Political Science at NYU Abu Dhabi attracts students who are interested in the many important political questions — conceptual, empirical, policy-oriented — that societies everywhere face today. How do different political systems affect policy-making? What are the intrinsic and instrumental virtues of democracy? Why do dictatorships survive in many countries, but evolve into democracies in others? Why do countries go to war? What are the connections between internal conflicts (such as civil war) and political or economic development? What are the main characteristics and causes of economic underdevelopment? Why are prosperity and stagnation distributed so unequally, both across countries and within them?

US Politics & the Personality Factor

US Election 2016

How does personality influence the way voters choose candidates, and how legislators' personalities influence they way they behave in Congress? NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Political Science Adam Ramey explores these in his book.

Insurgency in Nepal

The Resident Expert: Insurgency in Nepal

Going beyond the classroom — Professor of Politics at NYU New York Michael Gilligan led students to Nepal to interview people who fought on both sides of that country's Maoist insurgency.

Gordon Brown Faculty Gathering - February 2011

Former UK Prime Minister and British Labour Party politician Gordon Brown addresses students and faculty.

Winter Institute at NYU Abu Dhabi

January 2016

The Division of Social Sciences, the Social Sciences Experimental Laboratory (SSEL) at NYUAD, and the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute are pleased to sponsor the 2016 Winter Experimental Social Sciences Institute (WESSI 2016), designed to provide social science graduate students and junior faculty training in experimental methods.

Admission to NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi is looking for students who will fit comfortably at the very top of the world's talent pool — tomorrow's Nobel laureates, Oscar winners, and heads of state. The key admissions criterion will be your ability to demonstrate evidence that you have the extraordinary talent, intellectual passion, creative spirit, and dedication to shaping a better world.