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  1. Leaders of the Pack

    NYU Abu Dhabi has honored the finalists of the 2017 Al Khayr Campus Life Leadership Awards at a ceremony in Abu Dhabi that hosted 180 students, staff and faculty. The awards recognize the outstanding leadership contributions of NYUAD students to the institution and its surrounding community. Al Khayr is an Arabic phrase which means the ultimate good.

  2. Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYUAD Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYU Abu Dhabi students received many global awards and grants in the 2016-17 academic year in recognition of exceptional scholarly achievements and contributions to their communities.

  3. Language get you more places

    "Languages Get You More Places"

    NYU Abu Dhabi students Ella Noll and Benjamin Marcus-Willers have never met, and probably won’t meet this summer, either. But they’ll both be improving their Mandarin Chinese, thanks to Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) from the U.S. State Department.

  4. Two Seniors Win 2017 Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford

    Young Arab of the Year Award Goes To ... NYU Abu Dhabi Senior

    NYU Abu Dhabi student Dubai Abulhoul has already accomplished more at the age of 20 than many people do in a lifetime of academic pursuit and service to their communities.

  5. The Conversation: Michael Pollan on His Ambivalent Journey as a Writer

    Bestselling author Michael Pollan speaks to longtime friend, fellow writer, and NYUAD faculty member Charles Siebert about the journey his thinking and writing have taken since he planted his first vegetable garden, and the doubts he battled during his transition into a full-fledged writing career.

  6. University of Oxford

    Two NYUAD Seniors Win 2017 Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford

    Two NYU Abu Dhabi students representing two countries, the United Arab Emirates and Canada, have been selected as 2017 Rhodes Scholars to attend the University of Oxford next year.

  7. Inauguration of President Andrew Hamilton

    PHOTOS: Andrew Hamilton Inaugurated as 16th President of NYU

    Inauguration Celebration Week featured a week-long series of special events that shared the innovation, vision, and character driving NYU's global community. And on Sunday, September 25, the events culminated with the installation of Andrew D. Hamilton as NYU's 16th President.

  8. Students Honored for Academic Excellence & Community Building

    Students Honored for Academic Excellence & Community Building

    NYU Abu Dhabi students received many global awards and grants in 2015-16 in recognition of both academic excellence and contributions to their communities.

  9. Books in the Digital Age

    To Print or Not to Print? Books in the Digital Age

    Is curling up to read on a tablet just as good as curling up with an actual book?

  10. 20160228-RAK-photo-ZM

    An Ordinary Day, an Extraordinary Photograph

    This black and white photograph by NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Zane Mountcastle was selected as a feature piece at the 4th Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival.

  11. NYUAD Junior Appointed to Emirates Youth Council

    NYUAD Junior Appointed to Emirates Youth Council

    NYU Abu Dhabi political science major Dubai Abulhoul (Class of 2017) has been appointed to the Emirates Youth Council. Its aim is to develop government strategies to keep up with youth trends, identify challenges facing today's youth, and ensure participation of youth in UAE public affairs.

  12. NYUAD Congratulates UAE Youth Minister Shamma Al Mazrui

    NYUAD Congratulates UAE Youth Minister Shamma Al Mazrui

    Less than two years after graduation, NYU Abu Dhabi alumna Shamma Al Mazrui has landed one of the UAE's top jobs.

  13. The Conversation: How People Are Shaping the Future of the Wild with Dr. Jane Goodall and Charles Siebert

    Dr. Jane Goodall is a primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist who has conducted remarkable studies of wild chimpanzees and spent decades working in conservation. Charles Siebert has written several books on the interactions between humans and animals and is a professor of practice of Literature and Creative Writing at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  14. 2015 Commencement

    15 Memorable Moments of 2015

    Each year seems to get better and better at NYU Abu Dhabi. 2015 was marked by incredible student accomplishments both in and out of the classroom, research breakthroughs by faculty, and a full schedule of interactive public celebrations of art and culture.

  15. Sophomore Student Speaks at TEDx Talk in France

    Young Entrepreneur of the Year

    The 3rd Arabian Business Achievement Awards recently celebrated the UAE’s most impressive achievers in the growing startup and small-medium business sector. NYUAD student Mohamed Amine Belarbi (Class of 2016) was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

  16. Farah_Shamout_2

    NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Named UAE Rhodes Scholar

    NYU Abu Dhabi computer engineering major Farah Shamout has long-term dreams of making a big difference in the UAE science and tech sectors, particularly by empowering young women to believe in their talents and academic potential. She is committed, ambitious, and engaged with her community.

