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    Seven Student Stories From the Seven Emirates

    NYU Abu Dhabi students have many opportunities during their four years to travel the UAE and experience the uniqueness of each emirate; from Dubai with its extraordinary skyscrapers, to Fujairah's manicured beaches, and the rugged mountains of Ras al-Khaimah, where it snows in the winter.

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    A Day in the Life of an NYUAD Student Abroad

    Imagine moving from the quiet, hot, and invariably sunny Abu Dhabi to the stone jungle of a city that never sleeps. Thrilling? Different? Challenging, perhaps? It’s the kind of transition faced by every student at NYU Abu Dhabi. Spending a semester abroad is not only a graduation requirement but an unparalleled chance to travel the world, which engineering student William Young, Class of 2018, took with pronounced enthusiasm.

  3. Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYUAD Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYU Abu Dhabi students received many global awards and grants in the 2016-17 academic year in recognition of exceptional scholarly achievements and contributions to their communities.

  4. NYUAD Students Empower Future Female Leaders in Abu Dhabi

    NYUAD Students Empower Future Female Leaders in Abu Dhabi

    As the granddaughter of immigrants, I've seen how education can transform lives, including both my mother’s and, now, my own.

  5. Day in the Life Ana Kareza

    A Day in the Life of an NYUAD Freshman

    8am: A standard iPhone alarm starts bellowing from Ana Karneza's 4th floor residence room filling the whole suite with its melodic blast then goes quiet in a minute.

  6. SNAP Connects NYUAD With Abu Dhabi Children and Families on the Autism Spectrum

    April is Autism Awareness Month. NYUAD's Office of Community Outreach (OCO), NYUAD Athletics, and Goals UAE have partnered to build the Special Needs Adaptive Program (SNAP), which pairs NYUAD student volunteers with special needs children as their ‘buddies’ to provide inclusive adaptive recreational sports coaching, under the direction of professional coaches.

  7. Exploring the UAE

    Exploring the Emirates

    I made a few simple resolutions for myself before starting college at NYU Abu Dhabi. One of them was to become immersed, really and truly, in the country where I was going to study. This resolution is easy to keep in the UAE where the list of things to explore is long but distances are short.

  8. Life Beyond Saadiyat: Class of 2016 Stories

    Life Beyond Saadiyat post-graduation alumni experiences are as varied as their interests and backgrounds. Many graduates from the Class of 2016 are earning their master's at top schools like Oxford, Cambridge, and MIT, while others have started their own businesses, or landed jobs in industries ranging from finance to education, arts, and the research sector.

  9. Two students launch priceless social support program for Abu Dhabi families

    Two Students Launch One "Priceless" Support Program For Abu Dhabi Families

    Starting a community program from scratch can be daunting. NYU Abu Dhabi students Hannah Taylor and Sally Oh — founders of the Family Friends community initiative for those touched by autism — know first-hand the roller coaster ride that pilot programs often are; scary yet exciting, nerve-wracking but fun, and definitely worth it in the end.

  10. NYUAD Heart: Giving Back to the UAE Community

    2017 has been declared the Year of Giving in the UAE. NYUAD's Office of Community Outreach (OCO) and student volunteers give back to the community in many ways, by contributing time, skills and knowledge to the community.

  11. Opportunities Abound at NYUAD's Internship Fairs

    Three Reasons to Get Work Experience Before Going to Grad School

    Making a choice between graduate school and starting a career can come with huge commitments, and grad schools’ early application deadlines often add to the uncertainty and stress of life after graduation. But what if you can have both?

  12. #myNYUAD

    #myNYUAD Fall Semester Favorites

    Beautiful sunsets, endless sand dunes, visits to the other Emirates, homework, and art performances... here are some highlights for #myNYUAD 2016.

  13. Tech-saavy Millenials Redefine Campus Communities

    Just for the Chill of it

    It is exam week. I look around and see students wearing expressions of intense concentration. They are determined, impossible to distract, and ready to take on anything that comes their way. Am I in the library? A study room? No. I’m in the Baraha, NYU Abu Dhabi’s student activity zone, watching my friends play the video game FIFA ’17.

  14. What's Your Favorite Core Course?

    What's Your Favorite NYUAD Core Class?

    At the heart of NYU Abu Dhabi’s curriculum lies “The Core” designed to challenge students in a variety of disciplines across the arts and humanities, engineering, sciences, and social sciences.

  15. Signs You're Truly at Home in Abu Dhabi

    Signs You're Truly at Home in Abu Dhabi

    NYU Abu Dhabi students, faculty, and staff come to the UAE from all over the world to live in a sprawling city that's strange at first, but quickly becomes home away from home. We're all from different parts of the planet but find commonalities in everyday things like ethnic food, hot weather, and giant malls. So, how do you know when you've become a true Abu Dhabian?

  16. NYUAD Celebrates UAE's 45th National Day

    NYU Abu Dhabi celebrated the United Arab Emirates' 45th National Day on campus with an evening of traditional food, music, and a host of cultural activities.

  17. Nine Easy Ways to Ace a Dinner Interview

    Networking or Nightmare? Nine Easy Ways to Ace a Dinner Interview

    You finger the collar of your brand new outfit nervously. Beads of sweat glisten intensely on your forehead. Is the temperature inside the restaurant really this hot? You try to catch a reflection of your hair in the stainless steel knife on the table. Was it a bad idea to get a haircut right before the meeting?

  18. Top 10 Study Spots

    10 Favorite NYUAD Study Spots

    Whether you prefer the warmth of the sun or cool indoors, NYU Abu Dhabi's campus has no shortage of great places to settle down and catch up on schoolwork. Finding new study spots can make a world of difference in productivity, and might even help you become better acquainted with the campus. Ten NYUAD students reveal their favorite study spots and explain how these places facilitate the studying process.

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    Speaking of Language Diversity ...

    It happened one day when I was out with my friends. “Yallah!” I said. “We’ll be late to the movie!” It happened so naturally that I didn’t even realize it then, but it was the first time I had conversationally used a word outside of my native languages, English and Konkani. It was a thrilling realization, but I had no reason to be surprised. It's impossible to spend a year at NYU Abu Dhabi — where there are students who speak more than 100 languages — without imbibing some of this linguistic diversity into your own vocabulary.

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    UAE Students Ponder the Planet's Future

    Do you believe that in 15 years our world will be a more peaceful, sustainable and transformed place? A large group of students from around the UAE faced this question for World Peace Day, and the uncertainty in their responses is nothing short of alarming.

  21. 4 Steps to Creating the Right Professional Portfolio

    4 Steps to Creating the Right Professional Portfolio

    Essential tips for all students, no matter what stage in your academic career. Because good grades, getting involved, and following your passion are important from freshmen year to graduation.

  22. Conquering Your Freshman Fears

    Conquering Your Freshman Fears

    I remember heading to NYU Abu Dhabi’s Campus Center during Marhaba Week, equipped with a snack box and a chit of paper mysteriously labeled Group Number 11. It was my first week as a freshman at university, and at the time, I didn't know that the people I was going to meet at NYUAD's First Year Dialogue (FYD) program in Group Number 11, would soon become my second family.

  23. NYUAD Library: Every Student's Second Home

    NYUAD Library: Every Student's Second Home

    It's two in the morning. The night is dark, but the NYU Abu Dhabi Library is still brightly-lit and full of students scrambling to reach the minimum word limit for an essay that was assigned three weeks ago. It’s that time of the year again — the Long Night Against Procrastination, referred to fondly and rather elaborately at NYUAD as the Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten.

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    Internships = New Skills, Networks, and Opportunities

    NYU Abu Dhabi students travel around the world for internship opportunities that enhance learning and educational development, and provide future career prospects in a broad range of industries from social services to finance to politics.

  25. NYUAD Brings International Flavor to Middle East Theater Scene

    NYUAD Brings International Flavor to Middle East Theater Scene

    Abu Dhabi is where past and present, East and West, mingle to create a multicultural microcosm of the world. NYU Abu Dhabi's theater program has taken up the task of opening new possibilities for theater in the Middle East by dissecting the global and regional roots of plays and emphasizing intercultural learning in its emerging story.

  26. Seven Ways to Spend Weekends in Abu Dhabi

    Seven Ways to Spend Weekends in Abu Dhabi

    NYU Abu Dhabi students live in a cosmopolitan region on the banks of the Arabian Gulf where beaches, ethnic restaurants, historic attractions, and iconic sites like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Burj Khalifa are right at their fingertips.

  27. Evolving role of university RAs

    Evolving Role of University RAs

    Resident assistants (RAs) are fountains of knowledge when it comes the unknowns and complexities of life at university. Whether it's navigating the social ins and outs of living with strangers, juggling demanding class schedules, or homesickness, RAs are always around to lend an ear.

  28. Community Unites in Support of Autism Awareness

    Community Unites in Support of Autism Awareness

    I was genuinely overwhelmed with the turnout for the Autism Awareness Community Walk — over 250 attendees — who all came to the NYU Abu Dhabi campus for the same reason: to show support, love and acceptance for the autism community.

  29. Worldly Possessions of Students From Everywhere

    The Worldly Possessions of Students From Everywhere

    Take a look inside the rooms of 10 NYU Abu Dhabi students from around the globe who combine art and memories to create little slices of home. Because turning a college residence room into your new home using nothing but blue tack, posters, fairy lights and trips to IKEA can be a daunting task.

  30. All in the Neighborhood

    All in the Neighborhood

    For many university students, interactions with professors are mostly limited to class time and office hours. But at NYU Abu Dhabi, many faculty members also play the role of neighbor, around to provide advice, and sugar when you need it.

  31. Student Outreach for Abu Dhabi Children With Special Needs

    Student Outreach for Abu Dhabi Children With Special Needs

    Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember hearing mentors at NYU Abu Dhabi say that the golden rule of volunteer work was to be flexible. I was prepared, or so I thought.

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    Abu Dhabi: From Unknown to Beloved

    NYU Abu Dhabi brings together a community at the crossroads of the world in an environment conducive not only to academic learning but also to learning that extends beyond textbooks and labs into a city that's cosmopolitan, dynamic, modern and culturally vibrant.

  33. Commencement 2014

    Life Beyond Saadiyat: Where Are They Now?

    At NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2015 commencement ceremony, His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development said, "In seeking to be wise, you must be change-makers, willing to take risks, to be different." Clearly, the graduates were listening.

  34. Ways to Re-Imagine Your College Living Space

    Simple Tricks to Re-invent Your Campus Living Space

    Your space as a student really includes the whole university campus. You may spend more time in the lab conducting experiments or talking to friends in the dining halls than you do in your room. But when you exile yourself to your personal space, it should be comfortable, cheerful, clean and absolutely Zen, especially after a long and stressful day.

  35. Monkey on a Mission

    Monkey on a Mission

    This stuffed monkey is bananas for NYU Abu Dhabi and the environment.

  36. Life in Residence is a World of Difference

    Life in Residence is a World of Difference

    One of the most beautiful sights at NYU Abu Dhabi is a dorm room decorated by people from two or three different countries. It's common to see walls and windows covered with multiple flags and religious symbols, and the cupboards stocked with an assortment of mysterious ethnic foods. Residence is a place where cultures are intertwined and the unexpected happens.

