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    Major Choices

    One of the perks of a liberal arts education at NYU Abu Dhabi is students’ freedom to construct their own education. We are encouraged to explore non-traditional course paths and combine unrelated majors and minors like computer science with theater, or physics and philosophy.

  2. J-Term Stories & Photos From Around the World

    A collection of photos and short stories that prove how January Term is an unparalleled learning experience for NYU Abu Dhabi students.

  3. January Term in Al Ain

    How January Term is Redefining Education

    Education at NYU Abu Dhabi is not just about learning facts from textbooks and passing multiple choice exams. It's an immersive experience for NYUAD students, who, each January Term choose hands-on classes in cities from Al Ain to Buenos Aires that challenge their perceptions of the past and enrich their visions of the future.

  4. What's Your Favorite Core Course?

    What's Your Favorite NYUAD Core Class?

    At the heart of NYU Abu Dhabi’s curriculum lies “The Core” designed to challenge students in a variety of disciplines across the arts and humanities, engineering, sciences, and social sciences.

  5. The Conversation: Michael Pollan on His Ambivalent Journey as a Writer

    Bestselling author Michael Pollan speaks to longtime friend, fellow writer, and NYUAD faculty member Charles Siebert about the journey his thinking and writing have taken since he planted his first vegetable garden, and the doubts he battled during his transition into a full-fledged writing career.

  6. NYUAD Brings International Flavor to Middle East Theater Scene

    NYUAD Brings International Flavor to Middle East Theater Scene

    Abu Dhabi is where past and present, East and West, mingle to create a multicultural microcosm of the world. NYU Abu Dhabi's theater program has taken up the task of opening new possibilities for theater in the Middle East by dissecting the global and regional roots of plays and emphasizing intercultural learning in its emerging story.

  7. J-Term Experiences 2016

    J-Term: Up Close & Personal

    In January Term, NYU Abu Dhabi students are here, there and everywhere from Shanghai to London, Sydney to New York, and around the UAE.

  8. Abu Dhabi Science Festival

    Touched by Science

    By Tanya Bansal, Class of 2018

    Abu Dhabi's Mushrif Central Park has been transformed into an 11-day science extravaganza of more than 50 interactive workshops and exhibitions, fun experiments and performances to educate young minds about diverse topics in science like the environment, the human body, aerodynamics and outer space.

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    Art Exhibit: Might (Writing and Stitching)

    By Bana Kattan, Assistant Curator, NYUAD Art Gallery

    Jill Magi, senior lecturer in the Writing Program at NYU Abu Dhabi, is an artist, critic and educator who works in text, image, and textile. Magi’s exhibition, Might (Writing and Stitching), on display at the NYUAD Arts Center Project Space until September 20, reflects the artist’s liaisons between text and textile.

  10. MLOW_Norbert_Monti_UN_Podium_2

    Many Languages, One World

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi student Norbert Monti (Class of 2018) will return to his studies in Abu Dhabi this September from an unforgettable summer experience in the Big Apple.

  11. Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes

    Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi students travel around the world for internship opportunities that not only enhance learning and educational development, but provide future career prospects and hands-on work experience in a broad range of industries, from social services to finance to politics.

  12. Experimenting With Life in the Lab

    Experimenting With Life in the Lab

    By Ted Bongiovanni, Director of Primary and Secondary Education Engagement

    Shaikha al Neaimi isn't officially a freshman at NYU Abu Dhabi - she begins her studies in September - but has already developed a pretty good sense of what it's like to study in the campus science labs on Saadiyat Island.

  13. NYU Abu Dhabi Extends Reach to Care Center in Ethiopia

    NYU Abu Dhabi Extends Reach to Care Center in Ethiopia

    By Deirdre A. Royster, Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, NYUAD Affiliated Faculty

    When I first started teaching in the 1990s, a community-based research and learning movement, aimed at undergraduates, was well underway in US universities. Long admiring innovative community organizations designed to serve and empower poor, often racially stigmatized urban residents, I embraced the idea that students could (and should) learn from community-based organizations and those who use and serve them.

  14. Oxford Bound: NYUAD Students Named Rhodes Scholars

    Oxford Bound: NYUAD's 2015 Rhodes Scholars

    A pair of exceptional NYU Abu Dhabi students have been named 2015 Rhodes Scholars for the United Arab Emirates and will be attending Oxford University for their graduate studies starting in September.