  17. Al Khayr Awards Honor Exemplary Student Leaders

    Al Khayr Awards Honor Exemplary Student Leaders

    By Robert Leary, Residence College Director

    Although students are committed to their homework, Capstones, and classes, they also devote themselves to numerous leadership activities on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus and its surrounding community. On April 23, NYUAD students, staff, and faculty took an evening to celebrate students’ leadership contributions during the 2nd Annual Al Khayr Awards Gala at the Park Hyatt Hotel.

  18. Abu Dhabi students win NYU Global Debate challenge

    Abu Dhabi Students Win NYU Global Debate Challenge

    By Karma Gurung, NYUAD Class of 2018

    For the first time, NYU Abu Dhabi students have won the NYU Global Debate competition, an annual contest open to NYU students worldwide, from New York to Shanghai to Paris to Madrid.

  19. Award-winning Sculpture Unveiled at NYU Abu Dhabi

    Award-winning Sculpture Unveiled at NYU Abu Dhabi

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    An eye-catching metal sculpture is on display until April 2 in the East Plaza at NYU Abu Dhabi. Entitled Keswa, it is the 2015 Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award winner by Nada Al Mulla and Salwa Al Khudairi, architecture students at The American University of Sharjah.

  20. Graduate Student Samah Saeed Wins McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award

    Graduate Student Samah Saeed Wins McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award

    Graduate student Samah Saeed won a major award in electronic circuits test community, the E.J. McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award, in recognition of her outstanding work on her PhD dissertation. She is the first female to win the award, which is granted by the Test Technology Technical Council and was first offered in 2005 to promote most impactful doctoral student work.

  21. Zvi-1

    Resident Expert: Arab Crossroads in China

    By Brian Kappler, Guest Contributor

    More than 1,000 years ago there were already tens of thousands of Arabs, merchants from Yemen and the Gulf and elsewhere, living in China. This January Term, 11 students from NYU Abu Dhabi followed those early migrants to discover the impressive depth and breadth of the history connecting China to the Arab world. They are in Shanghai taking a course called Arab Crossroads in China. Salaam caught up with their teacher, Professor Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, to learn more. 

  22. Organs, Tissues and Candy Games: An Investigation into Modern Day Monstrosity

    Organs, Tissues and Candy Games: An Investigation into Modern Day Monstrosity

    Organs, Tissues and Candy Games, the inaugural show in the Black Box Theatre at NYU Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Campus, and a collaboration with the acclaimed Zoukak Theatre Company from Lebanon, premiered in early to November to a sold-out crowd. Inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus, the piece was an "investigation into modern day monstrosity. It questions the role of policymaking in scientific advancement and the insatiable pursuit for immortality and security." Following the opening, Salaam checked in with NYUAD Theater & Arts Program Associate Producer Gaar Adams and the Zoukak Theatre Company to learn more about the show, its inspiration, and its conception.

  23. CSC_0723

    Public Health Think Tank: Tackling the Tobacco Crisis in the UAE

    By Emma McGee, Kelly Dougherty, and Alexandra Dimitri

    This past weekend marked the inaugural Public Health Think Tank at NYU Abu Dhabi, a student-led event hosted with the support of the Career Development Center and Student Life.

  24. The NYUAD Art Gallery: Art in a New Dimension

    The NYUAD Art Gallery: Art in a New Dimension

    In just three days, NYU Abu Dhabi will celebrate the opening of the NYUAD Art Gallery, where visitors will be treated to the works of world-renowned artists. Excited for the launch of On Site, the gallery's first exhibition, Salaam caught up with Maya Allison, NYUAD Art Gallery director and chief curator, to learn about the space, the philosophy behind upcoming programming, and more.

  25. Living and Learning

    The National visited NYUAD's new Saadiyat Campus at the beginning of term and produced a video about the intentions of its architecture. Check out the video below!

  26. UAE Celebrates First Europe Day

    UAE Celebrates First Europe Day

    More than 180 students representing some 50 countries met with European Union Ambassador to the UAE Mihai Stuparu, as well as with diplomats of the EU member states, during the first Europe Day celebration in the UAE.

