NYU Abu Dhabi recognizes and supports the spiritual development of its students, and seeks to create an engaging environment for their personal development through participation in a variety of campus activities and community engagement. Students come to the Office of Spiritual Life (OSL) for support in many ways: some come seeking a deeper connection with their faith traditions, others seek to explore alternative spiritual paths, and still others need assistance discerning the inner foundations of their outward commitments. NYUAD's OSL assists students by providing guidance in contemplative inquiry, opportunities for dialogue and an exchange of ideas, sponsoring celebratory communal events, hosting interfaith events, supporting students in interfaith holistic care, and offering a host of opportunities that enable students to explore and practice their beliefs.

The Spiritual Life Resource Center

The Spiritual Life Resource Center supports the spiritual and religious well being of all NYUAD community members. We provide the following services and programs:

  • Assistance getting connected with resources in Abu Dhabi and at NYU New York to support the personal and spiritual growth, ethical development, interfaith dialogue, and sense of well-being of NYUAD students
  • Referrals to local places of worship, religious, and social gatherings
  • A variety of programs to support students' intellectual and spiritual life
  • A space in Sama Tower for prayer and meditation