  15. uae-scholars-visit-united-states-08

    UAE Scholars Reflect on Winter Trip

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    University students from throughout the UAE, enrolled in the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program (SMSP), embarked on the trip of a lifetime in February, traveling to New York City and Washington, D.C. to participate in global awareness activities, meet leaders in education and business, and (of course) have some fun.

  16. Graduate Student Samah Saeed Wins McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award

    Graduate Student Samah Saeed Wins McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award

    Graduate student Samah Saeed won a major award in electronic circuits test community, the E.J. McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award, in recognition of her outstanding work on her PhD dissertation. She is the first female to win the award, which is granted by the Test Technology Technical Council and was first offered in 2005 to promote most impactful doctoral student work.

  17. flags-at-sunset

    World Citizen and NYUAD Alumna Daria Karaulova

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    It's easy to get dizzy as you consider the educational trajectory of Daria Karaulova, one of 140 students in NYU Abu Dhabi's first graduating class in May 2014.

  18. NYUAD Summer Academy

    NYUAD Summer Academy: A Graduate Perspective

    By Jude Rashed M.R. Alhajeri, NYUAD Summer Academy

    I was in tenth grade when the NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy ambassadors came to my school to present on His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Scholarship program.  At the time, I knew nothing about the Summer Academy program, and I had not yet made up my mind about what degree and career I wanted to pursue after graduation.

  19. Ibrahim_detail-WEB

    Stones Wrapped in Copper

    By Brian Kappler, NYUAD Guest Contributor

    At first glance it looks like still more of the UAE's ubiquitous construction spoil: a mound of jagged rock, in hefty chunks, sprawls across the smooth gallery floor. But a second look reveals another element: a couple of strands of gleaming copper wire have been wrapped around each piece of rock, like string around a parcel.

  20. Organs, Tissues and Candy Games: An Investigation into Modern Day Monstrosity

    Organs, Tissues and Candy Games: An Investigation into Modern Day Monstrosity

    Organs, Tissues and Candy Games, the inaugural show in the Black Box Theatre at NYU Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Campus, and a collaboration with the acclaimed Zoukak Theatre Company from Lebanon, premiered in early to November to a sold-out crowd. Inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus, the piece was an "investigation into modern day monstrosity. It questions the role of policymaking in scientific advancement and the insatiable pursuit for immortality and security." Following the opening, Salaam checked in with NYUAD Theater & Arts Program Associate Producer Gaar Adams and the Zoukak Theatre Company to learn more about the show, its inspiration, and its conception.

  21. Understanding Cyber Conflict

    Understanding Cyber Conflict

    Conflict in cyber space is the stuff of box office thrillers and countless articles in the popular press. But how can specialists better understand the consequences and significance of cyber attacks in the real world? Have major cyber attacks scored strategic victories for the nations that have sponsored or launched them? Or are these fusillades of ones and zeros simply a nuisance to their targets?

  22. Designing a Better Chip

    Designing a Better Chip

    As one might imagine, designing a computer chip is a painstaking and intricate process. Creating the blueprint for a chip that comprises multiple layers of complex circuitry involves the creation of schematic diagrams to map electrical circuits, floor planning to manage where each component fits, and routing connections between those components — not to mention a rigorous process of simulation, testing, and refining before the chip is ready to move on to fabrication. Designing one chip requires teams of engineers and a significant financial and time investment.

  23. Arabic and Entrepreneurship in the UAE

    Arabic and Entrepreneurship in the UAE

    By Xu Xinming, NYUAD Class of 2017

    My first university summer was not the type of holiday that I would recommend to future freshmen who want to relax and see the world before chasing after summer internships in subsequent years. Nevertheless, I found my summer equally exciting and tremendously rewarding, both intellectually and experientially.

  24. Student Production of M.D. (or the whale) Showcases Experimental Take on Melville's Moby-Dick

    Student Production of M.D. (or the whale) Showcases Experimental Take on Melville's Moby-Dick

    The NYU Abu Dhabi student production of M.D. (or the whale) summoned crowds of theatergoers to Manarat Al Saadiyat earlier this month. A collaboration between Witness Relocation, a New York City-based theater and dance company, and NYUAD students, M.D. (or the whale) wove together dance, wrestling, music, and video projection in a revolutionary exploration of daily life on Captain Ahab's ship in Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby-Dick.