  37. Environmentalist Robert Swan

    Social Impact Leaders: Robert Swan

    Robert Swan is a polar explorer and environmentalist. He was the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles. The coldest day he ever experienced was minus 81 degrees Celsius, where sweat turned into ice inside his clothes. With firsthand experience of the effects of environmental damage on the polar icecaps, Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of the Antarctic.

  38. Tired, Stressed & Lonely: The Totally Normal Life of a College Student

    Tired, Stressed & Lonely: The Totally Normal Life of a College Student

    By Nia Wilson, Resident Assistant, Class of 2016

    Whether you're juggling complex assignments, preparing for exams, or applying for jobs or graduate schools, university life is an intense up-and-down adventure. Many students, from freshman to PhD, agree that the excitement of meeting new people and starting new classes can eventually fade into homesickness and disappointment that things aren't going as planned. Fear of failure is rampant across university campuses though few of us will admit it, especially to each other.

  39. Six Things Grad Schools Want You To Know Before Applying

    Six Things Grad Schools Want You To Know Before Applying

    Deciding what to do after earning a university undergraduate degree can be daunting, particularly for students thinking about getting a master's. Many prospective graduate school students struggle with questions like, "What should I study? Where should I apply? Can I afford it? Is it worth it?"

  40. Stories from the Ocean to the Amazon: Céline Cousteau

    Stories from the Ocean to the Amazon: Céline Cousteau

    By Tanya Bansal & NYUAD Public Affairs

    “We are not apart from nature. We are a part of nature." An important message, and one that resonated with the crowd as Céline Cousteau concluded her talk at NYU Abu Dhabi with a moving film that demonstrated the adverse impact humanity is having on the natural world.

  41. Living at NYUAD

    How a Diverse Campus Becomes an Inclusive Community

    By Alexander Leigh MacKay, Class of 2019

    I must admit, one of the main draws that led me to NYU Abu Dhabi was the opportunity to study alongside students from every corner of the globe. The chance to learn firsthand about the people, nations and cultures that constitute the countries of the world and that are condensed into one campus was enough to convince me to pack my bags for four years in the Emirates.

  42. Giving Back Is Its Own Reward

    Giving Back Is Its Own Reward

    By Gugandeep Banga (Class of 2019) & NYUAD Community Outreach

    Collaborative. Memorable. Rewarding. Fun. NYU Abu Dhabi's Inaugural Service Day volunteer initiative, organized by the Office of Community Outreach and ADvocacy student interest group, was an amalgamation of all these emotions and experiences.

  43. Speech By Humanitarian Doctor Inspires Students

    If Not Us, Then Who?

    By Alvaro Yanez, Class of 2019

    At the start of the semester, a group of NYU Abu Dhabi students were inspired and enlightened by a public talk with Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). He and the organization work in remote places where healthcare is needed the most, especially in times of adversity, and offer medical best practices training and treatment to communities around the world.

  44. 20150912-internship-dos-donts-main

    Internship Dos and Don'ts

    Student internships used to be synonymous with office grunt work. But things have changed dramatically in today's fast-paced and interconnected world. University students are well-traveled, career-driven, hungry for knowledge, and able to make a real difference within an organization.

  45. MLOW_Norbert_Monti_UN_Podium_2

    Many Languages, One World

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi student Norbert Monti (Class of 2018) will return to his studies in Abu Dhabi this September from an unforgettable summer experience in the Big Apple.

  46. Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes

    Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi students travel around the world for internship opportunities that not only enhance learning and educational development, but provide future career prospects and hands-on work experience in a broad range of industries, from social services to finance to politics.

  47. 20140825-Marhaba-Dorms-005

    Five Fun Facts About Living at NYUAD

    By Elizabeth Couri, Resident Assistant, Class of 2016

  48. Freshman to First Job

    Freshman to First Job

    By Rory McDougall, Class of 2015

    From my first day on campus to my last, NYU Abu Dhabi gave me a platform to take advantage of exciting career opportunities. For me, the question always was, what do I want to do exactly?

  49. After Four Years at NYUAD

    After Four Years: What I Know Now, That I Didn't Know Then

    By Anteneh Teferi Zeleke, Resident Assistant, Class of 2015

    Confession: I never fully read the acceptance letter I received from NYU Abu Dhabi four years ago. I was just too excited to join my new home in the UAE.

  50. Ramadan-collage

    The Meaning of Ramadan

    At Ramadan, Muslims around the world are filled with a variety of emotions: excitement, anxiety, apprehension, and reflection. Ramadan can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a time of blessings and forgiveness, and for others, it is a time to be closer to Allah.

  51. Healthy Living at NYUAD

    Three Stories to Inspire Healthy Living at NYUAD

    By Harshini Karunaratne, Suraiya Yahia, and Hayat Al Hassan

    "Healthy living is a combination of body and soul management, and I realized that giving myself time to reflect or just to concentrate on my breathing for a few minutes could drastically improve my long, busy days." - Suraiya Yahia, student blogger for NYUAD Athletics

  52. NYUAD Team Inspires Future Scientists at Think Science Fair

    NYUAD Outreach Team Inspires Future Scientists

    By Ted Bongiovanni, Director, Primary and Secondary Education Engagement

    Last spring, Hayat Al Hassan attended Think Science—the UAE's biggest science fair for youth—as a high school senior at Al Ittihad Private School in Dubai. Fast forward one year later, she's a freshman at NYU Abu Dhabi and volunteer member of the NYUAD Think Science team of faculty, staff, and researchers collectively aiming to spark an interest in science among secondary school students.

  53. Taj

    Tajorbati: New Perspectives on Ramadan

    By Sue-Ann Lau, NYUAD Class of 2018

    Ramadan takes place when much of the NYU Abu Dhabi community is away for the summer, so the Office of Student Life organized a series of events, including a day of fasting, to "create an opportunity for NYUAD to enjoy Ramadan and understand more about it," said Sanaa Amro, student life specialist.


    TEDxNYUAD: Challenging the Status Quo

    By Ramina Sotoudeh, NYUAD Class of 2015

    On April 19, NYU Abu Dhabi's first TEDx conference - TEDxNYUAD - brings 11 inspirational and innovative talks to the NYUAD community and public.

  55.  Football Program Scores High Praise

    Football Program Scores High Praise

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    There's more than one kind of goal in football, especially for participants in a customized program for children with autism, co-organized and hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi. For the kids, volunteers, and parents alike, having fun was the biggest goal of all.

  56. IMG_3887

    Dr. Jane Goodall at NYU Abu Dhabi

    By Rhoshenda Ellis, NYUAD Class of 2018

    NYU Abu Dhabi took a walk on the wild side this January, holding a lecture on the life and work of famed primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall at the NYUAD Institute and hosting the first celebration of Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi at NYUAD in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute and the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD).

  57. flags-at-sunset

    World Citizen and NYUAD Alumna Daria Karaulova

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    It's easy to get dizzy as you consider the educational trajectory of Daria Karaulova, one of 140 students in NYU Abu Dhabi's first graduating class in May 2014.

  58. Ibrahim_detail-WEB

    Stones Wrapped in Copper

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    At first glance it looks like still more of the UAE's ubiquitous construction spoil: a mound of jagged rock, in hefty chunks, sprawls across the smooth gallery floor. But a second look reveals another element: a couple of strands of gleaming copper wire have been wrapped around each piece of rock, like string around a parcel.

  59. Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    By Liza Tait Bailey, NYUAD Class of 2017 & Suparna Mathur, Assistant Director of Community Outreach

    Salamat. Shukriya. Issthuuthi. Nandri. These were just a few of the different languages in which our community said “Thank you” through this year’s NYU Abu Dhabi Holiday Drive to share our gratitude this December.

  60. NYUAD Hosts Graduate School Fair

    NYUAD Hosts Graduate School Fair

    More than 100 students flocked to NYU Abu Dhabi's first Graduate School Fair in mid-October to visit with representatives from 23 graduate schools. Hosted by the University's Career Development Center (CDC) with the aim to educate students on what graduate schools look for in their applicants, the fair saw students networking and learning about the research and programs of the participating institutions.

  61. Understanding Cyber Conflict

    Understanding Cyber Conflict

    Conflict in cyber space is the stuff of box office thrillers and countless articles in the popular press. But how can specialists better understand the consequences and significance of cyber attacks in the real world? Have major cyber attacks scored strategic victories for the nations that have sponsored or launched them? Or are these fusillades of ones and zeros simply a nuisance to their targets?

  62. Exploring the Emirates

    Exploring the Emirates

    By Alex Heald, NYUAD Student Activities Specialist

    We were greeted by two young Emirati men on horseback, each with a large UAE flag held proudly aloft. They guided us down a long dusty driveway, flanked to the left by the desert, suburbs, and skyline of Ras al-Khaimah and to the right by the jagged peaks of the mountains of the northern Emirates.

  63. Collaborative Culture

    By Mohit Mandal, NYUAD Class of 2015

    It was a warm and windless January night in Stone Town; the three of us nervously followed as our Zanzibari informant, a fashion designer named Faroque, led us down a series of dark and twisting alleys. Passing through a wooden doorway, camera equipment hanging from our necks, we entered a small room with blackboards on all the four walls and a solitary bulb providing weak fluorescent light.

  64. A Capital Summer

    A Capital Summer

    By Austin Wilson, NYUAD Class of 2015

    What do six members of the United States Senate, world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and an NYU Abu Dhabi student have in common? Many of you may believe this to be the start of a terrible joke, but the truth is that these are three components, albeit unlikely ones, of my summer internship experience in the capital of the United States — the picturesque city of Washington, D.C.

  65. Ramadan Sadaqah

    Ramadan Sadaqah

    In addition to fasting from sunrise to sunset and performing self-reflection, for those observing Ramadan, the act of giving Sadaqah — charitable giving — is also a common practice.

  66. Ramadan Kareem

    Ramadan Kareem

    NYU Abu Dhabi wishes you a Happy Ramadan.

  67. angel1

    NYUAD Supports Mission to Seafarers Project

    Living on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus has its benefits. As students we are close to our classrooms, with dining and recreation just a short walk away. While we bury ourselves under homework and projects, we sometimes lose sight of how daily conveniences and necessities like books, food, and general supplies make their way to us.

  68. NYUAD Hosts Biiah Climate Change Youth Conference

    In late April, environmental enthusiasts gathered at NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus for Biiah 2014, a one-day event hosted by the University's Ecoherence environmental advocacy student group. Biiah, Arabic for "environment," is the first climate change youth conference in the UAE and was created, according to event organizers, to serve as "the kickoff to a burgeoning environmental movement in the county, bringing together students, community members, and experts in the region."

  69. Shining a Light on Autism

    Shining a Light on Autism

    In celebration of Autism Awareness month, NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus garden glowed to the light of a hundred blue candles on April 25. The University's first Autism Awareness educational evening was organized by NYUAD students inspired by their volunteer work with the Autism Support Network — Abu Dhabi.

