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  1. 20141017-graduate-school-weekend-fair-02

    Things Every Student Should Know About Applying to Grad School

    For the last four years, prestigious graduate schools from around the world have come to NYU Abu Dhabi to answer questions, offer advice, and guide students through the graduate school decision-making process.

  2. Asma's NYU Abu Dhabi Story

    Asma Alabbar joins the NYUAD Class of 2021 from Dubai, UAE.

  3. pixabar-stock-al-ain-old-fort

    Seven Student Stories From the Seven Emirates

    NYU Abu Dhabi students have many opportunities during their four years to travel the UAE and experience the uniqueness of each emirate; from Dubai with its extraordinary skyscrapers, to Fujairah's manicured beaches, and the rugged mountains of Ras al-Khaimah, where it snows in the winter.

  4. 20151111-Campus-Students-269

    Major Choices

    One of the perks of a liberal arts education at NYU Abu Dhabi is students’ freedom to construct their own education. We are encouraged to explore non-traditional course paths and combine unrelated majors and minors like computer science with theater, or physics and philosophy.

  5. 20170614-william-young-class-2018-04

    A Day in the Life of an NYUAD Student Abroad

    Imagine moving from the quiet, hot, and invariably sunny Abu Dhabi to the stone jungle of a city that never sleeps. Thrilling? Different? Challenging, perhaps? It’s the kind of transition faced by every student at NYU Abu Dhabi. Spending a semester abroad is not only a graduation requirement but an unparalleled chance to travel the world, which engineering student William Young, Class of 2018, took with pronounced enthusiasm.

  6. Family Ties, First Goodbyes: A Sibling Story at NYU Abu Dhabi

    "We all came in one by one and now ... one by one we're going to be leaving. It's a little bit sad but exciting at the same time."

  7. Class of 2017 Graduation Tribute

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2017 is comprised of 165 students from 64 countries who speak an average 2.5 languages. During their four years, 90 percent spent at least one semester abroad, 78 percent participated in community service, and 329 internships were completed.

  8. "Make Change By Doing"

    An audience of nearly 1,400 rose to its feet at NYU Abu Dhabi's fourth Commencement ceremony to praise student speaker Nafisatou Mounkaila, an Arab Crossroads major from the US, who urged fellow graduates to "challenge the standard" and "refuse to consume hate."

  9. This is the Class of 2017: Where They've Been

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2017 came to the UAE from 64 countries and have traveled the world.

  10. Leaders of the Pack

    NYU Abu Dhabi has honored the finalists of the 2017 Al Khayr Campus Life Leadership Awards at a ceremony in Abu Dhabi that hosted 180 students, staff and faculty. The awards recognize the outstanding leadership contributions of NYUAD students to the institution and its surrounding community. Al Khayr is an Arabic phrase which means the ultimate good.

  11. Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYUAD Students Awarded for Academic Excellence and Dedication to Others

    NYU Abu Dhabi students received many global awards and grants in the 2016-17 academic year in recognition of exceptional scholarly achievements and contributions to their communities.

  12. NYUAD Students Empower Future Female Leaders in Abu Dhabi

    NYUAD Students Empower Future Female Leaders in Abu Dhabi

    As the granddaughter of immigrants, I've seen how education can transform lives, including both my mother’s and, now, my own.

  13. Language get you more places

    "Languages Get You More Places"

    NYU Abu Dhabi students Ella Noll and Benjamin Marcus-Willers have never met, and probably won’t meet this summer, either. But they’ll both be improving their Mandarin Chinese, thanks to Critical Language Scholarships (CLS) from the U.S. State Department.

  14. Day in the Life Ana Kareza

    A Day in the Life of an NYUAD Freshman

    8am: A standard iPhone alarm starts bellowing from Ana Karneza's 4th floor residence room filling the whole suite with its melodic blast then goes quiet in a minute.

  15. SNAP Connects NYUAD With Abu Dhabi Children and Families on the Autism Spectrum

    April is Autism Awareness Month. NYUAD's Office of Community Outreach (OCO), NYUAD Athletics, and Goals UAE have partnered to build the Special Needs Adaptive Program (SNAP), which pairs NYUAD student volunteers with special needs children as their ‘buddies’ to provide inclusive adaptive recreational sports coaching, under the direction of professional coaches.

  16. 20151028-Student-Life-005

    International Day of Happiness

    Happiness is getting accepted into your dream school. Happiness is dancing freely in the Abu Dhabi desert. Happiness is embracing school spirit and being part of a unique community like ours.

  17. Exploring the UAE

    Exploring the Emirates

    I made a few simple resolutions for myself before starting college at NYU Abu Dhabi. One of them was to become immersed, really and truly, in the country where I was going to study. This resolution is easy to keep in the UAE where the list of things to explore is long but distances are short.

  18. Life Beyond Saadiyat: Class of 2016 Stories

    Life Beyond Saadiyat post-graduation alumni experiences are as varied as their interests and backgrounds. Many graduates from the Class of 2016 are earning their master's at top schools like Oxford, Cambridge, and MIT, while others have started their own businesses, or landed jobs in industries ranging from finance to education, arts, and the research sector.

