Sougha Artisan Project

The NYU Abu Dhabi Office of Community Outreach (OCO) provides information to students seeking both short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities, as well as guidance about how to select opportunities that interest them and where their skill set is most needed. In addition to volunteer activities, the OCO works with community members to engage NYUAD students in the many activities taking place in the UAE year-round – including those focusing on art, music, humanitarian work, sporting events, business and education.

The OCO strives to be a vibrant contributor to members of the NYUAD and UAE communities by:

  • Providing NYUAD students with professional training and work experience using inclusive, thoughtful, and innovative out-of-the-classroom experiences, which encourage the development of global leadership skills;
  • Providing resources, talent, and mentorship opportunities to organizations and community members seeking to engage NYUAD students;
  • Designing avenues for NYUAD students to give back to the UAE community through civic engagement, public service, and research;
  • Highlighting the mutual benefits of philanthropy and civic engagement to both students and organizations to maximize the effectiveness and breadth of the community service experience.

Current Student Outreach

NYUAD students participate in a wide range of OCO-hosted programs, including:

  • Tutoring and mentoring KG–grade-12 students
  • Working with special-needs students
  • Volunteering with local organizations on projects focused on preserving culture and identity
  • Engaging in humanitarian work with a range of organizations and populations
  • Collaborating with peers at other UAE and regional universities
  • Raising environmental awareness through collaborations with UAE environmental agencies and organizations and hosting environmental-awareness events at NYUAD
  • Participating in global education conferences and workshops