Nominators submit nomination information for top students. Each nomination must include:

  1. Nomination form
  2. Transcript
  3. School profile
  4. Student writing assignment

We welcome you to resubmit your nomination text — in part or as a whole — as a recommendation for your nominee with his or her application, so please save your work!

Nomination Deadlines

Nominations must be submitted before the application deadline. Receiving nominations by the preferred deadlines below will allow us to follow up with nominated students throughout the application process.

Nomination DeadlineStudents to Nominate
May 10Students approaching their final year of high school whom you have identified early as excellent candidates for NYUAD
October 1Students in their final year of high school who plan to apply via the Early Decision I notification plan
December 1Students in their final year of high school who plan to apply via the Early Decision II or Regular Decision notification plans

Please note: The nomination must be received in advance of the student's application.

Application Deadlines

Nominated students must submit a complete application for admission by the deadlines below:

November 1 — Early Decision I Admission
January 1 — Early Decision II Admission
January 1 — Regular Decision Admission

Student Writing Assignment

Write a formal, academic essay in which you imagine that you are in a position of leadership in your country or your local community (note that while many leaders who effect change are politicians, they can also be scholars, activists, scientists, artists, etc.). Choose an issue about which you, as this leader, feel passionately and describe it in detail, giving your informed reader a sense of the arguments and counterarguments associated with the issue. Tell us where you stand and why, using description and analysis of real-world evidence as well as your unique perspective as an influential member of your community. Hypothetically, how would you address this issue and what would your community or country look like as a result of your actions? Please be as specific as possible and limit your response to 500-750 words.