier (Class of 2016)

    Three NYU Abu Dhabi students who are passionate about the environment have returned from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Bonn, Germany with a renewed commitment to sustainability education among their peers at NYUAD.

  118. Watching Ice Melt: Sea Level Change

    Watching Ice Melt: Sea Level Rise Through Iceberg Calving

    By Kate Chandler, Associate Director of Public Affairs

    Researchers David and Denise Holland from New York University (NYU) and the Center for Sea Level Change at NYU Abu Dhabi, have filmed an enormous slab of ice breaking off the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland and floating into the ocean.

  119. The Conversation: Arabic Collections Online

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Arabic Collections Online is a publicly available digital library of Arabic language content, from poetry to religious writings to the scientific. Ginny Danielson is director of libraries for NYUAD, responsible for all aspects of library operations including special and digital collections, and archiving.

  120. Substantial Recognition for NYUAD Chemistry Research

    Substantial Recognition for NYUAD Chemistry Research

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    A leading science journal has published award-winning chemistry research by a student from NYU Abu Dhabi that could revolutionize how energy is generated and consumed.

  121. istock-ramadan-2015

    Resident Expert: On Ramadan

    As a long-time instructor of the Arabic language, NYUAD Senior Arabic Language Instructor Nasser Isleem applies studies to his teaching that examine the impact of incorporating Arabic culture integration into a student's course work. Who better then to share what Ramadan is all about?

  122. Art Project Captures Ongoing History of Abu Dhabi

    Art Exhibition Preserves the Ongoing History of Abu Dhabi

    By Janice Liu, NYUAD Public Affairs

    When looking at the skyline of Abu Dhabi along the Corniche, it is easy to spot the rows of new, well-kept buildings. Like many modern cities, buildings in Abu Dhabi are often demolished or given a facelift to maintain their pristine look instead of allowing them to naturally age and show signs of wear and tear.

  123. NYUAD Shines at UAE Undergraduate Research Awards

    NYUAD Shines at UAE Research Competition

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    Research taking place at NYU Abu Dhabi was center stage at the Third United Arab Emirates Undergraduate Research Competition, held at Abu Dhabi University on May 21.

  124. The Conversation: Kwame Anthony Appiah on Honor and Cultural Practices

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer and Multimedia Producer

    Kwame Anthony Appiah, NYU professor of Law and Philosophy, is interested in moral conversations across societies. In this video, he talks about the practice of foot binding in China, and how respectful exchanges with outsiders led to the abandonment of the practice.

    The Conversation is a video series that presents short talks by NYUAD researchers on topics ranging from Astrophysics to Art History.

  125. Resident Expert: Marilyn Booth on Early Arab Feminist Writing

    Resident Expert: Early Writings in Arab Feminism

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    Marilyn Booth is a Senior Research Fellow at NYU Abu Dhabi and the author of Classes of Ladies of Cloistered Spaces: Writing Feminist History through Biography in fin-de-siècle Egypt, published in early 2015. The book brings focus to Zaynab Fawwaz, a journalist, novelist and playwright, who immigrated from Ottoman Lebanon to Egypt and established herself as distinct from most Arab women writers of her time.

  126. istock-farming-in-brazil

    Graduate Wins Fulbright Scholarship to Research Farming in Brazil

    By Sue-Ann Lau, NYUAD Class of 2018

    At the age of 22, Matthew French (NYUAD '15) is already developing a seriously impressive CV: NYU Abu Dhabi graduate, future law school student at a US university, and now the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship that will take him to another part of the world to research drought conditions in rural Brazil.

  127. The Conversation: Youssef Idaghdour on Genes and the Environment

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    The incidence of diabetes in the Emirati population is extremely high. But what is the cause? Assistant Professor of Biology Youssef Idaghdour talks about the relationship between genes and the environment, that old debate of nature versus nurture.

  128. The Conversation: Andrew Eisenberg on Nairobi's Still Alive Studio

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Digital technology changed music production and distribution in Kenya — and around the world. During his field research, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Andrew Eisenberg sat in on a session at Nairobi's Still Alive studio where he watched producer Timothy Boikwa record a song by local artist Profesa. Hear Eisenberg discuss Boikwa's production techniques and thoughts on how the industry has changed.

  129. 2015 International Hackathon

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Hosted by the NYUAD Institute, the annual International Hackathon brought together students and professional mentors from over a dozen countries to develop mobile and web applications for social good in the Arab world.

  130. michael-harsch-518

    Resident Expert: UN-NATO Cooperation in Afghanistan

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    In his new book, Faculty Fellow of Social Science Michael Harsch examines the fraught relationship between two of the most important international organizations: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations (UN). The book, The Power of Dependence: NATO-UN Cooperation in Crisis Management, was recently published by Oxford University Press.