  19. Two students launch priceless social support program for Abu Dhabi families

    Two Students Launch One "Priceless" Support Program For Abu Dhabi Families

    Starting a community program from scratch can be daunting. NYU Abu Dhabi students Hannah Taylor and Sally Oh — founders of the Family Friends community initiative for those touched by autism — know first-hand the roller coaster ride that pilot programs often are; scary yet exciting, nerve-wracking but fun, and definitely worth it in the end.

  20. NYUAD Heart: Giving Back to the UAE Community

    2017 has been declared the Year of Giving in the UAE. NYUAD's Office of Community Outreach (OCO) and student volunteers give back to the community in many ways, by contributing time, skills and knowledge to the community.

  21. J-Term Stories & Photos From Around the World

    A collection of photos and short stories that prove how January Term is an unparalleled learning experience for NYU Abu Dhabi students.

  22. Opportunities Abound at NYUAD's Internship Fairs

    Three Reasons to Get Work Experience Before Going to Grad School

    Making a choice between graduate school and starting a career can come with huge commitments, and grad schools’ early application deadlines often add to the uncertainty and stress of life after graduation. But what if you can have both?

  23. January Term in Al Ain

    How January Term is Redefining Education

    Education at NYU Abu Dhabi is not just about learning facts from textbooks and passing multiple choice exams. It's an immersive experience for NYUAD students, who, each January Term choose hands-on classes in cities from Al Ain to Buenos Aires that challenge their perceptions of the past and enrich their visions of the future.

  24. 20160523-commencement-34

    2016 Year in Review

    In 2016, NYU Abu Dhabi celebrated prestigious student awards, groundbreaking research, and even an Olympic swimmer.

  25. #myNYUAD

    #myNYUAD Fall Semester Favorites

    Beautiful sunsets, endless sand dunes, visits to the other Emirates, homework, and art performances... here are some highlights for #myNYUAD 2016.

  26. Arts Faculty Favorite Books

    Books We Love

    Looking for something new to read on the weekends or for a relaxing holiday? From classics to modern day thrillers, and stories with lasting impact, NYUAD faculty from the Arts and Humanities share their favorite reads and recommendations.

  27. Tech-saavy Millenials Redefine Campus Communities

    Just for the Chill of it

    It is exam week. I look around and see students wearing expressions of intense concentration. They are determined, impossible to distract, and ready to take on anything that comes their way. Am I in the library? A study room? No. I’m in the Baraha, NYU Abu Dhabi’s student activity zone, watching my friends play the video game FIFA ’17.

  28. What's Your Favorite Core Course?

    What's Your Favorite NYUAD Core Class?

    At the heart of NYU Abu Dhabi’s curriculum lies “The Core” designed to challenge students in a variety of disciplines across the arts and humanities, engineering, sciences, and social sciences.

  29. Two Seniors Win 2017 Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford

    Young Arab of the Year Award Goes To ... NYU Abu Dhabi Senior

    NYU Abu Dhabi student Dubai Abulhoul has already accomplished more at the age of 20 than many people do in a lifetime of academic pursuit and service to their communities.

  30. Signs You're Truly at Home in Abu Dhabi

    Signs You're Truly at Home in Abu Dhabi

    NYU Abu Dhabi students, faculty, and staff come to the UAE from all over the world to live in a sprawling city that's strange at first, but quickly becomes home away from home. We're all from different parts of the planet but find commonalities in everyday things like ethnic food, hot weather, and giant malls. So, how do you know when you've become a true Abu Dhabian?

  31. NYUAD Celebrates UAE's 45th National Day

    NYU Abu Dhabi celebrated the United Arab Emirates' 45th National Day on campus with an evening of traditional food, music, and a host of cultural activities.

  32. The Conversation: Michael Pollan on His Ambivalent Journey as a Writer

    Bestselling author Michael Pollan speaks to longtime friend, fellow writer, and NYUAD faculty member Charles Siebert about the journey his thinking and writing have taken since he planted his first vegetable garden, and the doubts he battled during his transition into a full-fledged writing career.

  33. Nine Easy Ways to Ace a Dinner Interview

    Networking or Nightmare? Nine Easy Ways to Ace a Dinner Interview

    You finger the collar of your brand new outfit nervously. Beads of sweat glisten intensely on your forehead. Is the temperature inside the restaurant really this hot? You try to catch a reflection of your hair in the stainless steel knife on the table. Was it a bad idea to get a haircut right before the meeting?

  34. University of Oxford

    Two NYUAD Seniors Win 2017 Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford

    Two NYU Abu Dhabi students representing two countries, the United Arab Emirates and Canada, have been selected as 2017 Rhodes Scholars to attend the University of Oxford next year.