  25. NYUAD Junior Opens Installation at Chilean Museum of Human Rights and Memory

    NYUAD Junior Opens Installation at Chilean Museum of Human Rights and Memory

    On a September evening at the Museum of Human Rights and Memory in Chile, NYU Abu Dhabi junior Nikolai Kozak opened ROSTRO, an installation honoring the 40th anniversary of the 1973 coup d'etat that marked the beginning of the country's three-decade-long military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet. Kozak's first officially commissioned project, ROSTRO — which means "face" in Spanish — was also the largest art installation to be featured in the 40 years of the event's commemoration, covering the museum's facade with faces of the victims of the dictatorship.

  26. NYUAD Artists Spend Summer in Vietnam, Complete "Forty from Afar"

    NYUAD Artists Spend Summer in Vietnam, Complete "Forty from Afar"

    By James Hunt, NYUAD Class of 2014

    This summer found me in an atypical setting — in Hoi An, Vietnam, a town of 120,000 inhabitants on the South China Sea. Alongside NYU Abu Dhabi junior Anna Kurkova, I immersed myself in the local community and created a series of artworks focusing on an anthropological study. Titled "Forty From Afar," the series comprised a total of 40 works on canvas and in watercolor.

  27. Students Create Connections through Squares

    Students Create Connections through Squares

    This month, four NYU students — Geo Kamus, Diana Gluck, and Haley Smith from NYU Abu Dhabi and Alexandra Lenihan from NYU New York — launched Squares, an initiative designed to connect students from various universities across the UAE.

  28. Looking Back on 2012-13

    With the summer holidays just days away, Salaam caught up with a few students and asked them to reflect on the past academic year. Despite putting finishing touches on papers, last-minute studying for exams, packing their bags, and seeing fellow classmates one last time, they spared a few moments to talk about the year's highlights, their discoveries and summer plans, and what they most look forward to come fall semester.

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    Festival of Student Work Marks End of Academic Year

    As in last May's Journeys exhibition, the end of this academic year saw an array of student work on display at NYU Abu Dhabi's Downtown Campus. Including everything from films and essays to performances and visual art, the Festival of Student Work showcased a range of projects across disciplines and divisions and encouraged the University community to come together for one final event before dispersing for the summer.

  30. Recipients of NYUAD's 2013 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarships Announced

    This summer, 32 high-achieving students will begin their first year of the NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy — a rigorous 18-month enrichment program — as recipients of the 2013 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship for Outstanding High School Students. Now in its third year, the program offers an immersive educational experience that prepares Abu Dhabi-based Emirati students for entry into top-tier English-language universities throughout the world — including NYUAD.

  31. NYUAD Students Participate in 2013 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

    NYUAD Students Participate in 2013 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

    Everybody knows that books are the perfect companions for rainy days. Fortunately, on one of the recent drizzly weekends in Abu Dhabi, the NYUAD Arabic department gathered students to visit the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. There, students wandered among teetering columns of novels, magazines, and religious texts as they learned more about the world of Arab and international literature.

  32. NYUAD Student Film Screened At Zumeff For Third Year Running

    NYUAD Student Film Screened at ZUMEFF for Third Year Running

    For the third consecutive year, an NYU Abu Dhabi student's work has been screened at the Zayed University Middle East Film Festival (ZUMEFF), now in its fourth year. Sophomore Nikolai Kozak's film, Saudade, was selected for the Narrative category at the Festival, which was held on the Zayed University campus on April 29.

  33. Musician in Residence Program Welcomes Cellist and Arranger Fabio Pelligatti

    Musician in Residence Program Welcomes Cellist and Arranger Fabio Pellegatti

    NYU Abu Dhabi's music lovers were in for a treat earlier this month when renowned cellist and arranger Fabio Pellegatti spent two weeks on campus. The second notable musician to visit the University as part of the Musician in Residence program, he shared his broad approach to musicianship with music majors and non-music majors alike and focused special attention on strings, chamber music, and arrangement and orchestration.

  34. NYUAD Students Perform The Odyssey

    NYUAD Students Perform The Odyssey

    April 18 marked the long-awaited opening night of NYU Abu Dhabi's student-led production of The Odyssey, adapted and directed by NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo. Performed at Manarat al Saadiyat, the show was the collaborative effort of student actors as well as artists, directors, and producers from both NYUAD and Theater Mitu, Polendo's professional theater company.

  35. NYUAD Engineers for Social Impact Build Community Center in Syria

    NYUAD Engineers for Social Impact Build Community Center in Sri Lanka

    When NYU Abu Dhabi freshman Eder Munya journeyed to Sri Lanka during spring break to build a community center alongside his fellow engineering classmates, he found himself receiving help from some unexpected but enthusiastic volunteers.