  131. The Conversation: Joseph Gelfand on Pulsar Wind Nebula and Magnetars

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    In this episode of The Conversation, Assistant Professor of Physics Joseph Gelfand discusses some of the strangest objects in the universe, pulsars and their odd cousins, magnetars.

  132. The Conversation: Marilyn Booth and Özge Calafato on the Egyptian Collection

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    In this feature, Dr. Marilyn Booth and Özge Calafato investigate a collection of photographs that were taken in the early 20th century. Booth and Calafato examine dress in wedding portraits and try to tease out family connections in search of the elusive Kawkab.

  133. The Resident Expert: Insurgency in Nepal

    Resident Expert: Insurgency in Nepal

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Professor of Politics at NYU New York Michael Gilligan taught a class at NYU Abu Dhabi in January on the topic of insurgency. The course mixed reading and classroom learning with a trip to Nepal to interview people who fought on both sides of that country's Maoist insurgency, which ended in 2006.

  134. The Conversation: Alexis Gambis on Science and Film

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    This spot features Alexis Gambis, NYU Abu Dhabi Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology, Film, and New Media, as he talks about his transition from lab bench to film set.

  135. The Conversation: Cyrus Patell on Emergent U.S. Literatures

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    In this episode, NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Professor of Literature Cyrus Patell considers how marginalized strains of American literature can be thought of using Raymond Williams's concept of the "emergent." Watch him discuss American literature on the margins, including the writing of Maxine Hong Kingston.

  136. appiah-2-1

    Resident Expert: What is Religion?

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Kwame Anthony Appiah is Professor of Philosophy and Law at NYU New York. This January, he is teaching a J-Term class at NYU Abu Dhabi called What is Religion? We checked in with him to ask about his course and how it addresses the topic.

  137. Oman_amo_2014166_lrg__1__Sandstorm

    Resident Expert: The Science of Sandstorms

    The sandstorms that can complicate life in Abu Dhabi are part of a complex weather pattern that also provides India with the monsoon rain essential to the crops that sustain one billion people, NYU Abu Dhabi researchers are learning. Olivier Pauluis, professor of mathematics and co-principal investigator at NYUAD's Center for Prototype Climate Modeling, explains how that works.

  138. georgi-derluguian02-oct

    Resident Expert: Crisis in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Reports of revolution and civil war in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine have dominated the media this year. Salaam checked in with NYU Abu Dhabi Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Georgi Derluguian to ask how a social scientist might think about these geopolitical events and what might motivate young people to take part in these conflicts.

  139. The Resident Expert: Fall of the Berlin Wall

    The Resident Expert: Fall of the Berlin Wall

    By Matthew Corcoran, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Professor of History Martin Klimke studies the intersection of political, cultural, and diplomatic history, with a focus on the exchange of ideas between the United States in Europe in the 20th century.

  140. sheesha-petr-novak

    Resident Expert: Smoking and Tobacco Use in the UAE

    Q&A with Dr. Raghib Ali, director of the Public Health Research Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  141. nasser-isleem04

    Teaching Emirati Arabic at NYUAD

    It sounds more like a calendar of extra-curricular activities than a credit course. Students in Nasser Isleem's intermediate and advanced classes learn Arabic not only in the classroom but through lively immersion in Emirati culture.

    The cirriculum includes an evening of falconry, home stays with Emirati families, study of Emirati proverbs and fables, wheelchair basketball with disabled Emiratis, and screenings of regional films.

  142. The Resident Expert: On Dates

    Resident Expert: On Dates

    All about dates, the iconic fruit of the Middle East, with Michael Purugganan, principal investigator of the 100 Dates! project at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology (CGSB).

  143. Psychology of Fandom

    Resident Expert: Psychology and Fandom

    Ever wonder why some people are such hardcore sports fans? NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Professor of Psychology PJ Henry says one important psychological factor is that all human beings are driven by the need to belong.

  144. IMG_1234

    The Social Science Experimental Laboratory

    The Social Science Experimental Laboratory at NYU Abu Dhabi is an interdisciplinary center in which experimental work in the social sciences, including economics, political science, and sociology, is conducted. The Lab is equipped for interactive human decision-making experiments that are designed to test theoretical predictions and the properties of proposed or existing models of economic, political, or social institutions.

  145. IMG_1204

    BuTinah: NYUAD's High-performance Computer

    As NYU Abu Dhabi's researchers set about solving a range of scientific problems related to climate change, molecular structures, genome composition, and the like, there is one thing they have in common — the requirement to conduct highly complex numerical calculations.


    The Center for Science and Engineering

    About 12 miles southeast of NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus, in an area of Abu Dhabi called Mussafah, a modern glass building stands surrounded by offices, manufacturing plants, automobile shops, and desert. Housed inside is the University's Center for Science and Engineering (CSE), a laboratory with more than 60,000 square feet of instructional and research space. Occupying three floors, the Center supports both advanced research and the laboratory sections for the University's science and engineering courses.