  70. A Superhero Week for NYUAD Students

    A Superhero Week for NYUAD Students

    By Vic Lindsay, NYUAD Assistant Director of Student Activities

    Of all the things NYU Abu Dhabi students can achieve, they’ll likely never be able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet. But for one week this April, every student on campus had the chance to live the life of a superhero.

  71. NYUAD Celebrates Arabian Cultural Night

    On March 6, Majlis, NYU Abu Dhabi's Arabian culture student group, hosted Arabian Cultural Night at the University's Downtown Campus. In addition to learning facts about Arab culture and enjoying a range of performances, guests tasted Arabic cuisine and relaxed in the garden while taking in the festivities. Watch the video below to see what the event was all about.

  72. The Vocaholics at the White House

    NYUAD Student Carries a Tune All the Way to the White House

    When Benjamin Jance IV (NYUAD '15) joined The Vocaholics, an a capella group at NYU New York, he had no idea that getting outside of his comfort zone would eventually find him in the company of the American president, Barack Obama, and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

  73. NYUAD Celebrates National Day

    NYUAD Celebrates National Day

    An evening filled with performances, Emirati cuisine, and local traditions, NYUAD's National Day festivities brought the University community together to celebrate the UAE's 42nd birthday.

  74. Students from UAE Universities Convene for Sila Conference

    In late November, 60 students from eight universities within the UAE convened for the second Sila Conference. Selected from a total of 122 applicants, delegates from Abu Dhabi University, Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Khalifa University, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), the Petroleum Institute, Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD), and Zayed University formed 12 five-member teams to brainstorm how to preserve Arab culture and identity as the Abu Dhabi Government proceeds with Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, a long-term city development project.

  75. IMG_0214

    NYUAD to Celebrate UAE's 42nd National Day

    When NYU Abu Dhabi freshman Mohammed Alblooshi approaches the microphone to sing the UAE's national anthem this coming Thursday, he will be excited, he will be nervous, but most importantly, he will be proud. "This is an honor for me. I have only lived in the UAE for two of my 18 years, but being Emirati is something I take great pride in," Alblooshi said.

  76. NYUAD Community Celebrates Diwali

    NYUAD Community Celebrates Diwali

    The percussion of Dhol drums echoed throughout NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus garden this past Thursday as the University community gathered to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. Everything from sky to ground was decorated in the spirit of celebration, from streamers of lights hanging overhead to an illustration of a bird vibrantly colored in tikka and flower petals spread out on the ground. Many students dressed in ornate saris and kurtas for the occasion and upon arrival, each visitor received a stroke of red tikka on his or her forehead as a sign of welcome.

  77. NYUAD Community Participates in Abu Dhabi Film Festival

    NYUAD Community Participates in Abu Dhabi Film Festival

    From October 24 to November 2, the city of Abu Dhabi welcomed directors, screenwriters, and performers as the Abu Dhabi Film Festival marked its fifth opening. This year, the Emirates Palace and the VOX cinema in Marina Mall screened films from 51 countries, including the Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian regions. Question and answer sessions following the screenings provided cinemagoers with the valuable opportunity to dialogue with filmmakers about their works.

  78. NYUAD Students Explore Opportunities at University Internship and Career Fair

    NYUAD Students Explore Opportunities at University Internship and Career Fair

    Students clad in business attire gathered at NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus on the evening of September 22 for the annual Internship and Career Fair, organized by the University's Career Development Center (CDC). This year marked the first year that the Fair offered full-time job recruitment as well as internship opportunities. Thirty-six organizations were present with booths where students could speak with representatives, share their CVs, and discover new paths toward future careers.

  79. NYUAD Invites UAE Community to Join Marathon Reading Event

    NYUAD Invites UAE Community to Join Marathon Reading Event

    In anticipation of the upcoming NYU Abu Dhabi Theater Program performance of M.D. (or the whale), members of the NYUAD community have begun a marathon reading of Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby-Dick, which inspired the stage production. Expected to take approximately 24 hours over three and a half days, the event, sponsored by the University's Program in Literature and Creative Writing, is open to the public. Local community members are invited to drop in and listen, or to volunteer to read a chapter or two.

  80. NYUAD Teams Compete in Green Abu Dhabi Mangroves Cleanup

    NYUAD Teams Compete in Green Abu Dhabi Mangroves Cleanup

    By Alex Heald, NYUAD Student Life

    While some of their peers used a recent weekend to catch up on sleep or homework, a group of 26 NYU Abu Dhabi students and three staff members braved the heat and humidity to help clean up one of the capital's most beautiful natural resources, the coastal mangrove forests. These forests provide a safe home and breeding ground for a variety of animal species, as well as preserve the environmental integrity of a developing city, yet they are often mistreated and at risk. "The land around the mangroves is open for public use," said staff volunteer Jenn Shaffer. "People will come with their families and have picnics on Fridays, and we came afterwards to pick up everything they left behind."

  81. Marhaba 2013 Welcomes Class of 2017

    Class of 2017 Shares Memories of Marhaba

    For the members of the Class of 2017, who arrived in Abu Dhabi a week before the fall semester began, the Marhaba orientation was a chance to learn about the inner workings of NYU Abu Dhabi, meet the staff and faculty members that will assist them on their academic journeys, get acquainted with their fellow classmates, and, of course, have a little fun before cracking open the books.

  82. NYUAD Students Discuss Eye-opening UAE Summer Internships in The National

    The opportunity to intern at the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research in Ras Al Khaimah this summer has given two NYUAD students the chance to engage more deeply with the Emirati community and learn about traditions in the Emirates outside of Abu Dhabi, The National reported last week. Leah Reynolds and Petrus Layarda (both Class of 2014), who have been working on research projects with the organization, said the opportunity has enhanced their academic experiences and given them deeper insight into local culture and traditions.

  83. 130323-Musahamati2084

    Students' Community Garden Proposal Wins First Place in Musahamati Youth Competition

    During their first three years at New York University Abu Dhabi, Nahuel Rosa and Irene Pañeda (both Class of 2014) have been on plenty of urban adventures around the capital. But these strolls have been more research than recreation. The purpose: to learn what residents love about their community, and learn what would make it even better.

  84. Looking Back on 2012-13

    With the summer holidays just days away, Salaam caught up with a few students and asked them to reflect on the past academic year. Despite putting finishing touches on papers, last-minute studying for exams, packing their bags, and seeing fellow classmates one last time, they spared a few moments to talk about the year's highlights, their discoveries and summer plans, and what they most look forward to come fall semester.

  85. Linajma Offers Extracurricular Learning Opportunities to NYUAD Community

    Linajma Offers Extracurricular Learning Opportunities to NYUAD Community

    By Clara Bicalho Maia Correia, Class of 2016

    Linajma, which means "to come together" in Arabic, is NYU Abu Dhabi's non-credit learning program that aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills and foster public engagement among members of the University and the city of Abu Dhabi at large. Posters across campus reminded students, faculty, staff, and guests that this spring's Linajma Showcase was, indeed, a time to come together.

  86. NYUAD Community Showcases Talents at Open Mic Night

    NYU Abu Dhabi students, staff, and faculty gathered in the University's Common Ground on April 26 for the last Open Mic Night of the academic year. From belly dancing to monologues and poetry reciting to capoeira rodas, participants showcased their unique talents for the rest of the NYUAD community.

  87. Earth Day Event Brings Environmental Awareness to NYUAD

    Earth Day Event Brings Environmental Awareness to NYUAD

    On April 22 NYU Abu Dhabi exchanged fluorescent light bulbs for eco-friendly candles as the University celebrated Earth Day with an assortment of booths, informational talks, and song and dance.

  88. Musician in Residence Program Welcomes Cellist and Arranger Fabio Pelligatti

    Musician in Residence Program Welcomes Cellist and Arranger Fabio Pellegatti

    NYU Abu Dhabi's music lovers were in for a treat earlier this month when renowned cellist and arranger Fabio Pellegatti spent two weeks on campus. The second notable musician to visit the University as part of the Musician in Residence program, he shared his broad approach to musicianship with music majors and non-music majors alike and focused special attention on strings, chamber music, and arrangement and orchestration.

  89. Seven Countries Celebrated During NYUAD Asian Night

    NYUAD's Asian Night Celebrates Heritage and Culture

    On April 12, an oriental breeze rushed through NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus garden as the University community and visitors from the Asian community in Abu Dhabi gathered together to celebrate Asian Night, hosted by the NYUAD Office of Intercultural Affairs. Students representing Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and China manned booths displaying their peoples' unique heritages. Adorned in traditional clothes, students served the best of their cultures' cuisines from the festively decorated booths, proudly introducing their customs to event participants.

  90. Two NYUAD Students Receive NYU President's Service Award

    NYU Abu Dhabi students, sophomore Mandy Tan and junior Jorge Zárate, have each received an NYU President's Service Award. Now in its 28th year, the award recognizes valuable members among the NYU community, students or student organizations that have made outstanding contributions to campus life, the student population, and the university network as a whole.

  91. Student Performers Gather for Global Shakespeare Festival

    Student Performers Gather for Global Shakespeare Festival

    Recently, NYU Abu Dhabi welcomed student performers from NYU New York, the American University of Sharjah, Bryn Mawr, Cairo University, Haverford, and Swarthmore for the Global Shakespeare Student Festival. Organized by NYUAD's Associate Dean of Humanities Cyrus R.K. Patell and Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo, NYUNY's Dean of the Gallatin School Susanne Wofford, and Katherine Rowe, Chair and Professor of English at Bryn Mawr, the festival included performer-led workshops and master classes focused on "making" theater and "thinking" theater, as well as two evenings of performances during which each group showcased their adaptations of Shakespeare's works.

  92. Teaching English at the Somali Social and Cultural Centre

    Teaching English at the Somali Social and Cultural Centre

    For NYU Abu Dhabi freshman Juliana Bello, volunteering at the Somali Social and Cultural Centre is a natural extension of the work she did in her home state of New Jersey before leaving for university. Having tutored children at HomeFront, a US organization that aims to end homelessness in Central New Jersey, Bello is an experienced teacher who enjoys helping those she would "otherwise have little access to."

  93. ADISL Holds First International Sports Festival

    ADISL Holds First Invitational Sports Festival

    The first Abu Dhabi Inter-university Sports League (ADISL) Invitational Sports Festival was held earlier this month. Welcoming the men's and women's soccer and basketball teams from the American University of Kuwait (AUK) to the UAE, athletes from three ADISL schools — Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Masdar Institute, and NYU Abu Dhabi — gathered in the capital for three days of competition.

  94. First Public Beach Opens on Saadiyat Island

    When NYUAD's permanent campus opens in 2014, students, faculty, and staff will be just minutes from Saadiyat Island's first public beach, which has opened just in time for beachgoers to take advantage of Abu Dhabi's comfortable spring temperatures.

  95.  UAE Artists Exhibit Works at NYUAD Campus

    UAE-based Artists Exhibit Works on NYUAD Campus

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus has once again been transformed into an art gallery. Currently, the University is hosting two solo exhibitions by UAE-based artists Mohammed Kazem and Jessica Mein.

