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  1. Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYUAD Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYU Abu Dhabi students received many global awards and grants in the 2016-17 academic year in recognition of exceptional scholarly achievements and contributions to their communities.

  2. NYUAD Students Empower Future Female Leaders in Abu Dhabi

    NYUAD Students Empower Future Female Leaders in Abu Dhabi

    As the granddaughter of immigrants, I've seen how education can transform lives, including both my mother’s and, now, my own.

  3. SNAP Connects NYUAD With Abu Dhabi Children and Families on the Autism Spectrum

    April is Autism Awareness Month. NYUAD's Office of Community Outreach (OCO), NYUAD Athletics, and Goals UAE have partnered to build the Special Needs Adaptive Program (SNAP), which pairs NYUAD student volunteers with special needs children as their ‘buddies’ to provide inclusive adaptive recreational sports coaching, under the direction of professional coaches.

  4. Two students launch priceless social support program for Abu Dhabi families

    Two Students Launch One "Priceless" Support Program For Abu Dhabi Families

    Starting a community program from scratch can be daunting. NYU Abu Dhabi students Hannah Taylor and Sally Oh — founders of the Family Friends community initiative for those touched by autism — know first-hand the roller coaster ride that pilot programs often are; scary yet exciting, nerve-wracking but fun, and definitely worth it in the end.

  5. NYUAD Heart: Giving Back to the UAE Community

    2017 has been declared the Year of Giving in the UAE. NYUAD's Office of Community Outreach (OCO) and student volunteers give back to the community in many ways, by contributing time, skills and knowledge to the community.

  6. asia-globe-1024x683

    UAE Students Ponder the Planet's Future

    Do you believe that in 15 years our world will be a more peaceful, sustainable and transformed place? A large group of students from around the UAE faced this question for World Peace Day, and the uncertainty in their responses is nothing short of alarming.

  7. Community Unites in Support of Autism Awareness

    Community Unites in Support of Autism Awareness

    I was genuinely overwhelmed with the turnout for the Autism Awareness Community Walk — over 250 attendees — who all came to the NYU Abu Dhabi campus for the same reason: to show support, love and acceptance for the autism community.

  8. Student Outreach for Abu Dhabi Children With Special Needs

    Student Outreach for Abu Dhabi Children With Special Needs

    Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember hearing mentors at NYU Abu Dhabi say that the golden rule of volunteer work was to be flexible. I was prepared, or so I thought.

  9. Environmentalist Robert Swan

    Social Impact Leaders: Robert Swan

    Robert Swan is a polar explorer and environmentalist. He was the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles. The coldest day he ever experienced was minus 81 degrees Celsius, where sweat turned into ice inside his clothes. With firsthand experience of the effects of environmental damage on the polar icecaps, Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of the Antarctic.

  10. Stories from the Ocean to the Amazon: Céline Cousteau

    Stories from the Ocean to the Amazon: Céline Cousteau

    By Tanya Bansal & NYUAD Public Affairs

    “We are not apart from nature. We are a part of nature." An important message, and one that resonated with the crowd as Céline Cousteau concluded her talk at NYU Abu Dhabi with a moving film that demonstrated the adverse impact humanity is having on the natural world.

  11. Giving Back Is Its Own Reward

    Giving Back Is Its Own Reward

    By Gugandeep Banga (Class of 2019) & NYUAD Community Outreach

    Collaborative. Memorable. Rewarding. Fun. NYU Abu Dhabi's Inaugural Service Day volunteer initiative, organized by the Office of Community Outreach and ADvocacy student interest group, was an amalgamation of all these emotions and experiences.

  12. Speech By Humanitarian Doctor Inspires Students

    If Not Us, Then Who?

    By Alvaro Yanez, Class of 2019

    At the start of the semester, a group of NYU Abu Dhabi students were inspired and enlightened by a public talk with Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). He and the organization work in remote places where healthcare is needed the most, especially in times of adversity, and offer medical best practices training and treatment to communities around the world.

  13. NYUAD Team Inspires Future Scientists at Think Science Fair

    NYUAD Outreach Team Inspires Future Scientists

    By Ted Bongiovanni, Director, Primary and Secondary Education Engagement

    Last spring, Hayat Al Hassan attended Think Science—the UAE's biggest science fair for youth—as a high school senior at Al Ittihad Private School in Dubai. Fast forward one year later, she's a freshman at NYU Abu Dhabi and volunteer member of the NYUAD Think Science team of faculty, staff, and researchers collectively aiming to spark an interest in science among secondary school students.