  27. Sophomore Student Speaks at TEDx Talk in France

    Sophomore Student Speaks at TEDx Talk in France

    Spring break on college campuses typically means travel with friends or simply trying to catch up on much-needed rest. But for NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Mohammed Amine Belarbi, spring break 2014 was spent delivering a lecture – to a global online audience.

  28. President Bill Clinton to Speak at NYU Abu Dhabi's First Graduation Ceremony

    President Bill Clinton to Speak at NYU Abu Dhabi's First Graduation Ceremony

    The keynote speaker for NYU Abu Dhabi's inaugural commencement ceremony on May 25, 2014, will be President Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States and founder of The Clinton Foundation.

  29. DSC_0206

    NYUAD Senior Named 2014 Rhodes Scholar

    Congratulations to NYU Abu Dhabi senior Alexander Wang, who has been awarded a 2014 Rhodes Scholarship. As NYUAD's first Rhodes Scholar, Wang will begin pursuing his postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford in the fall of next year.

  30. NYUAD Teams Compete in Green Abu Dhabi Mangroves Cleanup

    NYUAD Teams Compete in Green Abu Dhabi Mangroves Cleanup

    By Alex Heald, NYUAD Student Life

    While some of their peers used a recent weekend to catch up on sleep or homework, a group of 26 NYU Abu Dhabi students and three staff members braved the heat and humidity to help clean up one of the capital's most beautiful natural resources, the coastal mangrove forests. These forests provide a safe home and breeding ground for a variety of animal species, as well as preserve the environmental integrity of a developing city, yet they are often mistreated and at risk. "The land around the mangroves is open for public use," said staff volunteer Jenn Shaffer. "People will come with their families and have picnics on Fridays, and we came afterwards to pick up everything they left behind."

  31. NYUAD Welcomes 175 Freshmen from 72 Countries

    With the arrival of the Class of 2017, NYU Abu Dhabi — for the first time in its four-year history — now has a complete student body, from freshmen to seniors. Welcoming some 175 talented students representing 72 countries around the globe, members of the freshman class, like those in previous classes, demonstrated impressive academic credentials before their arrival at NYUAD, with test score results comparable to those of the world's most prestigious institutions. 

  32. NYUAD Students Discuss Eye-opening UAE Summer Internships in The National

    The opportunity to intern at the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research in Ras Al Khaimah this summer has given two NYUAD students the chance to engage more deeply with the Emirati community and learn about traditions in the Emirates outside of Abu Dhabi, The National reported last week. Leah Reynolds and Petrus Layarda (both Class of 2014), who have been working on research projects with the organization, said the opportunity has enhanced their academic experiences and given them deeper insight into local culture and traditions.

  33. 130323-Musahamati2084

    Students' Community Garden Proposal Wins First Place in Musahamati Youth Competition

    During their first three years at New York University Abu Dhabi, Nahuel Rosa and Irene Pañeda (both Class of 2014) have been on plenty of urban adventures around the capital. But these strolls have been more research than recreation. The purpose: to learn what residents love about their community, and learn what would make it even better.

  34. Recipients of NYUAD's 2013 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarships Announced

    This summer, 32 high-achieving students will begin their first year of the NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy — a rigorous 18-month enrichment program — as recipients of the 2013 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship for Outstanding High School Students. Now in its third year, the program offers an immersive educational experience that prepares Abu Dhabi-based Emirati students for entry into top-tier English-language universities throughout the world — including NYUAD.

  35. Globetrotting NYUAD Junior Highlighted in Hometown Magazine

    Globetrotting NYUAD Junior Highlighted in Hometown Magazine

    As Oklahoma's The Outlook Magazine recently reported, NYU Abu Dhabi junior Zachary Stanley "is no secret agent. But he's been around the world more times than James Bond." In a nod to the University's encouragement of global exploration, the May article, "I've Been Everywhere, Man," discusses Stanley's personal and course-related travels and highlights what he's gained from experiencing cultures different than his own.

  36. NYUAD Students Participate in 2013 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

    NYUAD Students Participate in 2013 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

    Everybody knows that books are the perfect companions for rainy days. Fortunately, on one of the recent drizzly weekends in Abu Dhabi, the NYUAD Arabic department gathered students to visit the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. There, students wandered among teetering columns of novels, magazines, and religious texts as they learned more about the world of Arab and international literature.

