Political Science at NYU Abu Dhabi attracts students who are interested in the many important political questions — conceptual, empirical, policy-oriented — that societies everywhere face today. How do different political systems affect policy-making? What are the intrinsic and instrumental virtues of democracy? Why do dictatorships survive in many countries, but evolve into democracies in others? Why do countries go to war? What are the connections between internal conflicts (such as civil war) and political or economic development? What are the main characteristics and causes of economic underdevelopment? Why are prosperity and stagnation distributed so unequally, both across countries and within them?

Political Science: Distinguished Faculty Highlight

Ronald Rogowski, Visiting Global Distinguished Professor of Political Science, NYU Abu Dhabi


NYU Abu Dhabi is pleased to welcome Dr Ronald Rogowski, professor of comparative politics and political economy. Having served as the Chair of the Political Science Department at UCLA during a period of growing national prominence, Rogowski served as Editor-in-Chief of the American Political Science Review between 2007 and 2012, and has held research appointments at Harvard University (three occasions), the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences (Stanford), and Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (2007-2008).

His book Commerce and Coalitions (1989) explores how international trade shapes domestic political coalitions. In 1999, the American Political Science Association honored him by organizing a roundtable discussion to commemorate the tenth anniversary of its publication. His current research considers how the design of electoral systems affects a nation's economic policies. He has also investigated globalization, capital mobility, and the sources of price differentials across national boundaries.

Political Science: Faculty Research

Rahma Abdulkadir, Research Assistant Professor of Political Science

NYUAD Political Science faculty member Dr. Rahma Abdulkadir, in collaboration with four scholars from different institutions has been awarded 194,964.00 Euro ~ USD 274,002.00 from the German Foundation for Peace Research for two years, for a research project exploring predominant conceptions of transitional justice pertaining to mass violence and gross human rights violations among Somalis in Somalia, Ethiopia’s Somali Region, and the Somali diaspora. The key research questions informing this project are: What conceptions do Somalis in Somalia, Ethiopia, and the diaspora harbor to address historic and recent violence and how do these relate to Islamic, Somali customary and human rights law? What are the implications of these conceptions and plural legal orders for a place-based approach to transitional justice in protracted conflict?

Gordon Brown Faculty Gathering - February 2011

Former UK Prime Minister and British Labour Party politician Gordon Brown addresses students and faculty.

Winter Institute at NYU Abu Dhabi

January 2016

The Division of Social Sciences, the Social Sciences Experimental Laboratory (SSEL) at NYUAD, and the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute are pleased to sponsor the 2016 Winter Experimental Social Sciences Institute (WESSI 2016), designed to provide social science graduate students and junior faculty training in experimental methods.

Admission to NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi is looking for students who will fit comfortably at the very top of the world's talent pool — tomorrow's Nobel laureates, Oscar winners, and heads of state. The key admissions criterion will be your ability to demonstrate evidence that you have the extraordinary talent, intellectual passion, creative spirit, and dedication to shaping a better world.