NYU Abu Dhabi offers students a transformative and exciting life outside the classroom. Students forge friendships across national boundaries and learn from each other in countless ways. They connect with each other, staff, resident assistants, and faculty. Students also break out of the Sama "bubble" to interact with the campus community, the community of Abu Dhabi, the UAE, the region, and the world. During the first year alone, NYUAD students started more than 35 clubs and organizations, reflecting their interests and passions, as well as their choices for leisure and learning.

Zach Holds a Falcon at Qasr al Sarab

A positive residential experience is pivotal to the success of our students at NYUAD. In conjunction with academics, the Office of Residential Education supports student development by providing resources and implementing purposeful and engaging programs. We see the diverse spectrum of student interests as an opportunity to meet the individual and collective needs of our student body by fostering a welcoming living and learning residential environment at Sama Tower. The Resident Assistants (RAs) regularly conduct a wide variety of social, cultural, and educational programs and activities designed for the entire school, specific years, or individual floors in Sama. In addition, both the Hall Council and Student Government work directly with the staff and RAs to host programs such as trips to Dubai, Open-Mike-Night, Floor Wars, Purple and White Dance Party, indoor skydiving, Midnight Breakfast, Earth Day celebrations, Dorm Room Diplomacy, movie nights, camping trips, and Beach Days.

Living in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi skyline

Located on an island in the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is the dynamic capital city of both the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. It has a highly diverse and international population — 80 percent of its inhabitants are "ex-pats," coming from some 150 countries around the globe.

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Dragon Boat Racing


Dragon Boat racing at NYUAD has evolved into one of our premier competitive sports. Reflective of the aquatic history of the region, our teams have won consistently over the past years.

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