Social Research and Public Policy is an interdisciplinary Social Science major, which draws on anthropology, sociology, and demography as well as economics and political science. The Social Sciences at NYUAD are intentionally cross-disciplinary. Given the complexity of human behavior, our societies, and the issues we face, there is a shared pedagogical commitment that the ideal education should foster the development of knowledge across disciplines. Students within each of the Social Science majors are exposed to additional disciplines as part of the major itself.

Social Research and Public Policy is distinguished by its breadth and its emphasis on critical thinking and hands-on empirical research, especially research linked to policy questions. During their senior year students will carry out primary research, for instance, an Abu Dhabi Area Studies project or focus on a burning social issue. They will develop their research design and collect data during the first semester of senior year, and during the second semester they will analyze data and write their senior theses.

Focus ON: Hannah Brückner, NYUAD Associate Dean of Social Science

NYUAD Associate Dean of Social Science Hannah Brückner, working in collaboration with Yale University Professor Julia Adams, has been awarded NSF funding, a two-year grant for USD 70,000 to investigate indications of systematic gender bias in both contributors and content in the reference tool Wikipedia. The project, "Collaborative Research: Wikipedia and the Democratization of Academic Knowledge," will study mechanisms that potentially influence gender bias in the contributor-based resource, and the prevalence of gender bias across different academic disciplines.

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Focus ON: Student Achievements

Two NYUAD Students Named by Rhodes Trust as Inaugural Falcon Scholars

Two NYUAD students have been named by the Rhodes Trust as Inaugural Falcon Scholars -- Congratulations to NYUAD seniors Shamma Sohail Faris Al Mazrui and Charlotte Wang who have been selected as the two 2014 Falcon Scholars from the UAE. They will be the first to embark on this scholarship, administered by the Rhodes Trust, which will fund them to study at the University of Oxford for a minimum of two years.

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