  35. Youth Separated by Borders United by Common Desire for Positive Change

    Youth Separated by Borders United By Common Desire for Positive Change

    Youth Circles is an Emirati initiative under UAE Minister of Youth Her Excellency Shamma Al Mazrui and the Emirates Youth Council. It is a dialogue-based platform for youth from various backgrounds to identify critical challenges and come up with creative and practical solutions for a better world.

  36. Holoscenes Art Installation at NYU Abu Dhabi

    The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi presents Holoscenes, a large-scale performance-installation that embodies the trauma of flooding and widely shared concern of global climate change.

  37. Top 10 Study Spots

    10 Favorite NYUAD Study Spots

    Whether you prefer the warmth of the sun or cool indoors, NYU Abu Dhabi's campus has no shortage of great places to settle down and catch up on schoolwork. Finding new study spots can make a world of difference in productivity, and might even help you become better acquainted with the campus. Ten NYUAD students reveal their favorite study spots and explain how these places facilitate the studying process.

  38. Prize-winning Photo Captures Essence of Abu Dhabi

    Prize-Winning Photo Captures Essence of Abu Dhabi

    This intriguing image titled The Man in the Hindi Cassette Shop is described by the photographer as "the embodiment of Abu Dhabi — bringing together the old intimate charm of the city as well as its multicultural spirit." The story behind the picture and its eventual acclaim starts with a chance encounter between the talkative shop owner and a student with a camera.

  39. WATCH: 2016 TEDxNYUAD Video Collection

    Speakers at TEDxNYUAD 2016, held in the spring, explored the theme: perception. Doug Cutchins is a beloved and successful career advisor at NYUAD with an impressive track record of advising dozens of Rhodes Scholarship finalists and recipients. In his talk, Cutchins unveils his key to success, and questions what success really means.

  40. 20151110-Marketplace-044

    Speaking of Language Diversity ...

    It happened one day when I was out with my friends. “Yallah!” I said. “We’ll be late to the movie!” It happened so naturally that I didn’t even realize it then, but it was the first time I had conversationally used a word outside of my native languages, English and Konkani. It was a thrilling realization, but I had no reason to be surprised. It's impossible to spend a year at NYU Abu Dhabi — where there are students who speak more than 100 languages — without imbibing some of this linguistic diversity into your own vocabulary.

  41. Inauguration of President Andrew Hamilton

    PHOTOS: NYU Abu Dhabi Welcomes Andrew Hamilton as the 16th President of NYU

    Following NYU's Inauguration Celebration Week — a week-long series of special events that shared the innovation, vision, and character driving NYU's global community — NYU Abu Dhabi held it's own celebration on October 10 to officially welcome Andrew D. Hamilton as the 16th president of NYU.

  42. NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2020: International Diversity and Multicultural Character

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2020: International Diversity and Multicultural Character

    323 students, 76 nationalities, speaking some 70 languages. This is NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2020.

  43. Marcel Kupershoek

    NYUAD Researcher Stars in Arabic TV Series About Bedouin Life

    An NYU Abu Dhabi researcher who roamed the deserts of Saudi Arabia in the 1980s is now starring in an Arabic TV series about his experiences.

  44. Inauguration of President Andrew Hamilton

    PHOTOS: Andrew Hamilton Inaugurated as 16th President of NYU

    Inauguration Celebration Week featured a week-long series of special events that shared the innovation, vision, and character driving NYU's global community. And on Sunday, September 25, the events culminated with the installation of Andrew D. Hamilton as NYU's 16th President.

  45. asia-globe-1024x683

    UAE Students Ponder the Planet's Future

    Do you believe that in 15 years our world will be a more peaceful, sustainable and transformed place? A large group of students from around the UAE faced this question for World Peace Day, and the uncertainty in their responses is nothing short of alarming.

  46. 4 Steps to Creating the Right Professional Portfolio

    4 Steps to Creating the Right Professional Portfolio

    Essential tips for all students, no matter what stage in your academic career. Because good grades, getting involved, and following your passion are important from freshmen year to graduation.

  47. NYU Abu Dhabi Marhaba 2016

    Marhaba (welcome in Arabic) to NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2020. Where are you from? Who's your roommate? What did you bring?

  48. 20160901-Bill-Bragin-Salaam

    September to Remember in the Arts

    As the executive director of The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, I recognize that it’s unlikely that most members of our community will be familiar with more than a fraction of the artists in the 2016-17 line-up. It’s a big season, and all of the shows are my favorites. But I thought it might be helpful to share some insights as to why these artists and programs ended up in the schedule, starting with a September to remember.

  49. Five Essential Tips for Parents of College Students

    Five Esssential Tips for Parents of College Students

    Going to university is an exciting and new adventure not just for students, but their families too. Parents frequently ask how they can support their adult child during their studies. Though every family is unique, we’ve observed some common themes that might help. It's hard at first but it gets easier.

  50. NYUAD Marhaba: Jack's Story

    Experience NYU Abu Dhabi Marhaba Week through the eyes of freshman Jack Adeney, Class of 2020.