  36. NYUAD runners travel to Cyprus for Limassol marathon

    NYUAD Runners Travel to Cyprus for Limassol Marathon

    The crack of the gun marked the opening of the Limassol Marathon, held on March 24 in Limassol, Cyprus. Taking off from the seafront of Molos, 19 runners from NYUAD — nine students and three staff members in the half marathon and seven students in the full marathon — ran along the spectacular coastline of Limassol, known to be the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite.

  37. Student Performers Gather for Global Shakespeare Festival

    Student Performers Gather for Global Shakespeare Festival

    Recently, NYU Abu Dhabi welcomed student performers from NYU New York, the American University of Sharjah, Bryn Mawr, Cairo University, Haverford, and Swarthmore for the Global Shakespeare Student Festival. Organized by NYUAD's Associate Dean of Humanities Cyrus R.K. Patell and Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo, NYUNY's Dean of the Gallatin School Susanne Wofford, and Katherine Rowe, Chair and Professor of English at Bryn Mawr, the festival included performer-led workshops and master classes focused on "making" theater and "thinking" theater, as well as two evenings of performances during which each group showcased their adaptations of Shakespeare's works.

  38. NYUAD Team Wins Masdar Institute's Mind Rewind Competition

    NYUAD Team Wins Masdar Institute's Mind Rewind Competition

    By Sumit Dahal, NYUAD Class of 2015

    With just seven seconds to answer each question, NYU Abu Dhabi students had to think fast at the Masdar Institute's recent "Mind Rewind" Competition. This general knowledge competition looked to enhance the relationship between universities in Abu Dhabi while fostering a spirit of competition, increasing intellectual prowess in a broad range of areas, and providing an extra-curricular activity that was intellectually stimulating. The slogan of this year's inter-university brain challenge was "Rewind & Re-watch" and topics included current affairs, sports, literature, science, and entertainment. The NYUAD team, consisting of sophomores Sumit Dahal and Craig Breckenridge and freshmen Nandita Chaturvedi and Daniel Brown, faced off against teams from the Petroleum Institute, Khalifa University, the Masdar Institute, and the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

  39. Discussing Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change

    Discussing Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change in Sydney

    By Carmen Germaine, NYUAD Class of 2014

    This January, a group of 14 NYUAD students gathered in Sydney, Australia, for the University's Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change J-Term course. An almost equal mix of juniors and sophomores, many of us looked forward to the opportunity to travel to a new place and conquer our science lab requirement efficiently. But along the way, we explored the beautiful city of Sydney and learned about how we interact with and influence our coastal ecosystems — for better and (more often) for worse.

  40. The circular pool of the Roma memorial

    Looking to the Past in Berlin

    By Emlyn Van Eps, NYUAD Class of 2016

    Of all the months to visit Berlin, January is not a popular one. Temperatures fall well below freezing and the strong wind blows dry, powdery snow off of curbs and into your face. On the first day of my January Term course, Memory and the City: Berlin in 20th-Century History and Literature, the class made its way to the Brandenburg gate for a two-hour tour of the nearby monuments and memorials. We had been told to layer up, and while many of us did, I found myself burying my face in my scarf to keep my nose from going numb. Ignoring the cold, I scribbled down notes as our equally cold tour guide discussed with us the reconstruction of the Reichstag and the buildings around the Brandenburg gate. But once we got to the memorial dedicated to the Roma, or gypsies, killed during the holocaust, I forgot the cold completely.

  41. Life and Art, Florentine Style

    Life and Art — Florentine Style

    By Valentina Vela, NYUAD Class of 2015

    Before leaving for January Term at NYU Florence, I feared that language would be a barrier between the people of Florence and me. As it turns out, the locals I had a chance to interact with were always patient, warm, and very, very funny. Not only were the Florentines amused and thankful to hear a few awkward ciaos and grazies, they were ready to correct me and increase my vocabulary with some alloras and pregos. The people of Florence have a way of enjoying life, and they seemed interested in making sure we did too. And we did.

  42. Self-discovery Through Nation Building

    Self-discovery through Nation-building

    By Daria Karaulova, NYUAD Class of 2014

    Being a junior at NYU Abu Dhabi means being part of an exciting adventure filled with ups and downs, astonishing successes, unexpected obstacles, uncertainties, aspirations, opportunities, ambitions, and hopes. After spending my sophomore year abroad at NYU Buenos Aires and NYU Paris, I expected to be more settled with my future goals. Instead, I found myself wondering about the diversity of my experiences and gained knowledge that had generated many great ideas and passions, but also about how these ideas and passions lacked structure. I had a set of colorful threads in my hands, but couldn't figure out the pattern they should follow.