  96. NYUAD Students Race Against the Clock in 24-hour Film Challenge

    Despite the popularity of NYU Abu Dhabi's 24-hour Film Race, the screening for this year's event was a cozy affair. Piles of beanbags, soda pop, and cups of popcorn made for an intimate ambiance, one that encouraged the mingling of students and faculty as they waited for the event to start. The room was buzzing with excited chatter and an almost palpable anticipation, which erupted into actual cheering as the lights dimmed and the screen flickered to life.

  97. Global Think Tank Aims to Better Integrate Study-abroad Students at NYUAD

    The small size of NYU Abu Dhabi's student population means, for most, a tight-knit community, intimate social circles, and the luxury of knowing almost everyone on campus. However, this perk can also have its drawbacks. Study-abroad students spending semesters in Abu Dhabi may find that many NYUAD students have already established close relationships with each other and may feel intimidated by the University's close-knit environment. This was the impetus for the recent Global Think Tank, a competition hosted at NYU Abu Dhabi that aimed to find ways to integrate study-abroad students into the University community in a seamless and organic manner, thus eliminating feelings of exclusion and instead forming connections between NYUNY and NYUAD students that would result in academically and socially meaningful study-abroad experiences.

  98. Discussing Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change

    Discussing Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change in Sydney

    By Carmen Germaine, NYUAD Class of 2014

    This January, a group of 14 NYUAD students gathered in Sydney, Australia, for the University's Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change J-Term course. An almost equal mix of juniors and sophomores, many of us looked forward to the opportunity to travel to a new place and conquer our science lab requirement efficiently. But along the way, we explored the beautiful city of Sydney and learned about how we interact with and influence our coastal ecosystems — for better and (more often) for worse.

  99. NYUAD Community Reflects on Feminism

    NYUAD Community Reflects on Feminism

    An unfinished sentence on a small whiteboard caught students' eyes as they searched for tables at NYUAD's dining halls and curious passersby stopped as members of the University's Women's Leadership Network (WLN) waved pens and invited them to finish the sentence: "Feminism is important because..."

  100. The circular pool of the Roma memorial

    Looking to the Past in Berlin

    By Emlyn Van Eps, NYUAD Class of 2016

    Of all the months to visit Berlin, January is not a popular one. Temperatures fall well below freezing and the strong wind blows dry, powdery snow off of curbs and into your face. On the first day of my January Term course, Memory and the City: Berlin in 20th-Century History and Literature, the class made its way to the Brandenburg gate for a two-hour tour of the nearby monuments and memorials. We had been told to layer up, and while many of us did, I found myself burying my face in my scarf to keep my nose from going numb. Ignoring the cold, I scribbled down notes as our equally cold tour guide discussed with us the reconstruction of the Reichstag and the buildings around the Brandenburg gate. But once we got to the memorial dedicated to the Roma, or gypsies, killed during the holocaust, I forgot the cold completely.

  101. NYUAD Chinese Cultural Club Hosts Lunar New Year Celebration

    NYUAD Chinese Cultural Club Hosts Lunar New Year Celebration

    For me, having spent past Lunar New Years with relatives in Shanghai, the holiday has been one of indulgence. It's a time for fat tangerines bursting with juice, chocolate coin showers, and generous relatives flapping red hongbaos in their hands. Not to mention the family feasts, which lead to a tremendous nationwide spike in calorie intake that can only (possibly) be rivaled by Thanksgiving in North America. This year, however, instead of an extravagant celebration marked by the sputter of firecrackers and colorful blurs of dragon dancing, the NYUAD Chinese Cultural Club went back to the basics and hosted a low-key celebration that focused on food.

  102. Life and Art, Florentine Style

    Life and Art — Florentine Style

    By Valentina Vela, NYUAD Class of 2015

    Before leaving for January Term at NYU Florence, I feared that language would be a barrier between the people of Florence and me. As it turns out, the locals I had a chance to interact with were always patient, warm, and very, very funny. Not only were the Florentines amused and thankful to hear a few awkward ciaos and grazies, they were ready to correct me and increase my vocabulary with some alloras and pregos. The people of Florence have a way of enjoying life, and they seemed interested in making sure we did too. And we did.

  103. Self-discovery Through Nation Building

    Self-discovery through Nation-building

    By Daria Karaulova, NYUAD Class of 2014

    Being a junior at NYU Abu Dhabi means being part of an exciting adventure filled with ups and downs, astonishing successes, unexpected obstacles, uncertainties, aspirations, opportunities, ambitions, and hopes. After spending my sophomore year abroad at NYU Buenos Aires and NYU Paris, I expected to be more settled with my future goals. Instead, I found myself wondering about the diversity of my experiences and gained knowledge that had generated many great ideas and passions, but also about how these ideas and passions lacked structure. I had a set of colorful threads in my hands, but couldn't figure out the pattern they should follow.

  104. NYUAD Freshman Finds Inspiration at the Future Centre for Special Needs

    By Imen Haddad, NYUAD Class of 2016

    As I rode to the Future Centre for Special Needs (FCSN) on my first day of volunteering, I thought about the children I was about to meet, about everything that I wanted to say to them, and about how to behave. I had no idea what my role was to be, or even if I would be in direct contact with the children. Ultimately, I didn't know whether I should treat them in a special way because of their "special needs." But throughout my first day, my uncertainty turned to realization as I began interacting with a class of girls aged six to 15.

  105. Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco, a Journey in Search of Knowledge

    Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco, a Journey in Search of Knowledge

    By Amani Alsaied, NYUAD Class of 2014

    The Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco January Term course left us in awe of the gorgeous cities we visited and the incredibly rich and complicated inter-religious history we learned about. Now that it's over, it is hard to believe that the class took only three short weeks of January to complete…so, where to begin this post?

  106. Recollections of London

    Recollections of London

    By Jeffrey Mei, NYUAD Class of 2015

    I had always wanted to visit London, but never had due to its long distance away. My January Term course, Enlightenment and its Institutions, however, gave me the chance to finally see the city and all of its many museums and galleries.

  107. Exploring the Cultural Complexity of Buenos Aires

    Exploring the Cultural Complexity of Buenos Aires

    By Darina Gancheva, NYUAD Class of 2014

    Leaving Buenos Aires is not easy. And it was especially difficult for me after having seen and learned how special and unique of a place it is. This January Term I was lucky enough to be enrolled in a course in Buenos Aires called Metropolis: Culture and Politics in the 21st-Century City. My classmates and I dived into the complicated history, culture, and politics of the Argentinean capital in order to find out more about the dynamic processes of urbanization. Buenos Aires was our classroom: our architectural tours, lectures by local experts, and everyday interactions with the city (which we wrote about in our daily blogs) helped us become immersed in the magical world of Buenos Aires.

  108. NYUAD Celebrates Diversity and Unity of African Continent

    NYUAD Celebrates Diversity and Unity of African Continent

    End-of-semester fatigue was nowhere to be seen as NYU Abu Dhabi students, staff, and faculty converged on the University's Downtown Campus to celebrate the diversity and unity of the African continent late last week.

  109. The Baladna Supreme Court is Now in Session

    The Baladna Supreme Court is Now in Session

    Welcome to Baladna (Arabic for "our country"), an entirely fictitious country located somewhere in Europe. Being a relatively young nation, Baladna has only two laws on the books, in addition to its constitution. Despite that, it has a well-assembled bench of justices that was narrowed down after an audition process. As such, NYUAD juniors Meike Radler and Leah Reynolds and sophomores Jamie Sutherland and Lauren Horst were recently joined by Chief Justice (and NYU President) John Sexton and renowned debate coach Aaron Timmons for Baladna's first-ever Supreme Court session.

  110. Exploring Movement and Rhythm at NYUAD

    Exploring Movement and Rhythm at NYUAD

    Guest Post: Valentina Vela, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Common Ground has seen many an event, but none quite like the dance workshops that took place in late-November. Students and staff alike took to the floor during a series of workshops to learn not one but two types of dance: Bharatanatyam and contact improvisation, both of which explored movement in various ways.

  111. NYUAD Celebrates National Day

    NYUAD Celebrates National Day

    In the days leading up to the UAE's 41st National Day, the NYUAD community and its neighbors gathered on the University campus to celebrate. NYUAD was visited by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan; His Excellency Riyad Al Mubarak, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority; and the Authority's staff for a special performance by the Abu Dhabi Police Band.

  112. NYUAD Sophomore Swims the Mina Mile

    Guest Post: Olivia Bergen, Class of 2015.

    At 5:45am on a recent November morning I sleepily departed Sama Tower and made my way to the Dubai Marina. The first competitive swim opportunity of the year had finally arrived, and this was my chance to put my months of training to the test. The event was the Zoggs Mina Mile, a multi-date race series offering 400m, 800m, and 1 mile distances. I went all the way for the mile, my first open-water swim of that length.

  113. Turkey, Community, and Reflections on Thanksgiving

    The Thanksgiving weekend again filled the ovens of Sama Tower with turkeys, pumpkin pies, and a number of more unorthodox creations. The weekend also provided an opportunity for students to reflect on their tight communities at home and their new "families" in Abu Dhabi. Junior Harrison Tan said, "Thanksgiving was a time to reflect on how the many friends you've made here at NYU Abu Dhabi have become a family — how Sama has truly become a home away from home — all over a hearty meal and easy banter."

  114. NYUAD Student Travels to Bangkok for 'Karaoke Girl' Post-Production Apprenticeship

    NYUAD Student Travels to Bangkok for 'Karaoke Girl' Post-Production Apprenticeship

    By Prangphisut (Fah) Daengdej, NYUAD Class of 2015

    "This scene looks a little too dark, don't you think?"
    "Yes, add some vignetting and make that orange wall blue."

  115. NYUAD Celebrates the Festival of Lights

    Diwali celebrations again lit up NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus. After the pooja prayer was read, the community came together for a festive night of ritual, scrumptious food, and music. The highlight, however, was arguably the smorgasbord of dances that were performed. Students choreographed and performed a Bollywood routine with all the passion that Bollywood demands, dancers from the Indian Embassy also performed dances from various regions in India, and finally, the night ended with furious freestyle dancing, amazingly uninhibited by curry-filled stomachs.

  116. 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo' in Abu Dhabi

    'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo' in Abu Dhabi

    In theatrical terms, it was the antithesis of Broadway. No Robin Williams, no manicured sets, and no elaborate costumes. Yet the raw emotion of the staged reading of Rajiv Joseph's Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo by nine NYU Abu Dhabi students demonstrated just why the play was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

  117. NYUAD Holds First Inter-university Debate

    NYUAD Holds First Inter-university Debate

    Just a few weeks after the transformation of the University's multipurpose room into a dreamscape for its most recent theater production, the room was again the scene of a series of impassioned performances. This past Friday, NYU Abu Dhabi welcomed its first inter-university debate event with a series of debates about social media, censorship, and privacy, during which the NYUAD teams competed against those from the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The fact that the debates were non-competitive did little to take the edge off some heated exchanges.

  118. 2012-11-01_Life-of-Pi

    Abu Dhabi Reads Life of Pi

    Guest Post: Sachi Leith, Class of 2015.

    All too often in a university setting, reading is considered a chore. When asked about their workloads, many students will shake their heads and groan, "Ugh. I have so much reading." Even when a reading is absolutely fascinating, it still counts as work. Abu Dhabi Reads, however, aims to change that. The project sprang from a desire to reclaim reading as something enjoyable, accessible, and collective.