  51. myNYUAD


    Picturesque sunsets. Seaside walks. Friends from nearly every continent. And of course shawarma. Being part of the NYU Abu Dhabi community is extraordinary for so many reasons. #myNYUAD is our way of capturing these special moments to share with others around the world.

  52. Conquering Your Freshman Fears

    Conquering Your Freshman Fears

    I remember heading to NYU Abu Dhabi’s Campus Center during Marhaba Week, equipped with a snack box and a chit of paper mysteriously labeled Group Number 11. It was my first week as a freshman at university, and at the time, I didn't know that the people I was going to meet at NYUAD's First Year Dialogue (FYD) program in Group Number 11, would soon become my second family.

  53. NYUAD Library: Every Student's Second Home

    NYUAD Library: Every Student's Second Home

    It's two in the morning. The night is dark, but the NYU Abu Dhabi Library is still brightly-lit and full of students scrambling to reach the minimum word limit for an essay that was assigned three weeks ago. It’s that time of the year again — the Long Night Against Procrastination, referred to fondly and rather elaborately at NYUAD as the Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten.

  54. 20150912-internship-dos-donts-main

    Internships = New Skills, Networks, and Opportunities

    NYU Abu Dhabi students travel around the world for internship opportunities that enhance learning and educational development, and provide future career prospects in a broad range of industries from social services to finance to politics.

  55. NYUAD's Olympic Pride

    NYUAD's Olympic Pride

    NYU Abu Dhabi science student Nada Al Bedwawi is making a splash in the history books as the UAE's first female swimmer to compete at an Olympic Games.

  56. NYUAD Brings International Flavor to Middle East Theater Scene

    NYUAD Brings International Flavor to Middle East Theater Scene

    Abu Dhabi is where past and present, East and West, mingle to create a multicultural microcosm of the world. NYU Abu Dhabi's theater program has taken up the task of opening new possibilities for theater in the Middle East by dissecting the global and regional roots of plays and emphasizing intercultural learning in its emerging story.

  57. Top Summer Reads

    Top Summer Reads

    Books aren't just great for escaping reality. At NYU Abu Dhabi, non-required summer reading is an opportunity to stay indoors and escape the scorching heat.

  58. Seven Ways to Spend Weekends in Abu Dhabi

    Seven Ways to Spend Weekends in Abu Dhabi

    NYU Abu Dhabi students live in a cosmopolitan region on the banks of the Arabian Gulf where beaches, ethnic restaurants, historic attractions, and iconic sites like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Burj Khalifa are right at their fingertips.

  59. Students Honored for Academic Excellence & Community Building

    Students Honored for Academic Excellence & Community Building

    NYU Abu Dhabi students received many global awards and grants in 2015-16 in recognition of both academic excellence and contributions to their communities.

  60. This is the Class of 2016: Graduation Tribute

    NYU Abu Dhabi’s Class of 2016 is comprised of 135 students from some 60 countries. In four years they won global awards and scholarships, earned top spots at prestigious graduate schools, and secured employment in the UAE and beyond at some of the world's preeminent businesses and institutions.

  61. diana-portrait

    Interview With Phantom Limb Artist Diana Al-Hadid

    Phantom Limb is a major solo exhibition by internationally-renowned sculptor Diana Al-Hadid. The exhibition takes its title from a central work, which is a term referring to the sensations that a missing arm or leg is still present, and able to move.

  62. Evolving role of university RAs

    Evolving Role of University RAs

    Resident assistants (RAs) are fountains of knowledge when it comes the unknowns and complexities of life at university. Whether it's navigating the social ins and outs of living with strangers, juggling demanding class schedules, or homesickness, RAs are always around to lend an ear.

  63. Community Unites in Support of Autism Awareness

    Community Unites in Support of Autism Awareness

    I was genuinely overwhelmed with the turnout for the Autism Awareness Community Walk — over 250 attendees — who all came to the NYU Abu Dhabi campus for the same reason: to show support, love and acceptance for the autism community.

  64. Worldly Possessions of Students From Everywhere

    The Worldly Possessions of Students From Everywhere

    Take a look inside the rooms of 10 NYU Abu Dhabi students from around the globe who combine art and memories to create little slices of home. Because turning a college residence room into your new home using nothing but blue tack, posters, fairy lights and trips to IKEA can be a daunting task.

  65. Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes

    Gulf Region Students Debate Global Issues

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Debate Union hosted its second NYUAD Regional Debate Tournament in April, welcoming 65 students from nine different universities in the UAE and Qatar.

  66. All in the Neighborhood

    All in the Neighborhood

    For many university students, interactions with professors are mostly limited to class time and office hours. But at NYU Abu Dhabi, many faculty members also play the role of neighbor, around to provide advice, and sugar when you need it.

  67. Twins Share the NYUAD Experience

    Twins Share Their NYUAD Experience

    University life can be tough to figure out when everything and everyone around you is unfamiliar. Would having a sibling nearby to share the experience make it better or worse? Siblings can be a great source of support during tough times, but the search for independence, class performance, and new social settings can sometimes be catalysts for sibling rivalry.