  37. Two NYUAD Students Receive NYU President's Service Award

    NYU Abu Dhabi students, sophomore Mandy Tan and junior Jorge Zárate, have each received an NYU President's Service Award. Now in its 28th year, the award recognizes valuable members among the NYU community, students or student organizations that have made outstanding contributions to campus life, the student population, and the university network as a whole.

  38. NYUAD Junior Named Truman Scholar

    NYUAD Junior Named 2013 Truman Scholar

    Congratulations to NYU Abu Dhabi junior Alexander Wang, the University's first Truman Scholar and NYU's third since 2007. A prestigious honor awarded on the basis of leadership abilities, potential intellectual achievement, and commitment to a career in public service, the scholarship recognizes Wang's work with migrant worker communities.

  39. The National Reviews First Library of Arabic Literature Publication

    A review of the first publication released by NYU Abu Dhabi's Library of Arabic Literature was published in The National this past weekend. The book, Classical Arabic Literature: A Library of Arabic Literature Anthology, was edited and translated by Geert Jan van Gelder, Arabist and until recently Laudian professor of Arabic at Oxford University, and published by New York University Press.

  40. The National Catches up with the Class of 2014

    For a recent article, The National spoke with a handful of NYUAD juniors about their decision to attend the University and their experiences at NYUAD, as well as their post-graduation plans. "After three years in Abu Dhabi, many of the students are keen to give back to the country in the spheres of culture, art, politics, and economics," the article states. Indeed, as Joshua Shirley said, "I would love to stay in Abu Dhabi after graduation, to give back to the city that has given so much to me and to explore it in a professional rather than academic context.

  41. 2012-11-01_Life-of-Pi

    Abu Dhabi Reads Life of Pi

    Guest Post: Sachi Leith, Class of 2015.

    All too often in a university setting, reading is considered a chore. When asked about their workloads, many students will shake their heads and groan, "Ugh. I have so much reading." Even when a reading is absolutely fascinating, it still counts as work. Abu Dhabi Reads, however, aims to change that. The project sprang from a desire to reclaim reading as something enjoyable, accessible, and collective.

  42. NYUAD Institute and ADMAF Announce Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award

    Earlier this week, legendary artist Christo unveiled the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award, an annual grant from the NYUAD Institute and the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation designed to encourage and inspire creativity in the UAE, The National reported. Open to current students of higher education in the UAE and those who have graduated within the past five years, the award will contribute up to USD 5,000 to the creation of the chosen student's proposed artwork, and will support the exhibition of the work at different locations.

  43. NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.

    As part of NYUAD's recent Shyam Benegal Retrospective, students from NYUAD and Zayed University (ZU) participated in a two-hour master class with the legendary filmmaker, whose approximately 24 narrative features, 42 documentaries, and four television series have won him international recognition. Benegal's work is praised not only for its artistry, but also for its political commitment to imagining a better world by addressing often overlooked social issues in responsible ways.

  44. NYUAD Hosts Shyam Benegal Retrospective

    NYUAD Hosts Shyam Benegal Retrospective

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.

    With the Abu Dhabi Film Festival just around the corner, legendary filmmaker Shyam Benegal recently visited NYUAD as part of a weekend-long retrospective. During the event, students, faculty, and staff joined the Indian community to hear Benegal speak on secularism in Indian cinema; attend a public lecture by Dr. Anuradha Needham, Donald R. Longman professor of English and Chair at Oberlin College, on Benegal's films; and screen Benegal's trilogy, "Muslim women" films — Mammo (1994), Sardari Begum (1996), and Zubeidaa (2001).

  45. NYUAD Sophomore Shares University Experience in Sonoma News

    NYUAD Sophomore Shares University Experience in Sonoma News

    "If you asked me during the fall of my senior year where I'd be 12 months from then, I never would have imagined myself more than 8,000 miles away from home, studying at a small, start-up university in the Middle East," writes Emma McGee (Class of 2015) in Sonoma News. The NYUAD sophomore, who graduated from Sonoma Valley High School in California and recently shared her University experience with the publication, writes about discovering NYUAD, the excitement and opportunities that defined her freshman year, and her summer internship in rural Ecuador.

  46. NYUAD Student Featured in the International Herald Tribune

    The arrival of NYU in Abu Dhabi offered an ideal solution for NYUAD freshman Shaikha Al Falasi, who initially felt conflicted between the decision of remaining close to her family in the UAE and pursuing her undergraduate degree at a world-leading academic institution, according to today's article in the International Herald Tribune.

