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  1. J-Term Stories & Photos From Around the World

    A collection of photos and short stories that prove how January Term is an unparalleled learning experience for NYU Abu Dhabi students.

  2. January Term in Al Ain

    How January Term is Redefining Education

    Education at NYU Abu Dhabi is not just about learning facts from textbooks and passing multiple choice exams. It's an immersive experience for NYUAD students, who, each January Term choose hands-on classes in cities from Al Ain to Buenos Aires that challenge their perceptions of the past and enrich their visions of the future.

  3. J-Term Experiences 2016

    J-Term: Up Close & Personal

    In January Term, NYU Abu Dhabi students are here, there and everywhere from Shanghai to London, Sydney to New York, and around the UAE.

  4. Discussing Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change

    Discussing Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change in Sydney

    By Carmen Germaine, NYUAD Class of 2014

    This January, a group of 14 NYUAD students gathered in Sydney, Australia, for the University's Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change J-Term course. An almost equal mix of juniors and sophomores, many of us looked forward to the opportunity to travel to a new place and conquer our science lab requirement efficiently. But along the way, we explored the beautiful city of Sydney and learned about how we interact with and influence our coastal ecosystems — for better and (more often) for worse.

  5. The circular pool of the Roma memorial

    Looking to the Past in Berlin

    By Emlyn Van Eps, NYUAD Class of 2016

    Of all the months to visit Berlin, January is not a popular one. Temperatures fall well below freezing and the strong wind blows dry, powdery snow off of curbs and into your face. On the first day of my January Term course, Memory and the City: Berlin in 20th-Century History and Literature, the class made its way to the Brandenburg gate for a two-hour tour of the nearby monuments and memorials. We had been told to layer up, and while many of us did, I found myself burying my face in my scarf to keep my nose from going numb. Ignoring the cold, I scribbled down notes as our equally cold tour guide discussed with us the reconstruction of the Reichstag and the buildings around the Brandenburg gate. But once we got to the memorial dedicated to the Roma, or gypsies, killed during the holocaust, I forgot the cold completely.

  6. View of the water from the Abu Dhabi Corniche

    Experiencing Abu Dhabi through J-Term Exploration

    Holding the tiny raisin between two fingers, I prepared myself for one of the most challenging exercises of my academic career. The premise was simple: describe the food in front of you — its taste, smell, texture, and appearance — and yet, I found myself utterly at a loss. What might be the proper words to describe a raisin? The only response my scrambled brain could muster was "raisin-y," and I had a feeling that this vivid description probably wouldn't suffice. In my whole life, I'd never thought I'd feel so confounded and challenged by a piece of dried fruit.

  7. Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco, a Journey in Search of Knowledge

    Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco, a Journey in Search of Knowledge

    By Amani Alsaied, NYUAD Class of 2014

    The Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco January Term course left us in awe of the gorgeous cities we visited and the incredibly rich and complicated inter-religious history we learned about. Now that it's over, it is hard to believe that the class took only three short weeks of January to complete…so, where to begin this post?