  119. Theater Mitu Performs A Dream Play

    Theater Mitu Performs A Dream Play

    “The most powerful thing Rubén transmits, is that he eliminates this fear of the impossible,” Gabriel Burgazzi Rodriguez (Class of 2014) said as he described how Theater Mitu’s third professional production at NYUAD, A Dream Play, came to life. Indeed, portraying the surreal and ethereal experience of a dream through the medium of theater may seem daunting to some, but for Rubén Polendo — director of the New York and Abu Dhabi-based performance company Theater Mitu, and head of NYUAD’s Theater Program — Arthur Strindberg’s expressionist piece presented an ideal opportunity to apply the company’s “whole theater” approach. Characterized by the incorporation of a range of global performance traditions, Theater Mitu defines whole theater as “a theatrical experience that is rigorously visual, aural, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual all in the same moment.”

  120. Students Learn About the Local Culture through Host Family Experience

    Students Learn About the Local Culture through Host Family Experience

    This past weekend, 18 NYUAD students got a taste of local culture by staying with Emirati host families in Ajman, Sharjah, and Dubai, where they participated in a range of cultural activities such as shopping for local dress and taking a trip into the desert. Theo Patrick Ntawiheba (Class of 2016) explains what he learned from the experience.

  121. Varsity Dragon Boat Team Wins First Competition of the Season

    Guest Post: Luis Pazos Clemens, Class of 2016.

    Earlier this month, the NYUAD Dragon Boat team participated in the first race of the season. After training hard for a month, the reigning varsity champions and a new junior varsity team were ready to compete against teams from across Abu Dhabi. We jumped into the buses and headed to the Shangri-La Hotel, which had an atmosphere  that suited the event perfectly; we walked into a beach party with music, food, beach volleyball, and of course the races at the center of it all.

  122. NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.

    As part of NYUAD's recent Shyam Benegal Retrospective, students from NYUAD and Zayed University (ZU) participated in a two-hour master class with the legendary filmmaker, whose approximately 24 narrative features, 42 documentaries, and four television series have won him international recognition. Benegal's work is praised not only for its artistry, but also for its political commitment to imagining a better world by addressing often overlooked social issues in responsible ways.

  123. NYUAD Hosts Shyam Benegal Retrospective

    NYUAD Hosts Shyam Benegal Retrospective

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.

    With the Abu Dhabi Film Festival just around the corner, legendary filmmaker Shyam Benegal recently visited NYUAD as part of a weekend-long retrospective. During the event, students, faculty, and staff joined the Indian community to hear Benegal speak on secularism in Indian cinema; attend a public lecture by Dr. Anuradha Needham, Donald R. Longman professor of English and Chair at Oberlin College, on Benegal's films; and screen Benegal's trilogy, "Muslim women" films — Mammo (1994), Sardari Begum (1996), and Zubeidaa (2001).

  124. Trio Chicago and Friends Visits NYUAD

    Trio Chicago and Friends Visits NYUAD

    Guest Post: Cristóbal Martinez, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    During a recent visit from Trio Chicago and Friends, an American music ensemble dedicated to travelling the world as cultural ambassadors, the NYUAD community enjoyed a slice of Americana. As part of a series of concerts in the UAE, the group performed the music of famous US composers such as George Gershwin, Scott Joplin, and Aaron Copland.

  125. Opportunities Abound at NYUAD's Internship Fairs

    Dressed in their best and armed with a list of potential employers, NYUAD students enthusiastically canvassed the Internship and Opportunities Fairs that were recently hosted on the University campus. Held by the NYUAD Career Development Center, the Opportunities Fair focused on off-campus internship positions at local organizations, while the Internship Fair featured on-campus openings.

  126. My Summer as an Intern at the Clinton Foundation

    My Summer as an Intern at the Clinton Foundation

    Guest Post: Caroline Manela, NYUAD Class of 2014.

    The night before my internship orientation at the Clinton Foundation, I was skimming over President Clinton's Wikipedia page and organization's website (just in case there was a pop quiz) when I realized I didn't know what to wear the next day. I panicked: "What if everyone wears a suit? I don't have a suit! Should I have a suit? I don't want a suit!" I assured myself that orientation was a casual affair and decided on a skirt and blouse. The next day I sat through five hours of orientation in a room of 90 interns in dry-cleaned and ironed suits and ties. Needless to say, I went shopping that weekend.

  127. NYUAD Sophomore Shares University Experience in Sonoma News

    NYUAD Sophomore Shares University Experience in Sonoma News

    "If you asked me during the fall of my senior year where I'd be 12 months from then, I never would have imagined myself more than 8,000 miles away from home, studying at a small, start-up university in the Middle East," writes Emma McGee (Class of 2015) in Sonoma News. The NYUAD sophomore, who graduated from Sonoma Valley High School in California and recently shared her University experience with the publication, writes about discovering NYUAD, the excitement and opportunities that defined her freshman year, and her summer internship in rural Ecuador.

  128. My Summer as an Intern at AECOM

    By Asad Ali, NYUAD Class of 2014

    An email from NYUAD's Career Development Center during the spring 2012 semester informed me that I'd been awarded a summer internship — I was to spend two months in Abu Dhabi working for AECOM, a global provider of professional technical and management support services in markets including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water, and government.

  129. NYUAD's Class of 2016 Enjoys Marhaba Activities

    In the week before the fall semester began, the Class of 2016 took part in a variety of Marhaba events and activities, from introductions and discussions to dinners and outings.

  130. My Summer as an Intern at Ernst & Young

    My Summer as an Intern at Ernst & Young

    Guest Post: Besik Turazashvili, NYUAD Class of 2014.

    I began researching this year's summer internship opportunities in December of 2011, as I wanted to find a position that would contribute significantly toward my major and my interests, and make me more specialized in the fields of economics and marketing. I applied to a variety of positions and among those I was offered were opportunities in Paris, Moscow, and Buenos Aires; but I made the choice to spend this summer in Tbilisi, Georgia, where I was a legal & tax service assistant and marketing and PR manager at Ernst & Young (E&Y), one of the world's largest audit companies.

  131. My Summer as an Intern at the CMEC

    My Summer as an Intern at the CMEC

    Guest Post: Rory McDougall, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    The 10 weeks I spent as an intern at the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) in London this summer not only provided a fascinating experience, but also gave me my first insight into national politics in the UK. Margaret Thatcher founded the CMEC in the early 80s to ensure that Conservative Members of Parliament (MPs) and Lords understood the complex issues in the Middle East. In order to achieve this, the CMEC organizes frequent delegations to the region and arranges foreign policy experts to meet parliamentarians.

  132. NYUAD Students Raise more than AED 50,000 for Operation Smile UAE

    NYUAD Students Raise more than AED 50,000 for Operation Smile UAE

    NYUAD sophomores Dmitriy Tretyakov and Vivek Mukherjee have embraced the spirit of charity during the holy month of Ramadan by successfully organizing a fundraising iftar for Operation Smile UAE, a non-profit organization that provides free corrective surgeries for children with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. More than 150 people attended the iftar at the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai on July 26, which was organized and managed entirely by the students. Guests at the event were treated to entertainment from the distinguished oud player Nina Boutchakjian and American-Iranian spiritual poet Bahareh Amidi, who wrote a special poem dedicated to the event.

  133. A Year in Review

    May 16 marked the final day of spring semester. Here, in photos, are just a few of the activities and events in which the students took part this year.

  134. NYUAD Students Join Local Poet in Earth Day Poetry and Music Recital

    Guest Post: Sachi Leith, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    “Who’s going to go home and fall in love tonight?” laughed Bahareh Amidi, the UAE-based American-Iranian poet featured at NYUAD’s Earth Day reading, after the conclusion of a student piece. “I certainly am going to. You can tell we are around the energy of university students. This is beautiful, just beautiful.”

  135. NYUAD Explores Future Collaboration with Ajman’s “Green Sheikh”

    H.H. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Nuaimi of Ajman, also known as "the Green Sheikh," visited NYUAD this week. In addition to taking a tour of the Downtown Campus, he met with 17 students, faculty, and staff members to brainstorm ideas for future collaboration.

  136. Doha Debates Representatives Visit NYUAD

    "This House believes women will be worse off after the Arab revolutions."
    "This House believes for the sake of democracy Egypt should postpone elections."
    "This House believes Turkey is a bad model for the new Arab states."

    These are just a few of the current events topics that have been discussed on the Doha Debates, a Qatar Foundation project aired to an international audience via BBC World News. The series, which is currently in its eighth season, has developed a reputation for initiating public dialogue on a range of challenging and timely topics in the Arab world, visiting representatives said during an interactive information session at NYUAD.

  137. NYU CAS Scholars Visit NYUAD

    Joining their fellow NYUNYers — in Abu Dhabi studying away for the spring 2012 semester — 19 Presidential Scholars from NYU's College of Arts and Science (CAS) recently traveled to the UAE. One of seven NYU destinations offered to the Scholars for spring break travel, NYUAD welcomed the students for the very first time. "Our sophomore Scholars routinely take trips to study-away sites during spring break," said Bryan Waterman, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in the NYUNY English department, and an advisor to a group of sophomore Presidential Scholars, "but this is the first year that the Abu Dhabi campus has been one of the options they had to choose from."

  138. NYUAD Students Stage The Ramayana

    Earlier this month, members of the NYUAD and local communities gathered at Abu Dhabi's Manarat al Saadiyat to witness the University's first student-led production on the very island that will soon house NYU's permanent campus in the region. Directed by NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo, this production of The Ramayana was a collaboration between professionals from Polendo's own Theater Mitu, the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the Saadiyat Cultural District, and "more than 50 students working on this production as actors, assistant designers, producers, managers, crew, documentarians, and dramaturges," Polendo said.

  139. NYUAD Mascot Unveiled

    The student body has voted. And the NYUAD mascot is…the Desert Falcons! One of 31 choices on the ballot, the winning entry was submitted by sophomore Rafael Scharan. "I chose to enter 'Desert Falcons' as a potential mascot because I wanted something that would reflect the unique identity of NYUAD and of our host country, and at the same time evoke qualities worthy of competitive and respectable sports teams," he said.

  140. NYUAD Students Run Dead2Red, Win Best International Team

    Guest Post: Amy Rosenberg, NYUAD Resident Advisor, NYU Class of 2013.

    URGENT DEAD TO RED: Please note that the weather in Jordan seems to have turned for the worse, so expect wet and cold weather. Please make sure you pack appropriately.

    Less than 12 hours before 10 NYUAD students and four staff members headed to Jordan to run 242 kilometers from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, the above email came in. Apparently, the team would not only be running nonstop all night, living on trail mix, and using the desert as a bathroom, but now there would also be snow, rain, and wind. All the perfect makings of an adventure, right?

  141. Five NYUAD Teams Run the Wadi Bih

    Guest Post: Jamie Sutherland, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    Final preparations began the afternoon before the Wadi Bih race. Assembling in the NYUAD dining hall, trays stacked with burgers and pasta, runners signed the necessary forms and carbo-loaded while listening to pre-departure speeches by NYUAD coaches Wayne Young and Peter Dicce. There wasn't much in the way of tension — there was still a four-hour drive to Oman to contemplate the race — and, sitting with my teammates, the Wadi Bih run seemed like it was miles away. It wasn't until we woke up the next morning and started running that we realized just how many miles that was.