  47. NYUAD Students Stage The Ramayana

    Earlier this month, members of the NYUAD and local communities gathered at Abu Dhabi's Manarat al Saadiyat to witness the University's first student-led production on the very island that will soon house NYU's permanent campus in the region. Directed by NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo, this production of The Ramayana was a collaboration between professionals from Polendo's own Theater Mitu, the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the Saadiyat Cultural District, and "more than 50 students working on this production as actors, assistant designers, producers, managers, crew, documentarians, and dramaturges," Polendo said.

  48. Three NYUAD Students Place in Emirates Airline Literature Festival Writing Competitions

    Just six hours before the deadline for entering the Emirates Airline Literature Festival's writing competitions, a group of NYUAD students had just completed a roundtable peer-review writing workshop, collaboratively crafting their works to focus on the experience of their readers. Held by the University's Academic Resource Center (ARC), the discussion involved the winning entrants of two of the ARC's recent writing contests, three of who then submitted their work to the festival just before the deadline and walked away with a prize. Mohit Mandal (NYUAD '15) won first place in the Oxford University Press Story Writing Competition, and Jorge Zárate (NYUAD '14) and Cristóbal Martinez Yanes (NYUAD '15) placed first and third, respectively, in the Taleem Poetry Competition.

  49. The National Highlights NYUAD's Upcoming Production of The Ramayana

    In anticipation of the curtains being raised for tomorrow's premier of the NYUAD production of The Ramayana — an ancient Sanskrit epic adapted for the stage by NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo — The National's Maey El Shoush spoke to Polendo and a couple of the participating students about the production.

  50. NYUAD Freshman Addresses Jordanian Law in The National

    Joining the growing list of NYUAD students and faculty to pen comments for The National Conversation, the online opinion section of The National, freshman Nour AlGharibeh recently submitted a piece, published on Monday, that addresses Jordanian citizenship law, namely, the refusal to allow children of Jordanian mothers to become citizens regardless of the father's nationality.

  51. Polendo's Death of a Salesman Deemed "Edifying" by The National

    Polendo's Death of a Salesman Deemed "Edifying" by The National

    "The play is most definitely memorable," said The National's Hugo Berger of NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo's production of Death of a Salesman. The show, which ran for three nights at the end of November, was put on by Theater Mitu — Polendo's New York-based theater company — at the University's downtown campus and was a reinterpretation of Arthur Miller's classic play.

  52. NYUAD Hosts International Hackathon

    NYUAD Hosts International Hackathon

    The Makindu Children's Center Database Project team won third place. From left to right: Alice Tessen (NYUAD '14), Nishant Mohanchandra (NYUAD '14), Professor Sana Odeh, Katy Blumer (NYUAD '14), and Ali Taqi (AUK).

    This past week, NYUAD hosted the first-ever International Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World. For three days, more than 50 computer science students, academics, and experts from around the globe worked together to develop mobile and web applications to solve social issues in the region. Students learned about new practices in software development and the basics of entrepreneurship through a series of interactive workshops focused on topics including HTML 5, mobile development for smart phones, and web security, all the while being mentored by more than 30 guest speakers from participating universities and organizations such as Yahoo!, the Grameen Foundation, LinkedIn, Random Hacks of Kindness, the Microsoft Corporation, and the World Bank.
  53. NYUAD Filmmaker Awarded Best Documentary at ADFF

    Congratulations to NYUAD Professor of Film & New Media Leonard Retel Helmrich whose film, Position Among the Stars, won the Best Documentary award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. The film — part three of a trilogy that also includes Eye of the Day (2001) and Shape of the Moon (2004) — examines the changes brought to Indonesia under recent neoliberal economic policies through the Sjamsuddin family as they attempt to cope with newfound political, social, and economic realities.
  54. 2011-12 Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Scholars Selected

    NYU Abu Dhabi has selected its 2011-12 class of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars. The 20 high-achieving students, currently in the third and fourth years of their bachelor's degree study in UAE higher education institutions — specifically, Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Zayed University (ZU), and United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) — will soon embark on a rigorous enrichment program designed to further their academic and personal growth.