  43. View of the water from the Abu Dhabi Corniche

    Experiencing Abu Dhabi through J-Term Exploration

    Holding the tiny raisin between two fingers, I prepared myself for one of the most challenging exercises of my academic career. The premise was simple: describe the food in front of you — its taste, smell, texture, and appearance — and yet, I found myself utterly at a loss. What might be the proper words to describe a raisin? The only response my scrambled brain could muster was "raisin-y," and I had a feeling that this vivid description probably wouldn't suffice. In my whole life, I'd never thought I'd feel so confounded and challenged by a piece of dried fruit.

  44. Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco, a Journey in Search of Knowledge

    Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco, a Journey in Search of Knowledge

    By Amani Alsaied, NYUAD Class of 2014

    The Interwoven Pasts of Spain and Morocco January Term course left us in awe of the gorgeous cities we visited and the incredibly rich and complicated inter-religious history we learned about. Now that it's over, it is hard to believe that the class took only three short weeks of January to complete…so, where to begin this post?

  45. Recollections of London

    Recollections of London

    By Jeffrey Mei, NYUAD Class of 2015

    I had always wanted to visit London, but never had due to its long distance away. My January Term course, Enlightenment and its Institutions, however, gave me the chance to finally see the city and all of its many museums and galleries.

  46. Exploring the Cultural Complexity of Buenos Aires

    Exploring the Cultural Complexity of Buenos Aires

    By Darina Gancheva, NYUAD Class of 2014

    Leaving Buenos Aires is not easy. And it was especially difficult for me after having seen and learned how special and unique of a place it is. This January Term I was lucky enough to be enrolled in a course in Buenos Aires called Metropolis: Culture and Politics in the 21st-Century City. My classmates and I dived into the complicated history, culture, and politics of the Argentinean capital in order to find out more about the dynamic processes of urbanization. Buenos Aires was our classroom: our architectural tours, lectures by local experts, and everyday interactions with the city (which we wrote about in our daily blogs) helped us become immersed in the magical world of Buenos Aires.

  47. NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    NYUAD and ZU Students Take Master Class with Filmmaker Shyam Benegal

    Guest Post: Dale Hudson, NYUAD Faculty Fellow.

    As part of NYUAD's recent Shyam Benegal Retrospective, students from NYUAD and Zayed University (ZU) participated in a two-hour master class with the legendary filmmaker, whose approximately 24 narrative features, 42 documentaries, and four television series have won him international recognition. Benegal's work is praised not only for its artistry, but also for its political commitment to imagining a better world by addressing often overlooked social issues in responsible ways.

  48. NYUAD Students Stage The Ramayana

    Earlier this month, members of the NYUAD and local communities gathered at Abu Dhabi's Manarat al Saadiyat to witness the University's first student-led production on the very island that will soon house NYU's permanent campus in the region. Directed by NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo, this production of The Ramayana was a collaboration between professionals from Polendo's own Theater Mitu, the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the Saadiyat Cultural District, and "more than 50 students working on this production as actors, assistant designers, producers, managers, crew, documentarians, and dramaturges," Polendo said.

  49. Journeying Abroad for J-Term

    After briefly returning to their home countries for winter break, many NYUAD students spent their intense three-week January courses — colloquially known as J-Terms — scattered throughout NYU's global sites in Shanghai, Buenos Aires, New York, Florence, and London. The courses available were as diverse as their settings, with classes on offer that ranged from The Social Life of Finance in Buenos Aires to Wealth and Inequality in New York.

  50. NYUAD Hosts "Informal" Cairo Panel on Politics of Plastic and Planned Housing

    NYUAD Hosts "Informal" Cairo Panel on Politics of Plastic and Planned Housing

    This past Thursday, NYUAD hosted a discussion with guest speakers Ezzat Naem and Kareem Ibrahim on urban living in Cairo before, during, and after the recent revolution. Organized by NYUAD's Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies Pascal Menoret as a complement to his course Politics and the City, the panel endeavored to discuss the development of Cairo's unplanned urban neighborhoods and the informal provision of public services in these areas. Each speaker highlighted the increasing tendency of Cairenes to take their destinies into their own hands — including accounting for the provision of their own housing, employment, and services independently of the state — a trend that started prior to the revolution.
  51. NYUAD Students Learn From the Locals During Eid