  68. Student Outreach for Abu Dhabi Children With Special Needs

    Student Outreach for Abu Dhabi Children With Special Needs

    Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember hearing mentors at NYU Abu Dhabi say that the golden rule of volunteer work was to be flexible. I was prepared, or so I thought.

  69. Books in the Digital Age

    To Print or Not to Print? Books in the Digital Age

    Is curling up to read on a tablet just as good as curling up with an actual book?

  70. shelves

    Falling in Love With Arabic

    I’m from Bosnia and I don't know why exactly, but when I came to NYU Abu Dhabi I fell in love with Arabic. I’ve always loved languages, ever since I was a child. Back home, we don’t speak English at all, so learning English really made me fall in love with all the languages.

  71. NYUAD Hosts Second Lady of the United States

    NYUAD Hosts Second Lady of the United States

    It was a rare opportunity to shake hands with one of Washington's most influential women.

  72. 20160228-RAK-photo-ZM

    An Ordinary Day, an Extraordinary Photograph

    This black and white photograph by NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Zane Mountcastle was selected as a feature piece at the 4th Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival.

  73. NYU President Andrew Hamilton Visits NYUAD

    NYU President Visits NYUAD

    NYU President Andrew Hamilton can add desert dune climbing to his already impressive list of accomplishments.

  74. NYUAD Junior Appointed to Emirates Youth Council

    NYUAD Junior Appointed to Emirates Youth Council

    NYU Abu Dhabi political science major Dubai Abulhoul (Class of 2017) has been appointed to the Emirates Youth Council. Its aim is to develop government strategies to keep up with youth trends, identify challenges facing today's youth, and ensure participation of youth in UAE public affairs.

  75. 2016-02-07-Abu-Dhabi-Skyline

    Abu Dhabi: From Unknown to Beloved

    NYU Abu Dhabi brings together a community at the crossroads of the world in an environment conducive not only to academic learning but also to learning that extends beyond textbooks and labs into a city that's cosmopolitan, dynamic, modern and culturally vibrant.

  76. Commencement 2014

    Life Beyond Saadiyat: Where Are They Now?

    At NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2015 commencement ceremony, His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development said, "In seeking to be wise, you must be change-makers, willing to take risks, to be different." Clearly, the graduates were listening.

  77. NYUAD Congratulates UAE Youth Minister Shamma Al Mazrui

    NYUAD Congratulates UAE Youth Minister Shamma Al Mazrui

    Less than two years after graduation, NYU Abu Dhabi alumna Shamma Al Mazrui has landed one of the UAE's top jobs.

  78. Ways to Re-Imagine Your College Living Space

    Simple Tricks to Re-invent Your Campus Living Space

    Your space as a student really includes the whole university campus. You may spend more time in the lab conducting experiments or talking to friends in the dining halls than you do in your room. But when you exile yourself to your personal space, it should be comfortable, cheerful, clean and absolutely Zen, especially after a long and stressful day.

  79. The Conversation: How People Are Shaping the Future of the Wild with Dr. Jane Goodall and Charles Siebert

    Dr. Jane Goodall is a primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist who has conducted remarkable studies of wild chimpanzees and spent decades working in conservation. Charles Siebert has written several books on the interactions between humans and animals and is a professor of practice of Literature and Creative Writing at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  80. J-Term Experiences 2016

    J-Term: Up Close & Personal

    In January Term, NYU Abu Dhabi students are here, there and everywhere from Shanghai to London, Sydney to New York, and around the UAE.

  81. Monkey on a Mission

    Monkey on a Mission

    This stuffed monkey is bananas for NYU Abu Dhabi and the environment.

  82. Life in Residence is a World of Difference

    Life in Residence is a World of Difference

    One of the most beautiful sights at NYU Abu Dhabi is a dorm room decorated by people from two or three different countries. It's common to see walls and windows covered with multiple flags and religious symbols, and the cupboards stocked with an assortment of mysterious ethnic foods. Residence is a place where cultures are intertwined and the unexpected happens.

  83. Learning in the UAE is a new perspective

    Studying in the UAE is a "Shift in Perspective"

    When I accepted my offer to attend NYU New York, I was determined to take advantage of the university's global network. But when I decided to spend a semester abroad in Abu Dhabi, I received a lot of comments from confused friends. Why Abu Dhabi? You’re from India, the UAE is practically your backyard! Why would you choose the desert heat instead of NYU London or Florence?

  84. 2015 Commencement

    15 Memorable Moments of 2015

    Each year seems to get better and better at NYU Abu Dhabi. 2015 was marked by incredible student accomplishments both in and out of the classroom, research breakthroughs by faculty, and a full schedule of interactive public celebrations of art and culture.