  55. NYUAD Filmmaker Screens Trilogy at NYC's Museum of Modern Art

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.
    NYUAD professor of Film & New Media, Leonard Retel Helmrich, screened his trilogy — Eye of the Day (2001), Shape of the Moon (2004), and Position Among the Stars (2010) — at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) this weekend. Helmrich's work has screened at prestigious film festivals around the world where it has earned him a reputation as a filmmaker who combines technical and artistic innovation with a profound sensitivity to depicting his subjects and exploring social issues.
  56. NYUAD Announces Inaugural Recipients of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Scholarships

    The Summer Academy will introduce students to the principles of a liberal arts education in the summers following their 10th and 11th grades through a rigorous educational experience set across three of NYU’s international locations: Abu Dhabi, New York, and Florence, Italy. The curriculum will include courses that emphasize critical thinking, writing and discussion in English, quantitative reasoning for the sciences, standardized test preparation, leadership development, and college admissions counseling.
    "I thought it would be a challenge and it has," scholarship winner Darwish Al Marar, a student at the American International School, told The National. "But I've learnt so much in these two weeks which I wouldn't have in school, like handling the SAT exam, and I've improved my English."
  57. NYU Partners with University of the People

    Covered in today's New York Times, the partnership will enable University of the People students who show exceptional promise to apply to NYU Abu Dhabi after at least a year of study.

    "Our mission is spreading our education and knowledge," said NYU President John Sexton, "and if we can find some amazing kids from sub-Saharan Africa or Haiti through this wonderful vehicle of the University of the People and set an example among elite schools with resources, so much the better."

    As Reshef said, "It's almost unbelievable. Most of our students had no alternative for higher education before we opened the gates for them, and now the most successful may be able to further pursue their dreams by attending one of the best universities in the world."

  58. One Year Later, NYUAD is "Home"

    As her classmates finished their finals and began packing their bags for summer break, Leah Reynolds (NYUAD '14) put fingers to keyboard for The National. In her article, which ran in Thursday's paper, she looks back on NYUAD's inaugural year and contemplates what has changed in just eight short months.

    "Just a year ago I would not have imagined a college experience in which I could not always see my classmates clearly enough to recognize their faces or during which my partners for group projects would be located oceans away," Reynolds wrote. "However, that experience might be an analogy for the state we live in, on a bridge between worlds." And now, more comfortable thanks to time and interactions with the local community, the bridge has become home.

    Indeed, as Reynolds put it, "Whatever the admissions literature may say, the NYU Abu Dhabi experience is neither simply that of an American-style liberal arts education nor that of living in the Middle East. It is a place that brings those two notions together. I don't think of it as the 'world's honors college,' as it bills itself. I just think of it as home."

  59. NYUAD Student's Film Debuts at ZUMEFF 2011

    NYUAD Student's Film Debuts at ZUMEFF 2011

    What began as an assignment in Professor Savio's Sound, Image, and Story course is now an official selection of the 2011 Zayed University Middle East Film Festival (ZUMEFF). Besik Turazashvili (NYUAD '14) was one of approximately 70 filmmakers from universities around the region whose work was selected for this year's festival. And, in addition, his was one of just a few films chosen to be shown on the big screen. "I was really surprised," said Turazashvili. "As it was my first time in a film festival and it is my freshmen year, I never expected that my film would be screened for the big audience."
  60. US Secretary of State Clinton References NYUAD in UAE TV Appearance

    US Secretary of State Clinton References NYUAD in UAE TV Appearance

    US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't just pleased with the deepening partnership between the US and the UAE in matters of energy. During her recent tour of the UAE, Oman, and Qatar to encourage greater political, social, and economic opportunities for the region's youth, Clinton spoke during a special taping of MBC1's Arabic talk show Kalam Nawaem — filmed at Abu Dhabi's Zayed University on January 10 — about America's growing presence in the Middle East and, when referring to education, used NYUAD as an example of positive US involvement in the region.

  61. Abu Dhabi Week Names NYUAD Institute One of Its Favorite Things

    To celebrate its 100th issue, Abu Dhabi Week has created a list of its 100 favorite things about the capital — a somewhat fitting tribute for a publication that delivers its readers all things Abu Dhabi week after week. Along with "Concerts on Yas" and "Kitchens at the fish market, Mina," the NYUAD Institute made the list for its lectures, performances, exhibitions, and workshops that keep "us informed and entertained."

  62. Zayed National Museum Poised to Take Flight

    Designs have been unveiled for NYUAD's future neighbor on Saadiyat Island. The Zayed National Museum, which is scheduled to open in 2012/13, is a monument and memorial to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late ruler of Abu Dhabi and the founding president of the UAE. As such, Foster + Partners, the architects behind the project, have translated the Sheikh's love for falconry into the museum's design, which showcases a building comprised of a landscaped mound, from which emerge five enormous feather-like steel towers, the tallest of which will stand approximately 410 feet high.

