The Student Government of NYU Abu Dhabi is unlike any other body.  At an institution that is building and growing, our Student Government strives to make sure the student voice is heard across the University.  We work closely with the administration in formulating and implementing policies, we collaborate and support student interest groups, and we provide opportunities for students to have a fulfilling university experience.

The mission of the student government is to uphold the cosmopolitan values of the University and its mission to promote global understanding. It serves as the voice of students within the NYUAD community, upholds the rights of all students, and promotes the general welfare of the student body.

The Student Government also facilitates communication and cooperation within the global network, serving as a liaison between the student body of NYUAD and the respective student bodies of other portal campuses.  It is a great way to be involved in the life of the university and to learn about the workings of NYUAD.