  147. penspire-graphic-big

    Communicating Emotion in an Unconventional Way

    "It started with a pen," said NYU Abu Dhabi student Abdelrazak Al-Sharif (Class of 2014), who, along with classmate Mohammed Omar, has filed for a patent for a product they created in Design and Innovation, an engineering foundations course taught by NYUAD Associate Dean of Engineering Ramesh Jagannathan.

  148. DSC00877

    Illuminating Rural Africa

    For the NYU Abu Dhabi team competing in the 2012 Hult Global Case Challenge, the proverb "two heads are better than one" could only have rung more truly if "two" was replaced by "five." Indeed, bringing together five individuals, with five very different perspectives, to come up with actionable solutions to the global poverty crisis led to the team's eventual success. The world's largest crowd-sourcing platform for social good, the Challenge was created to foster innovative ideas and solutions to global social issues. This year, thousands of students from 130 countries formed four- or five-person teams, each posed with tackling problems in one of three tracks: Energy, Education, or Housing.


    Creating a New Class of Materials

    In the early 2000s, Ramesh Jagannathan, now associate dean of Engineering and professor of Chemical Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi, was in Kodak's research labs in Rochester, New York, investigating a common efficiency problem in inkjet printing: the speed of printing was being significantly hindered by the amount of time required for liquid solvents, such as water, to evaporate from a printed surface. Jagannathan found himself in search of a solvent that had a density similar to that of water, allowing enough ink material to be dissolved in it, but that would evaporate by the time the ink was deposited so that no drying would be necessary. As he explored the use of supercritical CO2 — a unique phase of CO2 that at a certain pressure and temperature exhibits both gaseous and liquid properties — he not only found a solution that would advance printing technology, but also realized the unique properties of this solvent that would result in the generation of a new class of materials that could not readily be explained by the current theories.

  150. AP-Head

    Examining Person Perception from a Neural Perspective

    As humans, we try to make sense of other people every day. Based on our own judgments and stereotypes deduced from social information, interactions, and expectations, we categorize them, classifying, say, the woman next door as a gossip, the man at work as easygoing, or the new friend as kind. While this processing may come as second nature, most likely don't think about why we respond the way we do or what factors influence that response. For NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Psychology Susanne Quadflieg, understanding how we navigate our social world from a neural perspective is the focus of her current research. "I want to understand how the brain enables us to be a social species," she explained. "Everything you are stems from your brain. I find it the most fascinating thing!"

  151. Paula England_3

    The Abu Dhabi New Generation Survey

    In what will be the first-ever youth-to-adulthood panel study in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi New Generation Survey aims to discover the determinants of successful transitions into adulthood for Emiratis in the areas of education, career, family, and health.

  152. The Resident Expert: Smoking and Tobacco Use in the UAE

    Addressing the Public Health Challenges of the Gulf

    With more than 20 years of tobacco control research experience in the US under his belt, Scott Sherman, associate professor of Medicine and Psychiatry at the NYU Langone Medical Center, turned his eyes to the global public health landscape with the realization that "most smokers aren't in the US." While there exists more than 50 years of research profiling cigarette smokers, mostly within Western cultures, there remain a lot of unknowns with regard to smokers and their behaviors in places like the UAE that have both higher incidences of smoking and different forms of tobacco inhalation — such as shisha and medwakh — than the US.

  153. books-16-9

    Translating Arabic Literary Classics for a Global Audience

    For many literary enthusiasts it might be considered criminal to compile a list of the great classics without including among them the translated works of authors like Tolstoy or Cervantes. Yet, excepting the Arabian Nights, most would struggle to note
 any significant number of classics representing the Arab literary tradition. It is not for any lack of achievement of Arab writers, storytellers, philosophers, and poets during the pre-modern period — but simply that English-language readers remain unaware of the very existence of works that comprise the great body of classical Arabic literature.

  154. Claire-b5

    Using Multi-level Genomic Approaches to Tackle Regional Issues

    "Among the most fundamental questions in the life sciences are those of how molecular systems are built from the interaction of molecular genetic elements," said NYU New York Silver Professor of Biology Claude Desplan. "How such networks adapt to new conditions, when and how they break down — as in diseases — and how natural selection works at the network level to enable living systems to adapt to very different environments," added Michael Purugganan, dean of science and Dorothy Schiff Professor of Genomics at NYUNY's Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS). These are the questions that lie at the heart of NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology (CGSB), said Fabio Piano, NYUAD's provost and founding director of the New York CGSB. Established in 2012 to investigate and address such broadly and regionally based biological matters, the Center's team includes Piano, Desplan, and Purugganan.