  85. Sophomore Student Speaks at TEDx Talk in France

    Young Entrepreneur of the Year

    The 3rd Arabian Business Achievement Awards recently celebrated the UAE’s most impressive achievers in the growing startup and small-medium business sector. NYUAD student Mohamed Amine Belarbi (Class of 2016) was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

  86. Environmentalist Robert Swan

    Social Impact Leaders: Robert Swan

    Robert Swan is a polar explorer and environmentalist. He was the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles. The coldest day he ever experienced was minus 81 degrees Celsius, where sweat turned into ice inside his clothes. With firsthand experience of the effects of environmental damage on the polar icecaps, Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of the Antarctic.

  87. Farah_Shamout_2

    NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Named UAE Rhodes Scholar

    NYU Abu Dhabi computer engineering major Farah Shamout has long-term dreams of making a big difference in the UAE science and tech sectors, particularly by empowering young women to believe in their talents and academic potential. She is committed, ambitious, and engaged with her community.

  88. 20151129-Abu-Dhabi-Skyline-033

    UAE Then & Now

    The rapid pace of development in the United Arab Emirates over the past few decades is sometimes difficult to comprehend. In the 1960s, not only did the UAE not exist yet as a country, there wasn't even a marked highway system to connect the small number of people who lived here. In fact, back then in the Trucial States as it was called by the British, they didn't need paved roads because few people had cars.

  89. Tired, Stressed & Lonely: The Totally Normal Life of a College Student

    Tired, Stressed & Lonely: The Totally Normal Life of a College Student

    By Nia Wilson, Resident Assistant, Class of 2016

    Whether you're juggling complex assignments, preparing for exams, or applying for jobs or graduate schools, university life is an intense up-and-down adventure. Many students, from freshman to PhD, agree that the excitement of meeting new people and starting new classes can eventually fade into homesickness and disappointment that things aren't going as planned. Fear of failure is rampant across university campuses though few of us will admit it, especially to each other.

  90. Abu Dhabi Science Festival

    Touched by Science

    By Tanya Bansal, Class of 2018

    Abu Dhabi's Mushrif Central Park has been transformed into an 11-day science extravaganza of more than 50 interactive workshops and exhibitions, fun experiments and performances to educate young minds about diverse topics in science like the environment, the human body, aerodynamics and outer space.

  91. 141028-sr-NYUAD1810

    NYU Abu Dhabi's Kaleidoscope of Classes

    Snap judgments, exile, monsters and nomads have all formed the basis of courses at NYU Abu Dhabi. It is a liberal arts university known and celebrated for offering a wide scope of courses from basic requirements such as Introduction to Psychology, to the more obscure classes like Wood.

  92. Six Things Grad Schools Want You To Know Before Applying

    Six Things Grad Schools Want You To Know Before Applying

    Deciding what to do after earning a university undergraduate degree can be daunting, particularly for students thinking about getting a master's. Many prospective graduate school students struggle with questions like, "What should I study? Where should I apply? Can I afford it? Is it worth it?"

  93. Stories from the Ocean to the Amazon: Céline Cousteau

    Stories from the Ocean to the Amazon: Céline Cousteau

    By Tanya Bansal & NYUAD Public Affairs

    “We are not apart from nature. We are a part of nature." An important message, and one that resonated with the crowd as Céline Cousteau concluded her talk at NYU Abu Dhabi with a moving film that demonstrated the adverse impact humanity is having on the natural world.

  94. Living at NYUAD

    How a Diverse Campus Becomes an Inclusive Community

    By Alexander Leigh MacKay, Class of 2019

    I must admit, one of the main draws that led me to NYU Abu Dhabi was the opportunity to study alongside students from every corner of the globe. The chance to learn firsthand about the people, nations and cultures that constitute the countries of the world and that are condensed into one campus was enough to convince me to pack my bags for four years in the Emirates.

  95. Refugees in Budapest, Hungary

    Students Organize Expert Panel on EU Refugee Crisis

    By Sue-Ann Lau, Class of 2018

    The influx of migrants and refugees streaming into Europe from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa has created one of the biggest strains on Europe since the migration wave that occurred during and after World War II. While international agencies, local residents and NGOs work to develop immediate responses to the increased volume of migration to Europe, EU leaders are struggling to generate a long-term plan for collective action.

  96. Campus Transformed Into Cardboard City

    Campus Transformed Into Cardboard City

    By Janice Liu, NYUAD Public Affairs

    Imagine thousands and thousands of cardboard boxes as building materials used to create your ideal fantasy city, then knocking them all down into a "gloriously chaotic heap of cardboard rubble." We Built This City is an interactive play by Polyglot Theatre that allows children and adults alike to get creative, playing the role of the performer, creator, audience and architect.

  97. Giving Back Is Its Own Reward

    Giving Back Is Its Own Reward

    By Gugandeep Banga (Class of 2019) & NYUAD Community Outreach

    Collaborative. Memorable. Rewarding. Fun. NYU Abu Dhabi's Inaugural Service Day volunteer initiative, organized by the Office of Community Outreach and ADvocacy student interest group, was an amalgamation of all these emotions and experiences.