  142. NYUAD Varsity Football Goes Head to Head in India

    Guest Post: Abhishek Mehra, NYUAD Class of 2014.

    The end of NYU Abu Dhabi's second successful January Term saw 17 students, three coaches, and two support members travel to India to represent the NYUAD Varsity Football team in friendly matches against the country's best educational institutions. In an attempt to carry on the legacy of building sportsmanship while exploring new cultures — originally initiated by the University's inaugural class with its trip to Qatar in January 2011 — the team experienced four days of victory and defeat, not only deepening the familial bond amongst the players, but also connecting through sport a team comprised of 10 nationalities to players belonging to one of the most diverse nations in the world.

  143. Exploring the UAE and the Region During J-Term in Abu Dhabi

    This J-Term, students taking courses in Abu Dhabi not only hit the books, but also hit the road! In addition to three regional trips to Sri Lanka, India, and Qatar, professors led their classes on a variety of field trips to multiple locations within the UAE. Enrolled in just one course, students were able to completely immerse themselves in the subject at hand. And professors used the opportunity to organize real-world experiences that allowed the students to explore what they had already learned on paper.

  144. Journeying Abroad for J-Term

    After briefly returning to their home countries for winter break, many NYUAD students spent their intense three-week January courses — colloquially known as J-Terms — scattered throughout NYU's global sites in Shanghai, Buenos Aires, New York, Florence, and London. The courses available were as diverse as their settings, with classes on offer that ranged from The Social Life of Finance in Buenos Aires to Wealth and Inequality in New York.

  145. Diary of an HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship Volunteer

    Guest Post: Henry Bradley, NYUAD Class of 2015.

    As the sole NYUAD student volunteer for day one of the annual HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, I ventured out to the splendid Abu Dhabi Golf Club at 5:30am on January 26 to join my fellow golf enthusiasts in providing support to the film crews covering the event. Having dragged myself out of bed on my day off to watch some men hit a ball around a field into a hole, I was thrilled to learn that the "men" included the four highest-ranking professional golfers in the world, and six out of the top ten.

  146. nyu-madrigal

    NYU Madrigal Singers and Jazz Choir Visit the UAE

    The first group of NYU New York students to travel to Abu Dhabi this year, the members of the NYU Madrigal Singers and Jazz Choir touched down earlier this month to give a series of performances. Initially invited to the UAE by United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) associate professor James Mirrione, the ensembles performed in Al Ain, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, presenting concerts at UAEU and the Bawadi Mall in Al Ain, the American University at Sharjah, and at NYUAD. The purpose? "So that Mirrione's students — both women and men on separate campuses — could be exposed to different genres of choral singing," said Nancy Shankman, adjunct assistant professor and graduate adviser in the Music Education Program at NYU Steinhardt.

  147. Campus16

    NYUAD Sophomore Presents University's First Peer-Reviewed Paper

    For most NYUAD students, winter break was a time to relax, visit with friends and family, and prepare for J-Term courses. For sophomore Songyishu Yang, however, it also included a trip to Tunisia. The first NYUAD student to have a peer-reviewed paper accepted for presentation, Yang traveled to Hammamet in late-December to take part in the third International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC). During the three-day event, which provides a forum for researchers and practitioners around the world to discuss recent developments in the fields of renewable energy, 115 participants from 32 countries gathered to attend a variety of sessions with scopes ranging from sustainability and energy sources (wind, photovoltaic, solar thermal, hybrid, biomass, hydraulic, and nuclear) to environmental forecasting, policies, and regulation.

  148. NYUAD Music Performance Program Holds Final Concert of Semester

    As the NYU Abu Dhabi student body began its last week of classes before sitting final exams and heading off for winter break, the members of the University's music performance program readied their instruments one last time for "Invocation," the final concert of the fall semester. All 10 of the University's burgeoning ensembles performed repertoire dedicated to the theme of ritual, prayer, art, and the sacred. Opening with the classic, "The Prayer," and closing with a tutti performance of "O Sifuni Mungu," the concert featured such hits as "When You Believe" and "Sixteen Going on Seventeen," as well as selections from Keith Thompson's musical, God Lives in Glass.

  149. NYUAD Community Gathers for "Spectacular" Lunar Eclipse

    NYUAD Community Gathers for "Spectacular" Lunar Eclipse

    On December 10, around 50 members of the NYUAD community gathered on the Abu Dhabi Corniche to witness the last total lunar eclipse until 2014. The second of two total lunar eclipses this year (the last one was on June 15), the celestial phenomenon was the longest lunar eclipse in more than a decade, lasting 51 minutes and affording the crowd a rare show. Starting at 6:06pm local time, the Earth's shadow blocked the moon, causing it to take on a reddish glow.
  150. Oxfam CEO Shares Global Campaign for Change at NYUAD

    Oxfam CEO Shares Global Campaign for Change at NYUAD

    More than 65 percent of the world's population survives on less than USD 1.25 a day. Nearly one in two children suffer from malnourishment, and one in six die before the age of five. In a world of chronic and persistent hunger, scarce resources, climate changes, and fluctuating market prices, action is needed.
  151. NYUAD Celebrates the UAE's 40th

    On December 1, the NYUAD community gathered at the University's Downtown Campus — brightly illuminated in red, green, and purple for the occasion — to celebrate the UAE's 40th National Day. Students, faculty, and staff enjoyed traditional Emirati cuisine, visited with NYUAD sophomore Ahmed Al Masaood's falcon, got henna, listened to poetry, and watched traditional dancers. The festivities continued throughout the capital over the weekend.

  152. NYUAD Students Learn From the Locals During Eid

    During the recent Eid break, several NYU Abu Dhabi classes travelled abroad in the attempt to gain new insight into their fields of study. Visiting Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Roger Friedland led his class, Social Scientific Study of Religion, on a research trip to Istanbul, Turkey, while Arabic Language Instructor Khulood Kittaneh and Director of Arabic Studies Muhamed Al Khalil decided the break was the perfect opportunity to test their students' fledging Arabic skills by taking a class trip to Amman, Jordan. Kittaneh and Al Khalil were hoping the trip would provide a perfect opportunity for their Arabic students to have a truly immersive experience in the language they had been studying for nearly three full semesters. Similarly, Friedland believed a trip to Istanbul would allow his students to challenge, deepen, and enrich the knowledge they had gained in class through experiencing the people, culture, and atmosphere of Istanbul.
  153. NYUAD Celebrates "Karibu Afrika"

    On November 19, the NYUAD community celebrated the diversity and richness of African cultures at "Karibu Afrika," an event held in the sculpted garden of NYUAD's Downtown Campus. During the event, students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to learn more about the food, dance, clothing, and traditions of the different cultures of the African continent. "We wanted to give students a chance to show the University that Africa is a place rich with cultural diversity and to expel the stereotype of a homogenous continent in crisis," said Leena Asfour (NYUAD '14), one of the students who helped organize the event.
  154. A Celebration of Horsepower: NYUAD Visits the Dubai Motor Show

    Guest Post: János Kun, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    The weekend of November 11 and the end of NYUAD's Eid break marked a special moment for petrolheads in the UAE: the globe turned its attention to Abu Dhabi's awesome Yas Marina Circuit to watch the penultimate round of this year's Formula 1 Championship, and, approximately 120 kilometers away, the Dubai International Motor Show opened its gates for the 11th time in its 22-year history. A group of NYUAD students attended the five-day show and spent day two exploring more than 500 vehicles from more than 150 manufacturers to find out what from motoring's best appeals to the people of the Emirates.
  155. World Renowned Artist Christo Visits NYUAD

    World-Renowned Artist Christo Visits NYUAD

    This past Monday, members of the NYUAD community, along with local guests, flocked to Abu Dhabi's Intercontinental Hotel for an NYUAD Institute-hosted lecture by world-renowned artist Christo, whose innovative and controversial (due to its large scale) artwork in collaboration with his late wife Jeanne-Claude has been attracting much attention over the last half a century.
  156. Christie's Opens Its Doors to NYUAD

    Christie's Opens Its Doors to NYUAD

    Prior to the sale of its modern and contemporary Arab, Iranian, and Turkish art at the end of October, Christie's auction house opened the doors of its Dubai salesroom to NYUAD students for a private tour. One of more than 450 annual sales — covering more than 80 categories, including fine and decorative arts, jewelry, photographs, and collectibles — the collection included works by Iranian painter Mohammed Ehsai (pictured above), Moroccan photographer Lalla Essaydi, and Lebanese sculptor Nadim Karam.
  157. NYUAD Competes in Dragon Boat Festival

    Last week, the NYUAD Dragon Boat teams took to the water to compete in the Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat Festival, held at the Shangri-La Hotel. NYUAD White battled it out in both of its races, finishing fourth in the "B" final, while NYUAD Purple — comprised of many return paddlers from last year's competitions — defended its championship title, again taking first place in the University division.

  158. NYUAD Hosts International Hackathon

    NYUAD Hosts International Hackathon

    The Makindu Children's Center Database Project team won third place. From left to right: Alice Tessen (NYUAD '14), Nishant Mohanchandra (NYUAD '14), Professor Sana Odeh, Katy Blumer (NYUAD '14), and Ali Taqi (AUK).

    This past week, NYUAD hosted the first-ever International Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World. For three days, more than 50 computer science students, academics, and experts from around the globe worked together to develop mobile and web applications to solve social issues in the region. Students learned about new practices in software development and the basics of entrepreneurship through a series of interactive workshops focused on topics including HTML 5, mobile development for smart phones, and web security, all the while being mentored by more than 30 guest speakers from participating universities and organizations such as Yahoo!, the Grameen Foundation, LinkedIn, Random Hacks of Kindness, the Microsoft Corporation, and the World Bank.
  159. Operation Smile Visits NYUAD

    Operation Smile Visits NYUAD

    Last week, Bill and Kathy Magee (pictured above), the co-founders of Operation Smile, visited NYU Abu Dhabi to speak about the international charity's mission and work in the UAE. Students from NYUAD, as well as those from local high schools and universities, were invited to hear the organization's leaders speak about their goal to aid children with cleft lips or palettes and their dependence on fundraising to finance these life-changing surgeries. To date, Operation Smile has performed more than 200,000 free repairs of cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities.
  160. Campus Photography Exhibit Unveiled

    The Undispossessed, a photographic exhibit of select works by documentary photographer Yasser Alwan, was officially opened on NYUAD's Downtown Campus last week. The 91 photographs on display throughout the University were taken during Alwan's 25 years in Egypt and North Africa — although most chosen for the exhibit hail from Cairo, Alwan's home — and consist primarily of street portraits of ordinary people going about their daily lives, emphasizing the collective strength of the isolated subjects.
  161. Seven Students Win Six-Word Essay Contest

    Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's famous six-word story — "For sale: baby shoes, never worn" — the Academic Resource Center (ARC) recently held a Six-Word Essay Contest that aimed to not only publicize the Writing Center and its services, but also to "give students an opportunity to write outside an academic context — to remind them that writing, in short, can be fun!" said Anni Zhu, one of the Center's Student Global Academic Fellows.
  162. Musical Journeys

    Last year, but for telematic sessions with professionals off campus, NYU Abu Dhabi's music performance program was definitely in a start-up phase. But after her brief visit to NYUAD last year, Professor Celina Charlier has returned and, after only one month, it appears she has already given the program some much-needed momentum. This past Saturday, several University ensembles — including the Desert Winds, the New Music Ensemble, and the NYUAD Finger Breathers — gave their first performances during 'Musical Journeys,' the inaugural concert of the music program. The repertoire varied from early medieval chanting to Stevie Wonder, each ensemble taking the audience on a journey, historically, geographically, and emotionally, culminating in an en masse performance of Chick Corea's "Spain," arranged by Charlier herself for the entire ensemble.