    During the recent Eid break, several NYU Abu Dhabi classes travelled abroad in the attempt to gain new insight into their fields of study. Visiting Professor of Social Research and Public Policy Roger Friedland led his class, Social Scientific Study of Religion, on a research trip to Istanbul, Turkey, while Arabic Language Instructor Khulood Kittaneh and Director of Arabic Studies Muhamed Al Khalil decided the break was the perfect opportunity to test their students' fledging Arabic skills by taking a class trip to Amman, Jordan. Kittaneh and Al Khalil were hoping the trip would provide a perfect opportunity for their Arabic students to have a truly immersive experience in the language they had been studying for nearly three full semesters. Similarly, Friedland believed a trip to Istanbul would allow his students to challenge, deepen, and enrich the knowledge they had gained in class through experiencing the people, culture, and atmosphere of Istanbul.
  52. NYUAD Students Investigate Theater in Nepal

    Twice a week, 16 NYU Abu Dhabi students walk into Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo's classroom to learn the tools that enrich the relationship between director and actor. Late last month, however, these same Directing the Actor students furthered their education of that craft by walking into a much different classroom: the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.
  53. NYUAD Hosts International Hackathon

    NYUAD Hosts International Hackathon

    The Makindu Children's Center Database Project team won third place. From left to right: Alice Tessen (NYUAD '14), Nishant Mohanchandra (NYUAD '14), Professor Sana Odeh, Katy Blumer (NYUAD '14), and Ali Taqi (AUK).

    This past week, NYUAD hosted the first-ever International Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World. For three days, more than 50 computer science students, academics, and experts from around the globe worked together to develop mobile and web applications to solve social issues in the region. Students learned about new practices in software development and the basics of entrepreneurship through a series of interactive workshops focused on topics including HTML 5, mobile development for smart phones, and web security, all the while being mentored by more than 30 guest speakers from participating universities and organizations such as Yahoo!, the Grameen Foundation, LinkedIn, Random Hacks of Kindness, the Microsoft Corporation, and the World Bank.
  54. Gordon Brown Returns to NYUAD

    Gordon Brown Returns to NYUAD

    NYU Abu Dhabi recently had the honor of welcoming former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his second visit to the University. During his stay, Brown gave a public talk, put on by the NYUAD Institute, that focused on issues and solutions in the aftermath of the Global Economic Crisis. The event, which was open to both the NYUAD and local communities, took place in the impressive exhibition hall at Abu Dhabi's Manarat Al Saadiyat visitor center, not far from the location of the future NYUAD campus.

  55. 2011-12 Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Scholars Selected

    NYU Abu Dhabi has selected its 2011-12 class of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars. The 20 high-achieving students, currently in the third and fourth years of their bachelor's degree study in UAE higher education institutions — specifically, Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Zayed University (ZU), and United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) — will soon embark on a rigorous enrichment program designed to further their academic and personal growth.

  56. NYUAD Announces Inaugural Recipients of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Scholarships

    The Summer Academy will introduce students to the principles of a liberal arts education in the summers following their 10th and 11th grades through a rigorous educational experience set across three of NYU’s international locations: Abu Dhabi, New York, and Florence, Italy. The curriculum will include courses that emphasize critical thinking, writing and discussion in English, quantitative reasoning for the sciences, standardized test preparation, leadership development, and college admissions counseling.
    "I thought it would be a challenge and it has," scholarship winner Darwish Al Marar, a student at the American International School, told The National. "But I've learnt so much in these two weeks which I wouldn't have in school, like handling the SAT exam, and I've improved my English."
  57. Arabic Comes Alive With Khulood Kittaneh

    NYU Abu Dhabi's admissions process for prospective students is both highly competitive and critically important, but the selection of faculty is tantamount. Matching young minds to NYUAD who will most thrive in this environment is as imperative as selecting the academic minds that will best teach them. There is perhaps no better example of this union than Arabic Language Instructor Khulood Kittaneh. "I dreamt of working with an American university, but my heart was in the Middle East," she said. "NYUAD was a perfect fit and I felt at home right away." When hearing about Kittaneh's tremendous success instructing Arabic to foreigners in the Middle East, it is easy to understand how she thrived at the University so quickly.
  58. NYUAD's Making Theater Students Experience the Magic of India