  63. In Their Own Words

    Time Out Abu Dhabi recently spoke to the NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2014 to find out why they chose to study in Abu Dhabi, how they are adjusting to their new surroundings, and how they are "coping with the pressure of joining the city's academic elite."
  64. Classes Begin!

    Monday marked the first day of classes for NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014. Since then, the Downtown Campus has been bustling with students filing into classrooms, studying in the library, enjoying lunch breaks in the café, and picking up supplies from the bookstore.

  65. Telethon for Flood Relief

    Last night Abu Dhabi TV aired the first segment of a three-day telethon fundraiser to help flood victims in Pakistan. The first evening of the event raised AED 25 million (almost USD 7 million) in aid, and organizers expect that the final broadcast on Friday will bring in more than the remainder of the AED 100 million target.

  66. John Sexton on Charlie Rose Show

    "We are able to do what we dream of doing." This is how NYU President John Sexton characterized NYU Abu Dhabi during his recent appearance on the Charlie Rose show. On the show, Sexton addressed a wide range of topics, including his journey to becoming NYU's president, the global network university, and of course, NYU Abu Dhabi. The interview runs a little under an hour, and the discussion of NYUAD and the global network begins at 16:35.

  67. NYUAD Announces Class of 2014

    NYU Abu Dhabi pulled the curtain off the Class of 2014 today, and several newspapers, including The New York Times and The National, Abu Dhabi’s English-language paper, have picked up the story.

  68. NYU Pres John Sexton, NYUAD, Focus of New Business Week Article

    This week's Bloomberg Business Week magazine profiles NYU President John Sexton (John Sexton's Global Campus Plans for NYU), and NYU Abu Dhabi plays a pretty big role in the story. Make sure you read through to the end for an appearance by Adam Pivirotto, NYUAD Class of 2014.

  69. fabio-piano01

    Fabio Piano named NYU Abu Dhabi Provost

    NYU Abu Dhabi has announced that Fabio Piano, distinguished biologist and longtime member of the NYU community, will serve as provost. For the past two years, Piano has served as director of NYU's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. He will continue to lead the Center as part of his provostial responsibilities.

  70. Ferrari-World-Front

    World's Fastest Roller Coaster Coming to Abu Dhabi this Fall

    The arrival of NYU Abu Dhabi's inaugural students isn't the only big news in Abu Dhabi this fall. On October 28, Ferrari World will open its doors, allowing thrill-seekers to ride the highly anticipated new Formula Rossa roller coaster featuring Ferrari F430 Spider replicas on a track that rises some 52 meters into the air hits speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour (that's 170.6 feet and 149 miles per hour to those of you who don't think metric).

  71. NYU Abu Dhabi Admits 188 Students to Inaugural Class

    NYU Abu Dhabi admitted a total of 188 students out of the 9,048 who applied to be members of its inaugural class of 2014. The school admitted 74 students through its early decision program, and an additional 114 through regular decision. To date, students from more than 30 countries have committed to attend, and NYUAD expects to release more details on the composition of its first class next month.

  72. Welcome to Salaam

    Welcome to Salaam, NYU Abu Dhabi's new blog.

    Salaam translates in Arabic to "peace." The word is also part of the typical Arabic greeting, "As-Salaamu 'Alaykum," which literally means "peace be upon you," but also serves as an eloquent replacement for "hello."

    Whether you're a member of our class of 2014; a parent, relative, or friend of one of our inaugural students; a potential applicant for our class of 2015 or beyond, or just someone who's interested in learning more about one of the most interesting stories in global higher education around (if we do say so ourselves), welcome.

    We hope you'll check in often to find out the latest news from NYU Abu Dhabi (and for those of you versed in all things tech, you should also be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed). If you're an incoming student interested in submitting a post as you prepare to join us this summer, or would like to write the occasional post for us once you're on the ground, please be sure to let us know that as well.

    If you're a parent of a member of our class of 2014, and you have any questions for the NYUAD Student Affairs team, please be sure to click on the appropriate link on the right hand column of the page, and a member of the team will respond to you in short order.

    Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you back here soon.

    As-Salāmu 'Alaykum