  163. Gordon Brown Returns to NYUAD

    Gordon Brown Returns to NYUAD

    NYU Abu Dhabi recently had the honor of welcoming former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his second visit to the University. During his stay, Brown gave a public talk, put on by the NYUAD Institute, that focused on issues and solutions in the aftermath of the Global Economic Crisis. The event, which was open to both the NYUAD and local communities, took place in the impressive exhibition hall at Abu Dhabi's Manarat Al Saadiyat visitor center, not far from the location of the future NYUAD campus.

  164. Yasalam Visits NYUAD During Road Safety Campaign

    Like last year's Yasalam extravaganza, an annual citywide entertainment program that culminates with the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, this year's activities include concerts, films, and community events. One such event in the 2011 lineup is Yasalam Responsibly, during which a team of experts and local motor sporting celebrities will visit high schools and universities across the capital to raise awareness of the importance of being responsible road users.

  165. Wasel&NYUAD_edited

    Drawing in the Desert

    For Brett Bolton (NYUAD '14), the outing "provided a unique opportunity to further learn about the Emirates. I truly enjoyed Wasel's unique artistic experience and superb hospitality," he said. In addition to participating in the drawing exercise that utilized the desert around Wasel's compound — further developing the foundation established during the Drawing by Seeing course lectures — the students, along with local artists and other guests from the NYUAD community, learned from Safwan's professional experiences and took part in the discussion between the two artists that, according to Bolton, "focused on the similarities in their work and perception, despite their different backgrounds and influences." "We are a study in contrasts," Torreano explained. "That difference makes our discussions interesting, as do the similarities we share through painting."

    The trip was enjoyed by all, but perhaps most by Safwan himself. "The core was the beautiful smile I received from the team of NYUAD. They were all happy, surprised, and willing to see modern art in the Empty Quarter of Al Ain's desert dunes."

  166. NYUAD Students Get Real

    Guest Post: Joshua Shirley, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    On September 17, NYU Abu Dhabi students, staff, and faculty gathered at Abu Dhabi's Heritage Club Theater for the Presidential Welcome and Real AD Show. Continuing the tradition he established last year, NYU President John Sexton kicked off the evening with a welcoming address. Later, 16 members of the Class of 2014 (including the author of this post) took to the stage for the Real AD Show, a performance that illustrated the reality of life at NYUAD through music, dance, comedy, and drama.
  167. NYUAD Participates in Box Appeal Initiative

    Guest Post: Renee Dugan, NYUAD's director of Community Outreach.
    NYUAD staff and students united to participate in the Box Appeal initiative being offered by the Radisson Blu and Park Inn hotels in the Middle East region. Held in conjunction with Red Crescent, the "Small Box. Big Difference" campaign, which began on August 15 and ends today, provides laborers across the UAE with everyday necessities.
  168. Marhaba Week in Pictures

    Marhaba, NYUAD's welcome week, took place from August 26 to September 1. Throughout the week, the 161 members of the Class of 2015 took part in a variety of activities and events, including a Grand Welcome Iftar, a reading panel, a scavenger hunt, and a trip to Dubai. Check out their experiences in the selection of photographs below!

  169. NYUAD Students Get Scuba Certified

    Thanks to a scuba diving course offered by the University's Athletic Department, 23 NYUAD students are now PADI-certified open-water scuba divers. The class, which was taught by Abu Dhabi's Al Mahara Diving Center, required the students to complete six classroom sessions, three confined pool dives, and four open-water dives before being awarded certification.
  170. NYUAD Event Sheds Light on Devastating Effects of Global Overfishing

    NYUAD Event Sheds Light on Devastating Effects of Global Overfishing

    According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the global fishing fleet is 2.5 times larger than what the oceans can sustainably support. As a result, 52 percent of the world's fisheries are fully exploited and 24 percent are overexploited, depleted, or recovering from collapse. In order to shed light on the disastrous effects of these sobering statistics, NYUAD Ecoherence and the Roots and Shoots Club, along with the Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS)/WWF, recently held an event to examine both the worldwide effects of this epidemic and the current situation in the Gulf region.
  171. NYUAD Recognizes Students and Local Organizations for Community Collaborations

    Twenty-four UAE-based organizations were recognized by NYUAD this week at the University's Outreach Recognition Ceremony, which was held to thank them for supporting NYUAD in its inaugural year and providing a range of opportunities to the Class of 2014.
  172. NYUAD Students Hit the Slopes

    NYUAD Students Hit the Slopes

    As the temperature in Abu Dhabi continues to climb to somewhat uncomfortable levels, 17 NYUAD students recently traveled to Dubai to hit the slopes for a few hours of skiing and snowboarding. It all went down at the Mall of the Emirates, which houses Ski Dubai, the world's first indoor ski slope. The facility contains more than 22,500 square meters of real snow and five runs, the longest of which is 400 meters.
  173. NYUAD Dragon Boat Team Takes Top Prize in Dubai

    The NYUAD Dragon Boat team tasted victory once again over the weekend at the Dubai International Dragon Boat Festival. Twenty students participated in the event (eight of whom participated in the Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat Festival this past October) and took home top prize in the School/University category after beating all the other teams in the "A" finals.
  174. NYUAD Students Make Music with WOMAD Festival Artists

    "This is my music, this is what I do, my way."
    These are the words of Cameroonian singer, songwriter, and musician Muntu Valdo, who visited the NYUAD campus on Tuesday afternoon for a music workshop. Valdo is in town for the World of Music, Arts, and Dance (WOMAD) Festival, which starts tonight on the Abu Dhabi corniche and at the Al Ain Fort. The artists, coming from myriad nations with expertise in a wide range of genres, will showcase their talents through April 9.
  175. Children, Community Service, and Collaboration on Spring Break in Kenya

    Guest Post: Leah Reynolds, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    For 12 NYUAD students, spring break brought not just revelry but a chance to offer their time and talents to the Makindu Children's Center (MCC) in rural Kenya. The center, which provides education, health, and nutrition for more than 400 vulnerable children and places orphans with guardians in local families, served as gracious host to the visiting NYUAD students during their trip, introducing them to both the social issues and immense spirit of the Kenyan people.
  176. Ancient and Modern Collide on Spring Break in Istanbul

    Guest Post: Meike Radler, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    Visiting the vibrant and historically rich metropolis of Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, during spring break gave 10 NYUAD students, two professors, and a staff leader welcome respite from hectic campus life. Organized in conjunction with and as an integral part of Professor Nadine Roth's course, Urbanism and Modernism: Paris, Istanbul, Berlin, the purpose of the trip was to research and experience the development of the modern-day city of Istanbul, track its changes through history, and explore how these changes have impacted the urban fabric of the city.
  177. Cultural Immersion and a Special Homecoming On Spring Break In Ethiopia

    Guest Post: Joshua Shirley, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    Of all the NYUAD-organized trips during spring break, none were more greatly anticipated than the journey to Ethiopia. In addition to taking part in a community-based learning program, the group — made up of 13 students from 13 different countries — witnessed the return of classmate Musbah Ormago to his homeland and hostel, the Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF), an organization that provides tuition scholarships and boarding to the country's talented yet severely underprivileged students.
  178. Adventure, Education, and Fun on Spring Break in Kuwait

    It was a whirlwind few days for 14 NYUAD students who jetted off to Kuwait for their spring break excursion. The four-day trip included visits to the Kuwait Oil Company, the Heritage Museum, the Kuwait Science Club, and nearby Failaka Island. The students also got to try some local cuisine and get a little shopping done at Mubarakiya, the oldest market in the country.
  179. Four Days in Doha: NYUAD Students Experience Qatari Culture, Arts, and History

    Guest Post: Dmitriy Tretyakov, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    Experiencing Doha in just four days turned out to be a pleasant surprise for a group of 14 NYUAD students who visited Qatar for a University-organized trip during spring break. The 50-minute flight from Dubai to Doha was one of the shortest flights most participants had ever taken, and therefore no one expected the Qatari capital to be that much different from Abu Dhabi. The contrasts, however, were to be found in architecture, historical sites, recreational activities, and even city life. Lan Duong (NYUAD '14) described Doha as "a bit disorganized because it has just started to become a modern city, but in general, it felt like a very livable city and seemed quite family friendly — I saw a number of large, newly built playgrounds and long Сorniche walkways."
  180. NYUAD Volunteers Support 2nd Annual Abu Dhabi Triathlon

    NYUAD Volunteers Support 2nd Annual Abu Dhabi Triathlon

    Guest Post: Wayne Young, NYUAD associate director of Athletics.
    On Saturday, March 12, more than 1,500 athletes from 51 countries convened in the capital to compete against each other, themselves, and the weather in the 2nd Annual Abu Dhabi Triathlon. As they left in waves from the Emirates Palace starting line, NYUAD volunteers — 15 members of the University community who worked in shifts during the day-long event — armed themselves with water, bananas, sunscreen, and Gatorade at an aid station on Saadiyat Island.
  181. NYUAD Runners Travel to Jordan for 14th Annual Dead2Red Relay

    Guest Post: Laith Aqel, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    NYUAD is running circles around other universities, literally. Twenty-two students and seven faculty/staff members recently traveled to Jordan to participate in the 14th annual Dead2Red Relay Run, which took place from March 3-4. Forming two competitive groups of ten members each, they raced along a scenic route all the way from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea.
  182. Gordon Brown Sits Down With the Class of 2014

    Guest Post: James Lloyd, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    The announcement that former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was to spend time in Abu Dhabi was one that many in the NYUAD community had been anticipating since his appointment as NYU's inaugural Distinguished Global Leader in Residence. Nevertheless, a palpable excitement built in the days leading up to his February 24 arrival, brought on, no doubt, by the prospect of meeting the man who was responsible for leading the United Kingdom through its longest period of prosperity, as well as playing an instrumental role in its recovery from the global crisis.
  183. Students Discover Scuba on Al Maya Island

    Recently, 33 NYUAD students donned masks, fins, and air tanks during an introductory scuba experience at a resort on Abu Dhabi's Al Maya Island. With the help of two instructors from the Al Mahara Diving Center, the soon-to-be divers were trained to use their gear and then enjoyed an hour-long session in the pool. After passing various breathing and visibility tests in the shallow end, they headed to the deep end for a slightly more realistic diving experience.