  14.  Football Program Scores High Praise

    Football Program Scores High Praise

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    There's more than one kind of goal in football, especially for participants in a customized program for children with autism, co-organized and hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi. For the kids, volunteers, and parents alike, having fun was the biggest goal of all.

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    Dr. Jane Goodall at NYU Abu Dhabi

    By Rhoshenda Ellis, NYUAD Class of 2018

    NYU Abu Dhabi took a walk on the wild side this January, holding a lecture on the life and work of famed primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall at the NYUAD Institute and hosting the first celebration of Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi at NYUAD in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute and the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD).

  16. Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    By Liza Tait Bailey, NYUAD Class of 2017 & Suparna Mathur, Assistant Director of Community Outreach

    Salamat. Shukriya. Issthuuthi. Nandri. These were just a few of the different languages in which our community said “Thank you” through this year’s NYU Abu Dhabi Holiday Drive to share our gratitude this December.

  17. Exploring the Emirates

    Exploring the Emirates

    By Alex Heald, NYUAD Student Activities Specialist

    We were greeted by two young Emirati men on horseback, each with a large UAE flag held proudly aloft. They guided us down a long dusty driveway, flanked to the left by the desert, suburbs, and skyline of Ras al-Khaimah and to the right by the jagged peaks of the mountains of the northern Emirates.

  18. angel1

    NYUAD Supports Mission to Seafarers Project

    Living on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus has its benefits. As students we are close to our classrooms, with dining and recreation just a short walk away. While we bury ourselves under homework and projects, we sometimes lose sight of how daily conveniences and necessities like books, food, and general supplies make their way to us.

  19. NYUAD Hosts Biiah Climate Change Youth Conference

    In late April, environmental enthusiasts gathered at NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus for Biiah 2014, a one-day event hosted by the University's Ecoherence environmental advocacy student group. Biiah, Arabic for "environment," is the first climate change youth conference in the UAE and was created, according to event organizers, to serve as "the kickoff to a burgeoning environmental movement in the county, bringing together students, community members, and experts in the region."

  20. Shining a Light on Autism

    Shining a Light on Autism

    In celebration of Autism Awareness month, NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus garden glowed to the light of a hundred blue candles on April 25. The University's first Autism Awareness educational evening was organized by NYUAD students inspired by their volunteer work with the Autism Support Network — Abu Dhabi.

  21. Students from UAE Universities Convene for Sila Conference

    In late November, 60 students from eight universities within the UAE convened for the second Sila Conference. Selected from a total of 122 applicants, delegates from Abu Dhabi University, Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Khalifa University, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), the Petroleum Institute, Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD), and Zayed University formed 12 five-member teams to brainstorm how to preserve Arab culture and identity as the Abu Dhabi Government proceeds with Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, a long-term city development project.

  22. NYUAD Invites UAE Community to Join Marathon Reading Event

    NYUAD Invites UAE Community to Join Marathon Reading Event

    In anticipation of the upcoming NYU Abu Dhabi Theater Program performance of M.D. (or the whale), members of the NYUAD community have begun a marathon reading of Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby-Dick, which inspired the stage production. Expected to take approximately 24 hours over three and a half days, the event, sponsored by the University's Program in Literature and Creative Writing, is open to the public. Local community members are invited to drop in and listen, or to volunteer to read a chapter or two.

  23. NYUAD Students Discuss Eye-opening UAE Summer Internships in The National

    The opportunity to intern at the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research in Ras Al Khaimah this summer has given two NYUAD students the chance to engage more deeply with the Emirati community and learn about traditions in the Emirates outside of Abu Dhabi, The National reported last week. Leah Reynolds and Petrus Layarda (both Class of 2014), who have been working on research projects with the organization, said the opportunity has enhanced their academic experiences and given them deeper insight into local culture and traditions.

  24. 130323-Musahamati2084

    Students' Community Garden Proposal Wins First Place in Musahamati Youth Competition

    During their first three years at New York University Abu Dhabi, Nahuel Rosa and Irene Pañeda (both Class of 2014) have been on plenty of urban adventures around the capital. But these strolls have been more research than recreation. The purpose: to learn what residents love about their community, and learn what would make it even better.

  25. Teaching English at the Somali Social and Cultural Centre

    Teaching English at the Somali Social and Cultural Centre

    For NYU Abu Dhabi freshman Juliana Bello, volunteering at the Somali Social and Cultural Centre is a natural extension of the work she did in her home state of New Jersey before leaving for university. Having tutored children at HomeFront, a US organization that aims to end homelessness in Central New Jersey, Bello is an experienced teacher who enjoys helping those she would "otherwise have little access to."