    Guest Post: Joshua Shirley, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    Recently, a group of 14 NYUAD students set off for the Abu Dhabi International Airport bound for a weekend in Kerala, India. The purpose of the trip? To meet and learn from NYUAD Associate Professor of Theater Rubén Polendo's friend and longtime associate Gurukkal. The outing was part of Polendo's Making Theater course, which encourages students to work together as a performance company and teaches the fundamentals of collaborative theater-making.
  59. Ancient and Modern Collide on Spring Break in Istanbul

    Guest Post: Meike Radler, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    Visiting the vibrant and historically rich metropolis of Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, during spring break gave 10 NYUAD students, two professors, and a staff leader welcome respite from hectic campus life. Organized in conjunction with and as an integral part of Professor Nadine Roth's course, Urbanism and Modernism: Paris, Istanbul, Berlin, the purpose of the trip was to research and experience the development of the modern-day city of Istanbul, track its changes through history, and explore how these changes have impacted the urban fabric of the city.
  60. Cultural Immersion and a Special Homecoming On Spring Break In Ethiopia

    Guest Post: Joshua Shirley, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    Of all the NYUAD-organized trips during spring break, none were more greatly anticipated than the journey to Ethiopia. In addition to taking part in a community-based learning program, the group — made up of 13 students from 13 different countries — witnessed the return of classmate Musbah Ormago to his homeland and hostel, the Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF), an organization that provides tuition scholarships and boarding to the country's talented yet severely underprivileged students.
  61. Adventure, Education, and Fun on Spring Break in Kuwait

    It was a whirlwind few days for 14 NYUAD students who jetted off to Kuwait for their spring break excursion. The four-day trip included visits to the Kuwait Oil Company, the Heritage Museum, the Kuwait Science Club, and nearby Failaka Island. The students also got to try some local cuisine and get a little shopping done at Mubarakiya, the oldest market in the country.
  62. Four Days in Doha: NYUAD Students Experience Qatari Culture, Arts, and History

    Guest Post: Dmitriy Tretyakov, NYUAD Class of 2014.
    Experiencing Doha in just four days turned out to be a pleasant surprise for a group of 14 NYUAD students who visited Qatar for a University-organized trip during spring break. The 50-minute flight from Dubai to Doha was one of the shortest flights most participants had ever taken, and therefore no one expected the Qatari capital to be that much different from Abu Dhabi. The contrasts, however, were to be found in architecture, historical sites, recreational activities, and even city life. Lan Duong (NYUAD '14) described Doha as "a bit disorganized because it has just started to become a modern city, but in general, it felt like a very livable city and seemed quite family friendly — I saw a number of large, newly built playgrounds and long Сorniche walkways."
  63. NYUAD Football Builds International Relations During Trip to Qatar

    Guest Post: Vic Lindsay, assistant coach of NYUAD Football and NYUAD manager of Global Education Operations.

    Following the successful completion of NYU Abu Dhabi's first J-Term, 20 students and three coaches flew to Doha, Qatar, representing the NYUAD football team. They hoped to use sports not only as a means to see the world, but to build international relationships and develop a stronger sense of family amongst the team. For four days, through both victory and defeat, they learned the true values of sportsmanship and friendship.

  64. J-Term in Abu Dhabi a Time for Education and Exploration

    After spending time away for winter break, ninety of NYUAD's 150 students ventured back to Abu Dhabi for January Term. For this session, students had the choice of nine courses taught by professors from around the globe.

  65. NYUAD Students Experience Politics and History in London

    Xiaomei Wu (NYUAD '14) really experienced the interesting dynamics of the city. "Everything here is an antique! It is like all of London is a museum. Basically every street and every house has a history," she said. "But it is also a city with both historical and modern elements. It's both old and young."

    Throughout their three-week course, taught by London School of Economics professor Simon Hix and NYUNY professors Joseph Tucker and Michael Laver, students were exposed to the inner workings of the European Union. "We got to meet with members of the European Parliament, ambassadors to Croatia and Bosnia, and even got to visit the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I was surprised to see that the speakers still wear wigs!" said Tine Paulsen (NYUAD '14).

    Wu was impressed to feel the city's political power play out in her day-to-day life. "The UK definitely has a very important role in Europe, and it's also a key member of the EU. Being in London I could feel a real Europe. The concept of EU and Europe was no longer in the book. It was all around me."