  98. 20150825-Marhaba-051

    Class of 2019: "Unique Energy and Diverse Perspective"

    By NYUAD Public Affairs

    299 students. 85 nationalities. 75 languages spoken. This is NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2019.

  99. Speech By Humanitarian Doctor Inspires Students

    If Not Us, Then Who?

    By Alvaro Yanez, Class of 2019

    At the start of the semester, a group of NYU Abu Dhabi students were inspired and enlightened by a public talk with Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). He and the organization work in remote places where healthcare is needed the most, especially in times of adversity, and offer medical best practices training and treatment to communities around the world.

  100. 20150912-internship-dos-donts-main

    Internship Dos and Don'ts

    Student internships used to be synonymous with office grunt work. But things have changed dramatically in today's fast-paced and interconnected world. University students are well-traveled, career-driven, hungry for knowledge, and able to make a real difference within an organization.

  101. magi-install-5

    Art Exhibit: Might (Writing and Stitching)

    By Bana Kattan, Assistant Curator, NYUAD Art Gallery

    Jill Magi, senior lecturer in the Writing Program at NYU Abu Dhabi, is an artist, critic and educator who works in text, image, and textile. Magi’s exhibition, Might (Writing and Stitching), on display at the NYUAD Arts Center Project Space until September 20, reflects the artist’s liaisons between text and textile.

  102. An Evening With Toshi Reagon

    Artist Talk With Toshi Reagon

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    American songwriter and performance artist Toshi Reagon has some sound advice for aspiring writers at NYU Abu Dhabi: Find someone trustworthy to collaborate with, don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board when something's not working, and never ever dismiss an idea.

  103. Marhaba 2015

    By Matthew Corcoron, Writer & Multimedia Producer

    Class of 2019 students talk about their first week at NYU Abu Dhabi and aspirations for the upcoming semester.

  104. Let's Talk Startups

    Let's Talk Startups

    By Robyn Brazzil, IDEA Lab

    On August 23, IDEA Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi hosted Abu Dhabi's first-ever Startup Grind event for local entrepreneurs. Startup Grind is a Google initiative that brings together seasoned and aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs for monthly “fireside” chats. There are Startup Grind chapters in more than 175 cities around the world.

  105. MLOW_Norbert_Monti_UN_Podium_2

    Many Languages, One World

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi student Norbert Monti (Class of 2018) will return to his studies in Abu Dhabi this September from an unforgettable summer experience in the Big Apple.

  106. Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes

    Global Internships Open Doors and Eyes

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    NYU Abu Dhabi students travel around the world for internship opportunities that not only enhance learning and educational development, but provide future career prospects and hands-on work experience in a broad range of industries, from social services to finance to politics.

  107. How Accidential Roommates Become Lifelong Friends

    How Accidental Roommates Became Lifelong Friends

    By Sue-Ann Lau, Class of 2018

    Just keep an open mind. She’s probably really cool. I wonder what kind of sports she likes, or food, or anything in general? I don’t know anything about her except for her name! These were just some of the thoughts that constantly flooded my mind before moving into residence for the first time at NYU Abu Dhabi with a strange person from another part of the world.

  108. 20140825-Marhaba-Dorms-005

    Five Fun Facts About Living at NYUAD

    By Elizabeth Couri, Resident Assistant, Class of 2016

  109. Freshman to First Job

    Freshman to First Job

    By Rory McDougall, Class of 2015

    From my first day on campus to my last, NYU Abu Dhabi gave me a platform to take advantage of exciting career opportunities. For me, the question always was, what do I want to do exactly?

  110. The Resident Expert: On Ramadan

    A Ramadan Story

    Ramadan is a month of fasting for practicing Muslims around the world, in which Muslims abstain from food, drink, and worldly temptations. It is a month of spirituality and dedication to get closer to Allah. There are misconceptions about Ramadan being a hard month – and it's certainly not meant to be easy – but Ramadan, of course, is so much more than that.

  111. Experimenting With Life in the Lab

    Experimenting With Life in the Lab

    By Ted Bongiovanni, Director of Primary and Secondary Education Engagement

    Shaikha al Neaimi isn't officially a freshman at NYU Abu Dhabi - she begins her studies in September - but has already developed a pretty good sense of what it's like to study in the campus science labs on Saadiyat Island.

  112. After Four Years at NYUAD

    After Four Years: What I Know Now, That I Didn't Know Then

    By Anteneh Teferi Zeleke, Resident Assistant, Class of 2015

    Confession: I never fully read the acceptance letter I received from NYU Abu Dhabi four years ago. I was just too excited to join my new home in the UAE.

  113. Ramadan-collage

    The Meaning of Ramadan

    At Ramadan, Muslims around the world are filled with a variety of emotions: excitement, anxiety, apprehension, and reflection. Ramadan can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a time of blessings and forgiveness, and for others, it is a time to be closer to Allah.