  26. NYUAD Freshman Finds Inspiration at the Future Centre for Special Needs

    By Imen Haddad, NYUAD Class of 2016

    As I rode to the Future Centre for Special Needs (FCSN) on my first day of volunteering, I thought about the children I was about to meet, about everything that I wanted to say to them, and about how to behave. I had no idea what my role was to be, or even if I would be in direct contact with the children. Ultimately, I didn't know whether I should treat them in a special way because of their "special needs." But throughout my first day, my uncertainty turned to realization as I began interacting with a class of girls aged six to 15.

  27. Students Learn About the Local Culture through Host Family Experience

    Students Learn About the Local Culture through Host Family Experience

    This past weekend, 18 NYUAD students got a taste of local culture by staying with Emirati host families in Ajman, Sharjah, and Dubai, where they participated in a range of cultural activities such as shopping for local dress and taking a trip into the desert. Theo Patrick Ntawiheba (Class of 2016) explains what he learned from the experience.

  28. NYUAD Explores Future Collaboration with Ajman’s “Green Sheikh”

    H.H. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Nuaimi of Ajman, also known as "the Green Sheikh," visited NYUAD this week. In addition to taking a tour of the Downtown Campus, he met with 17 students, faculty, and staff members to brainstorm ideas for future collaboration.

  29. Exploring the UAE and the Region During J-Term in Abu Dhabi

    This J-Term, students taking courses in Abu Dhabi not only hit the books, but also hit the road! In addition to three regional trips to Sri Lanka, India, and Qatar, professors led their classes on a variety of field trips to multiple locations within the UAE. Enrolled in just one course, students were able to completely immerse themselves in the subject at hand. And professors used the opportunity to organize real-world experiences that allowed the students to explore what they had already learned on paper.

  30. Operation Smile Visits NYUAD

    Operation Smile Visits NYUAD

    Last week, Bill and Kathy Magee (pictured above), the co-founders of Operation Smile, visited NYU Abu Dhabi to speak about the international charity's mission and work in the UAE. Students from NYUAD, as well as those from local high schools and universities, were invited to hear the organization's leaders speak about their goal to aid children with cleft lips or palettes and their dependence on fundraising to finance these life-changing surgeries. To date, Operation Smile has performed more than 200,000 free repairs of cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities.
  31. NYUAD Participates in Box Appeal Initiative

    Guest Post: Renee Dugan, NYUAD's director of Community Outreach.
    NYUAD staff and students united to participate in the Box Appeal initiative being offered by the Radisson Blu and Park Inn hotels in the Middle East region. Held in conjunction with Red Crescent, the "Small Box. Big Difference" campaign, which began on August 15 and ends today, provides laborers across the UAE with everyday necessities.
  32. NYUAD Recognizes Students and Local Organizations for Community Collaborations

    Twenty-four UAE-based organizations were recognized by NYUAD this week at the University's Outreach Recognition Ceremony, which was held to thank them for supporting NYUAD in its inaugural year and providing a range of opportunities to the Class of 2014.
  33. NYUAD Volunteers Support 2nd Annual Abu Dhabi Triathlon

    NYUAD Volunteers Support 2nd Annual Abu Dhabi Triathlon

    Guest Post: Wayne Young, NYUAD associate director of Athletics.
    On Saturday, March 12, more than 1,500 athletes from 51 countries convened in the capital to compete against each other, themselves, and the weather in the 2nd Annual Abu Dhabi Triathlon. As they left in waves from the Emirates Palace starting line, NYUAD volunteers — 15 members of the University community who worked in shifts during the day-long event — armed themselves with water, bananas, sunscreen, and Gatorade at an aid station on Saadiyat Island.
  34. Students Converge in Abu Dhabi to Inspire Change

    Some 200 students from around the world converged in Abu Dhabi at the end of January. They shared a common goal: to develop solutions for global issues. Traveling from countries including Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, the students were in town for the Global Issues Network Conference, a three-day event that encouraged them to make a difference by empowering them to work internationally with their peers to generate results for worldwide problems.

  35. Performing for Peace

    "Musical performances can be appreciated as art, but they can also be appreciated as tools for exploring the world," said J. Martin Daughtry, assistant professor of Ethnomusicology at NYU New York and an NYUAD Affiliated Faculty member. Indeed, the ResoNations Education Session performances by both NYUAD and NYU students during the Innovation Talks Symposium III at the United Nations Headquarters on Thursday were designed to bring global communities together and use music as a vehicle for peace.
  36. Students Kayak for a Cause

    Students Kayak for a Cause

    Students got some good exercise recently while giving back to the Abu Dhabi community. Fifteen NYUAD students and a few staff members kayaked through the mangroves to a neighboring island and spent a few hours cleaning and picking up garbage.