    Wu also took time out of her busy schedule to experience some authentic British culture. "I saw two plays while in London. There is rarely any theater in my home city, so it was exciting to see a live play! I also saw the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, which was a five-minute walk from our dorm." Paulsen also took the opportunity to explore, taking a tour of the city with her resident advisors. "We took the tube from place to place, including the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, and then took a boat tour under Tower Bridge."

    Much like her fellow students who went abroad, Wu couldn't wait to get back to the warm Gulf weather. "London is very cold. I miss the sun in Abu Dhabi!"

    Read about the students' J-Term experiences in Shanghai, New York, and Abu Dhabi.

  66. NYUAD Students Take Shanghai

    According to Gancheva, the most interesting part of Shanghai was the richness and diversity of the culture, both traditional and modern. "The most exciting thing about Shanghai is the striking contrast between the old and the new, the traditional and the global," she said. "Shanghai is an amazing place where changes happen quickly: the ultra-modern future coexists with ancient culture and traditions." Taiwanese-American student Alex Wang (NYUAD '14) agrees. "I'm dumbfounded by the confluence of history and modernity in this city," he said. "China differs significantly from the version of the country portrayed by my parents — who are ardent supporters of Taiwanese independence — and the Western media."

    The NYUAD students — as well as two NYUNY students — took classes at East China Normal University and were housed in the international dorms alongside other Chinese students. While taking a course entitled Shanghai: The City and the Environment, taught by NYU Shanghai director Mingzheng Shi, Gancheva, Wang, and their fellow students had the opportunity to take a day trip to Beijing and visit the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, as well as try some new cuisine. Gancheva tried Beijing duck, but unlike some of her fellow students, passed on the scorpions. For Wang, the food was one of the best parts of the trip. "Roasted yams were by far my favorite; they're sold by the kilo and are five to six times are large as the yams I find in the States; spicy bullfrog and corn-flavored ice cream were both close seconds!"

    Thinking about NYU's hopes to open a portal campus in Shanghai, Wang said, "There's a dynamism and vitality here that I've never felt in any other city. Shanghai has the potential to be the next creative capital of the world."

    Read about the students' J-Term experiences in London, New York, and Abu Dhabi.

  67. Inaugural MEF Meeting Hosts Author Reza Aslan

    Inaugural MEF Meeting Hosts Author Reza Aslan

    He has made appearances on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Meet the Press, but this past Thursday, Reza Aslan (pictured center), acclaimed writer and contributing editor for The Daily Beast, sat with a group of 20 NYUAD students to discuss Islam, democracy, and contemporary Middle Eastern politics. The lucky students were part of the inaugural meeting of the Middle East Forum, a new organization sponsored by the NYUAD Institute that convenes biweekly as an environment for students to discuss Middle East politics and current events, analyze issues related to the region, and receive special access to notable academics in the field.
  68. David Levering Lewis Delivers Inaugural Address: Full Text

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Athens to Abu Dhabi: The Arrival of the Global University

    Vice Chancellor Bloom, Provost Piano, Ambassador Olson, distinguished guests and residents of this capital city, faculty members and staff, students of this brilliant inaugural class of 2014, we embark this month upon a remarkable educational enterprise — arguably, one of the most transformative of modern times.

  69. David Levering Lewis Delivers Inaugural Address

    "Our new neighborhood is the old one of the Fertile Crescent where Islam preserved and amplified the learning that Bologna and Paris built on two millennia ago," said two-time Pulitzer Prize winner — and NYU Abu Dhabi Affiliated Faculty member — David Levering Lewis as he delivered NYUAD's inaugural address. Lewis, a professor of history at NYU New York, is teaching When There Were Two Europes: Islam and Christendom, 711-1529, at NYUAD this semester.

  70. Classes Begin!

    Monday marked the first day of classes for NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014. Since then, the Downtown Campus has been bustling with students filing into classrooms, studying in the library, enjoying lunch breaks in the café, and picking up supplies from the bookstore.

  71. fabio-piano01

    Fabio Piano named NYU Abu Dhabi Provost

    NYU Abu Dhabi has announced that Fabio Piano, distinguished biologist and longtime member of the NYU community, will serve as provost. For the past two years, Piano has served as director of NYU's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. He will continue to lead the Center as part of his provostial responsibilities.

  72. Online NYUAD Course Catalog

    If you haven’t checked out the NYU Abu Dhabi online course catalog recently (or at all), it’s probably time for a visit. The catalog now features an updated listing of confirmed courses for the 2010-2011 academic year, including course descriptions, information about who will be teaching them, and what, if any, prerequisites will be required.