  184. Middle East Forum Talks Media and Art

    Middle East Forum Talks Media and Art

    This month, the Middle East Forum hosted two luminaries of media and art to discuss the roles of their respective fields in a region that has seen much recent change and media coverage. Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Center, and Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of The 99, recently sat down with the NYUAD student organization, which meets biweekly as an environment to discuss Middle East politics and current events, analyze issues related to the region, and receive special access to notable academics in the field.
  185. NYUAD Adventure Club Sets Sail in Oman

    NYUAD's Adventure Club had their first outing this past three-day weekend, as 28 students headed to the mountains of Musandam, Oman. The group, which gathered for departure early on Thursday morning, took a bus from Abu Dhabi to the peninsula, a governorate of Oman separated from the rest of the country by the UAE.

  186. NYUAD Rings in Year of the Rabbit During Lunar New Year Celebration

    NYUAD students, faculty, and staff wished each other a Happy New Year while celebrating at the University's first annual Lunar New Year event on February 3. The holiday, which marked the beginning of the lunar calendar — this year represented by the Rabbit — is celebrated in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tibetan, and Mongolian cultures.
  187. Students Converge in Abu Dhabi to Inspire Change

    Some 200 students from around the world converged in Abu Dhabi at the end of January. They shared a common goal: to develop solutions for global issues. Traveling from countries including Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, the students were in town for the Global Issues Network Conference, a three-day event that encouraged them to make a difference by empowering them to work internationally with their peers to generate results for worldwide problems.

  188. NYUAD Football Builds International Relations During Trip to Qatar

    Guest Post: Vic Lindsay, assistant coach of NYUAD Football and NYUAD manager of Global Education Operations.

    Following the successful completion of NYU Abu Dhabi's first J-Term, 20 students and three coaches flew to Doha, Qatar, representing the NYUAD football team. They hoped to use sports not only as a means to see the world, but to build international relationships and develop a stronger sense of family amongst the team. For four days, through both victory and defeat, they learned the true values of sportsmanship and friendship.

  189. J-Term in Abu Dhabi a Time for Education and Exploration

    After spending time away for winter break, ninety of NYUAD's 150 students ventured back to Abu Dhabi for January Term. For this session, students had the choice of nine courses taught by professors from around the globe.

  190. NYUAD Students Experience Politics and History in London

    Xiaomei Wu (NYUAD '14) really experienced the interesting dynamics of the city. "Everything here is an antique! It is like all of London is a museum. Basically every street and every house has a history," she said. "But it is also a city with both historical and modern elements. It's both old and young."

    Throughout their three-week course, taught by London School of Economics professor Simon Hix and NYUNY professors Joseph Tucker and Michael Laver, students were exposed to the inner workings of the European Union. "We got to meet with members of the European Parliament, ambassadors to Croatia and Bosnia, and even got to visit the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I was surprised to see that the speakers still wear wigs!" said Tine Paulsen (NYUAD '14).

    Wu was impressed to feel the city's political power play out in her day-to-day life. "The UK definitely has a very important role in Europe, and it's also a key member of the EU. Being in London I could feel a real Europe. The concept of EU and Europe was no longer in the book. It was all around me."

    Wu also took time out of her busy schedule to experience some authentic British culture. "I saw two plays while in London. There is rarely any theater in my home city, so it was exciting to see a live play! I also saw the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, which was a five-minute walk from our dorm." Paulsen also took the opportunity to explore, taking a tour of the city with her resident advisors. "We took the tube from place to place, including the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, and then took a boat tour under Tower Bridge."

    Much like her fellow students who went abroad, Wu couldn't wait to get back to the warm Gulf weather. "London is very cold. I miss the sun in Abu Dhabi!"

    Read about the students' J-Term experiences in Shanghai, New York, and Abu Dhabi.

  191. NYUAD Students Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple

    "We got to go to a different museum everyday," said Baltaji, who took her course at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. "We have been to the Frick Collection, the Morgan Library & Museum, the Rubin Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Cloisters. By far the best day I have had was going to the Frick Collection while it was closed and getting to see the private rooms that are usually closed to the public."

    Simon Huang (NYUAD '14) opted for Punishment in Law, Politics, and Society, taught by NYU School of Law professor Rachel Barkow, which included trips to the Metropolitan Corrections Center, a trial at a federal courthouse, and even a stop at the American Gangster Museum. Inside the classroom, Huang and his fellow classmates discussed everything from lobbying forces to ways of reforming the penal system. "It was deliciously fun!" he exclaimed.

    New York J-Term students were also given the opportunity to study New York and Modernity, taught by NYU Associate Dean of English and NYUAD Associate Dean of Humanities Cyrus Patell, as well as Principles of Marketing, taught by NYU Stern School of Business Academic Director Bruce Buchanan.

    Outside of the classroom, Baltaji was sure to make the most of the city. "I explored the city by foot just to see where I would end up. I actually love the fact that you can walk everywhere and anywhere and find a variety of alluring stores — and even if you get lost the people are incredibly helpful." Huang chose to spend most of his free time in the theater. "I went to see a total of six shows on Broadway: Wicked, Jersey Boys, The Importance of Being Earnest, American Idiot, Chicago, and Billy Elliot. I also did touristy things like visit the Statue of Liberty and take a sightseeing bus tour. The city is certainly ever-changing; there's no end to the number of things you've yet to do and places you've yet to go."

    The biggest hardship of living in the city that never sleeps? "Things are definitely more expensive there," Huang said. "The tube of toothpaste I bought at the store next door cost $5.50!" Baltaji, on the other hand, thought the hardest part was the winter weather, specifically the late-December blizzard that blanketed the city in snow. "The cold has by far gotten to me; it just really causes me to feel like I should stay in bed all day bundled in layers of blankets. I would give anything to be back in the warmth of Abu Dhabi!"

    Read about the students' J-Term experiences in Shanghai, London, and Abu Dhabi.

  192. Inaugural MEF Meeting Hosts Author Reza Aslan

    Inaugural MEF Meeting Hosts Author Reza Aslan

    He has made appearances on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Meet the Press, but this past Thursday, Reza Aslan (pictured center), acclaimed writer and contributing editor for The Daily Beast, sat with a group of 20 NYUAD students to discuss Islam, democracy, and contemporary Middle Eastern politics. The lucky students were part of the inaugural meeting of the Middle East Forum, a new organization sponsored by the NYUAD Institute that convenes biweekly as an environment for students to discuss Middle East politics and current events, analyze issues related to the region, and receive special access to notable academics in the field.
  193. The NBA Comes to Abu Dhabi

    Basketball may not be the most popular sport in Abu Dhabi — here, horse and camel racing, football, falconry, and motorsports take top spots on the list — but this past weekend close to 13,000 fans gathered at the Flash Forum on Yas Island during the inaugural NBA JamFest Abu Dhabi 2010, a three-day event that included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, appearances by NBA legend Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon, and performances by the New York Knicks City Dancers and the Milwaukee Bucks "Rim Rockers" Dunk Team.

  194. Performing for Peace

    "Musical performances can be appreciated as art, but they can also be appreciated as tools for exploring the world," said J. Martin Daughtry, assistant professor of Ethnomusicology at NYU New York and an NYUAD Affiliated Faculty member. Indeed, the ResoNations Education Session performances by both NYUAD and NYU students during the Innovation Talks Symposium III at the United Nations Headquarters on Thursday were designed to bring global communities together and use music as a vehicle for peace.
  195. Students Kayak for a Cause

    Students Kayak for a Cause

    Students got some good exercise recently while giving back to the Abu Dhabi community. Fifteen NYUAD students and a few staff members kayaked through the mangroves to a neighboring island and spent a few hours cleaning and picking up garbage.
  196. NYUAD Flag Football Team Wins Championship

    NYUAD Flag Football Team Wins Championship

    By Wayne Young, NYUAD Associate Director of Athletics
    Last night the NYUAD American flag football team won the Duplays citywide recreation league championship 30-19, an incredible turnaround from its season-opening 42–6 loss.
  197. Angels in the Outfield

    The majority of NYUAD students know what it's like to be far away from home, missing friends and family, and craving a conversation in their native tongue. So it's no surprise that 11 students recently participated in a charity event for those in a similar situation. Competing in a charity football tournament to raise funds for The Angel Appeal, a project by The Mission to Seafarers, the students laced up their boots to help the organization provide seafarers at anchor (off the coast of Fujairah, but too far out to come ashore) vital contact from family and friends.
  198. The Class of 2014 Goes Camping

    Trading in the city lights for stars and some traditional Bedouin culture, 130 NYU Abu Dhabi students recently packed their bags for a night of camping in the desert. The trip, which took place last weekend, included a variety of activities. The diversions, including camel rides and sand surfing, provided the perfect opportunity for the students to take a break from studying and let loose with their classmates.
  199. Rainy Days

    Rainy Days

    Droplets of water fell from the sky last night — something that hasn't been seen in Abu Dhabi for quite some time. And it caused quite the commotion. This first rain — and thunder — of the season sent NYUAD students dashing outside, yelling, screaming, laughing, hugging, and jumping for joy. For some, these last few months have been the longest they've lived without rain. With excitement like this, here's hoping it does come back another day!

  200. Students Get Creative by "Getting Headless"

    Ten students were writing on white boards lining the wall of the student activities room. The day Salaam visited, the warm-up was an emotion spectrum, a list of things from good to bad, written in their respective areas of the board. After five minutes, the entire wall was covered. Positive notes like "Skyping with my brother" and "surprise pizza" were written on the "good" side; "only blueberry bagels left at the Downtown Campus Cafe, bummer" in the middle; and "Stats. That's it" and "someone stole my candy" on the "bad" side.

  201. Halloween Haunts Class of 2014

    For the students who normally celebrate Halloween, the Sama Tower festivities may have conjured up welcome images of home. However, for those who don't, the trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving were just two more things to enthusiastically add to their growing list of firsts.
  202. Abu Dhabi Film Festival Takes Over City, Inspires Film Students

    Abu Dhabi Film Festival Takes Over City, Inspires Film Students

    The red carpet has been rolled out for the fourth annual Abu Dhabi Film Festival! Taking place at various locations throughout the city, including the Emirates Palace and the Marina Mall, the nine-day festival, which began on October 14, will screen more than 170 films, from cinematic shorts and documentaries to Bollywood films and highly anticipated big-budget movies such as Secretariat.

  203. NYUAD Team Wins Dragon Boat Grand Championship

    The NYU Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat team took the top prize in the Schools/Universities category at the 3rd annual Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat Festival, held last Friday at the Shangri-La Hotel.
  204. A Look at NYUAD's First Week

    A look back at NYU Abu Dhabi's first week.

  205. Classes Begin!

    Monday marked the first day of classes for NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014. Since then, the Downtown Campus has been bustling with students filing into classrooms, studying in the library, enjoying lunch breaks in the café, and picking up supplies from the bookstore.

  206. Lights, Camera, Action

    Erin Meekhof, a member of NYUAD's Class of 2014, produced, directed, and starred in an eight-minute video capturing highlights from her trip to Abu Dhabi for the November 2009 Candidate Weekend. Hmmm, Erin, do we see a film major in your future?