  114. Commencement 2015

    2015 Commencement Address

    By Kimberly Rodriguez, Class of 2015

    From the Philippines, Kimberly Rodriguez studied political science with concentrations in economics and history. Her work as President with ADvocacy earned her the NYU President’s Service Award. She also served on the organizing board of Sila Connections and founded Saariya ­— the NYUAD yearbook.

  115. Healthy Living at NYUAD

    Three Stories to Inspire Healthy Living at NYUAD

    By Harshini Karunaratne, Suraiya Yahia, and Hayat Al Hassan

    "Healthy living is a combination of body and soul management, and I realized that giving myself time to reflect or just to concentrate on my breathing for a few minutes could drastically improve my long, busy days." - Suraiya Yahia, student blogger for NYUAD Athletics

  116. Arts Center Unveils Next Season's lineup

    Arts Center Announces Inaugural Season Lineup

    "We are thrilled that our first full season will include some of the world’s most influential master artists, alongside innovative artists from younger generations, nearly all of whom will be performing in the UAE for the very first time.” - Bill Bragin, Arts Center Executive Artistic Director.

  117. NYU_2015_Commencement-33

    Commencement: Memorable Moments

    By Andy Gregory, NYUAD Public Affairs

    On Sunday, May 24, roughly 1,300 people gathered at NYU Abu Dhabi to celebrate the Commencement of the Class of 2015. It was a day of excitement and emotion for 141 graduates and their loved ones who came to Abu Dhabi from all over the world.

  118. NYUAD Team Inspires Future Scientists at Think Science Fair

    NYUAD Outreach Team Inspires Future Scientists

    By Ted Bongiovanni, Director, Primary and Secondary Education Engagement

    Last spring, Hayat Al Hassan attended Think Science—the UAE's biggest science fair for youth—as a high school senior at Al Ittihad Private School in Dubai. Fast forward one year later, she's a freshman at NYU Abu Dhabi and volunteer member of the NYUAD Think Science team of faculty, staff, and researchers collectively aiming to spark an interest in science among secondary school students.

  119. Al Khayr Awards Honor Exemplary Student Leaders

    Al Khayr Awards Honor Exemplary Student Leaders

    By Robert Leary, Residence College Director

    Although students are committed to their homework, Capstones, and classes, they also devote themselves to numerous leadership activities on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus and its surrounding community. On April 23, NYUAD students, staff, and faculty took an evening to celebrate students’ leadership contributions during the 2nd Annual Al Khayr Awards Gala at the Park Hyatt Hotel.

  120. Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    Holiday Drive Spreads Gratitude and Generosity

    By Liza Tait Bailey, NYUAD Class of 2017 & Suparna Mathur, Assistant Director of Community Outreach

    Salamat. Shukriya. Issthuuthi. Nandri. These were just a few of the different languages in which our community said “Thank you” through this year’s NYU Abu Dhabi Holiday Drive to share our gratitude this December.

  121. Abu Dhabi Art Attracts Cohort of NYUAD Students

    Abu Dhabi Art Attracts Cohort of NYUAD Students

    In its fourth year, Abu Dhabi Art, which was recently held at Manarat al Saadiyat and in the neighboring UAE Pavilion, showed why it is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated art fairs in the region. This year, 50 local and international galleries exhibited their work, accompanied by a host of workshops, performances, interviews, and discussions, including one with architectural superstars Frank Gehry, Lord Norman Foster, and Jean Nouvel, whose designs for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, the Zayed National Museum, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, respectively, will soon — along with NYUAD's campus — form the centerpieces of Saadiyat Island's architectural landscape.

  122. gin-conference

    GIN Conference Moves Students to Engage and Respond

    With the purpose of motivating students to explore issues of global scale, the Global Issues Network Conference was recently hosted by Abu Dhabi's American Community School (ACS). During the three-day event, students from around the world met to discuss, explore, and debate resolutions to worldwide challenges such as climate change, human rights, world poverty, and urbanization. Although the Global Issues Network has been organizing conferences throughout the world since 2007, last year's conference at ACS was the first of its kind in the Middle East. And this year's event aimed to not only build on the momentum of last year's conference, but also encourage greater participation from and impact on the Abu Dhabi community.

  123. Time Zone No Match for Super Bowl XLV Fans

    Guest Post: Thomas Garbelotti, a disappointed Steelers fan.

    Despite an early morning kickoff at 3:30 Abu Dhabi time, a dozen NYUAD students and a few staff from the American continents and the UK gathered in the Sama Tower Campus Lounge to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers battle it out in Super Bowl XLV live on four large-screen televisions.

  124. Exhibition of Worldwide Phenomenon The 99 Now at NYUAD

    Exhibition of Worldwide Phenomenon The 99 Now at NYUAD

    Last Thursday, the walls of NYUAD's Downtown Campus got just a little brighter as the NYUAD Institute unveiled its exhibition of The 99, a comic book based on Islamic history that has become a global sensation. The impressive collection features original art, cover designs, and select pages, detailing the publication's meteoric rise in popularity across both Arabic- and English-speaking worlds.