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  1. Life Beyond Saadiyat: Class of 2016 Stories

    Life Beyond Saadiyat post-graduation alumni experiences are as varied as their interests and backgrounds. Many graduates from the Class of 2016 are earning their master's at top schools like Oxford, Cambridge, and MIT, while others have started their own businesses, or landed jobs in industries ranging from finance to education, arts, and the research sector.

  2. This is the Class of 2016: Graduation Tribute

    NYU Abu Dhabi’s Class of 2016 is comprised of 135 students from some 60 countries. In four years they won global awards and scholarships, earned top spots at prestigious graduate schools, and secured employment in the UAE and beyond at some of the world's preeminent businesses and institutions.

  3. 20140825-Marhaba-Dorms-005

    Five Fun Facts About Living at NYUAD

    By Elizabeth Couri, Resident Assistant, Class of 2016

  4. NYU Abu Dhabi Celebrates UAE's 43rd National Day

    NYU Abu Dhabi Celebrates UAE's 43rd National Day

    On November 26, the NYU Abu Dhabi community gathered for an evening of celebration to pay tribute to the 43rd UAE National Day. The event, held in the central plaza of NYUAD's Saadiyat campus, honored the rich history of the UAE and provided opportunities for guests to experience traditional Emirati culture, and explore local cultural themes and customs.

  5. NYUAD Freshman Finds Inspiration at the Future Centre for Special Needs

    By Imen Haddad, NYUAD Class of 2016

    As I rode to the Future Centre for Special Needs (FCSN) on my first day of volunteering, I thought about the children I was about to meet, about everything that I wanted to say to them, and about how to behave. I had no idea what my role was to be, or even if I would be in direct contact with the children. Ultimately, I didn't know whether I should treat them in a special way because of their "special needs." But throughout my first day, my uncertainty turned to realization as I began interacting with a class of girls aged six to 15.

  6. Desert Camping Trip Fosters Freshman Class Bonds

    Desert Camping Trip Fosters Freshman Class Bonds

    Guest Post: Zoe Hu, NYUAD Class of 2016.

    Many of us expected the desert camping trip to be nothing more than an escape — a quick getaway from the arctic air-conditioning of Sama Tower and the miniature mountains of homework that awaited us inside. Instead, what we got was a portal to the past. The campsite set-up was so similar to that of our Candidate Weekend desert outing, it was hard not to be brought back to a time when we were all high school seniors wading through the anxiety of the college application process.

  7. After Marhaba, NYUAD's Class of 2016 Reflects

    After Marhaba, NYUAD's Class of 2016 Reflects

    Now that the Marhaba festivities have drawn to a close, the school year has begun, and the new freshman class is beginning to settle into University life, Salaam asked a few members of the Class of 2016 to reflect on their first week at NYUAD, how they felt before arriving on campus, what their favorite experiences have been thus far, and what they look forward to in the coming academic year.

  8. NYUAD's Class of 2016 Enjoys Marhaba Activities

    In the week before the fall semester began, the Class of 2016 took part in a variety of Marhaba events and activities, from introductions and discussions to dinners and outings.

  9. NYUAD Welcomes Class of 2016

    NYUAD Welcomes Class of 2016

    "The impressive diversity and academic record of NYU Abu Dhabi's third undergraduate class is a clear indication that the concept and ideals of NYU's global network university is one that resonates strongly with today's students," said NYU President John Sexton. "The academic rigor of NYUAD's liberal arts education, coupled with the intrinsic draw of NYU's global network, continues to attract to Abu Dhabi some of the brightest young minds from around the world."

  10. NYUAD Receives Record Number of Applications for Class of 2016

    Far surpassing even last year's record numbers, freshman applications for NYUAD's Class of 2016 totaled 15,489 — compared with 5,854 for the Class of 2015 — with applicants vying for approximately 150 spots.

    For the first time, this year's applicants, applying to both NYU New York and NYUAD, had the option of selecting one campus as their "primary" choice and the other as their "alternate" choice. Of the total number of applicants, 2,454 chose the Abu Dhabi campus as their primary choice — more than double the number from the prior year (1,184), when applicants could apply directly to NYUAD or, when applying to NYUNY, ask to be considered for admission to NYUAD — and 13,035 applied to the campus as their alternate choice.

    It was also another record year for NYU's global network in general, with a total of 43,728 students applying for spots in NYU's Class of 2016 across the New York and Abu Dhabi campuses, exceeding last year's record 42,242 applications.